An Astrologer On The 6 Things You Should Do During Mercury Retrograde & The 6 Things To Avoid

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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Just as we're all getting back to work after a holiday weekend, Mercury fell into retrograde, which is kind of the most Mercury retrograde move ever. From July 7 to July 31, planet Mercury will take on an apparent backward motion, screwing up our summer plans and making life more complicated that it needs to be. Just kidding, it won't be that bad. The extent to which Mercury's retrograde can affect you will rely on your own attitude and choices. Aka, it should be known what you should and shouldn't do during Mercury retrograde this summer, because you don't want to make things harder than they need to be — this retrograde is only a curse if you allow it to be.

Making a few minor adjustments to the way you go about your every-day life will help you avoid unnecessary stresses and drama during this retrograde event. Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about how we can accommodate Mercury's retrograde as opposed to fighting it. Thomas believes that there are very tangible and simple changes we can make during Mercury's retrograde that will absolutely reduce the amount of damage that's created. Here's are some tips and tricks for making it through this summer's Mercury retrograde without losing friends, losing money, or losing your mind.

Do: Return To The Past

If you're tempted to reminisce, Thomas says go for it. "Anything from the past is favored at this time. Reigniting patterns or actions or projects that you began before will serve you well," so if you want to dive down that hole, don't restrain yourself, maybe you'll learn something new from something old.

Don't: Sign Contracts Or Make Agreements

If at all possible, push business matters back until August. According to Thomas, "Mercury rules negotiations, written and verbal, and will not be happy if you sign that dotted line. Even just agreeing to things via speaking counts! This agreement/contract will unravel in time or be forced to pivot and change at a later date." That said, if you're OK with things changing after retrograde and you're able to make adjustments, go ahead and sign.

Do: Reconnect With Old Clients, Friends, Lovers

The backward motion of the planet will open up a rare window in time when you can actually reignite friendships or a relationship from the past to bring it back to life if that's what you both want. "You will be able to pick up the pieces, make any necessary shifts to the connection, and start onto a new path together," Thomas explains. However, he also says that if you do decide to go back into an old relationship, you shouldn't make anything official until after retrograde to ensure your commitment is on sturdy ground. "This also goes for weddings," Thomas adds, "a wedding is also a legal contract. You could hold a ceremony during the retrograde, but be sure to actually sign the contract at a different (prior or later) date."

Don't: Launch New Projects & Endeavors

You'll have to be patient about the projects you're excited about right now. According to Thomas, "this is a horrible time to premiere or launch anything of importance. Especially communications-related projects. Do not do run a publicity campaign, start a new job, file taxes, file a lawsuit, or sign a lease." Of course, if you have to, you have to, but just try to prepare yourself for the possibility that things might shift after retrograde, so try to create some padding or flexibility if you can.

Do: Take A Trip For Leisure

"While the Mercury Retrograde havoc is affecting everyone around you, consider taking some time off and enjoy a trip solely for pleasure," Thomas suggests. "The office will miss you and they’ll realize how irreplaceable you are while gone!" He adds, in case you needed more encouragement to put up your Out Of Office. However, Thomas warns against business trips, as Mercury rules commerce and business and thus the deals will not work out in your favor. And of course, Mercury can cause complications with travel and logistics, so Thomas says to give yourself plenty of extra time to prepare and triple check your itinerary and leave room for unforeseen issues. You may even enjoy traveling to somewhere from your childhood, so consider traveling back if your wanderlust isn't specific.

Don't: Buy Electronics, Cars, Or Anything With Moving Parts

"Mercury rules everything with moving parts and technology. It can cause all sorts of them to break down or get on the fritz!" Thomas reminds us. If you have to make a purchase in this category, be extra cautious, do extra research, and hold on to your receipt!

Do: Reassess, Redesign, Readdress, Repeat, Redo, Repair

Thomas tells Bustle that "anything with a re- is favored now because it means you’re revisiting it," and that's good! "During this sacred time, you can make wonderful adjustments that’ll improve everything around you and help you live a happier life," so don't be scared to go back, you'll be more welcome than you think.

Don't: Have Elective Surgery Until Mercury Retrograde Is Over

Thomas prefaces this advice by stating that of course if you are in need of immediate and emergency surgery that you do what you need to do to be healthy. But that "if you have any elective surgery (and Mercury rules surgery), it may actually not work out or cause mistakes down the line. Be sure to avoid this time."

Do: Photocopy Important Documents So You Have Backup

According to Thomas, you might lose things so back everything up to prepare. This is a great time to take a photo of your ID, social security card, Passport, legal contracts – anything that is very important to you – in case you ever lose them in the future. You’ll be happy you have some proof on file and honestly it's good to pack things up anyway, so this is a great excuse to get it done.

Don't: Buy Expensive Items

No one is fully thinking clearly during Mercury Retrograde and you may regret your decision later! Just wait, because if it's really a responsible purchase, you'll still want it after retrograde. Plus, that will be your treat for making it out alive, getting something really nice for yourself.

Do: Look For Missing Or Old Items

That necklace you had given up on, that phone charger that you literally just replaced — those are the kinds of things you might be reunited with during this time. Thomas tells Bustle that "sometimes things we have lost or from the past pop up during these times!" So, he suggests doing a deep clean and seeing what treasures from the past you can find.

Don't: Stress Yourself Out Too Much

You're going to be just fine. Mercury Retrograde is just a good reminder to be prepared to deal with the hiccups of life. According to Thomas, "Mercury Retrograde is actually a blessing in disguise because it means we can take a step back and look at the world around us and assess our strategy." Aka, this is a great time to work on your conflict management skills. "If we are always charging forward, we can sometimes miss the important details. It’s crucial to balance our minds and watch as new information is revealed from the retrograde that we can integrate into our lives after it," Thomas adds, reminding us that there's always a good lesson hiding behind a hard time. "You aren’t cursed from the Universe, you’re blessed."