50 Fantastic Gifts With 1-Day Shipping On Amazon


st-minute shopping adds an extra layer of stress to the already-difficult process. Typically, your options are extremely limited if you wait long enough. But thanks to Amazon Prime, this handy-dandy thing called "one-day shipping" exists. And believe it or not, there are tons of fantastic gifts with one-day shipping on Amazon. There's something on this list for every belated birthday, forgotten anniversary, or indecisive buyer scrambling to find the perfect present.

Still, waiting until the last minute doesn't have to affect the quality of the gift you give — and it definitely doesn't mean you'll have to spend three times more than you would have otherwise. In this collection, you'll find an insulated can holder that keeps your drink cold, a wooden phone stand that doubles as a sunglasses holder, a kitchen device that melts your favorite cheeses, and more. They're affordable — and even better, they're fast to arrive. (Hey, you may even order two and keep one for yourself.)

Again, if you're a last-minute shopper, you can rejoice in this convenient luxury. Even if you just dread heading to the mall, Amazon's one-day shipping is the "prime" solution to all of your gift-giving woes. Don't forget to order some wrapping paper, too.

1. The 2-Quart Crock Pot That's Perfect For Dipping

In my opinion, a crock-pot is perfect for the host on your shopping list. This two-quart crock-pot is the ideal size for appetizers or dips. With three heat settings and the ability to hook up to other crack-pots within its connectable system, this gift will be a game-changer for hosting parties. Choose from a handful of metallic colors.

2. This Smooth Pillowcase That's Made With Pure Mulberry Silk

This 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcase is a true luxury. The smooth cover is available in over 10 colors, and it comes in three sizes for different mattresses (standard, queen, and king). Plus, it helps to keep skin moisturized and hair untangled. One customer wrote, "I had never used a silk pillowcase before and this is amazing!"

3. A Shiatsu Massage Pillow With Built-In Heat Settings

Give the gift of a spa day at home with this shiatsu massage pillow. This powerful massager is designed to fit behind your neck for deep kneading. With a built-in heater, this massager soothes sore muscles quickly. Plus, its small size also makes it great for massaging your feet, back, neck, and even your abdomen.

4. The Handheld Car Vacuum That Has A 16-Foot Cord

Cleaning your vehicle has never been so simple, thanks to this car vacuum. The powerful device sucks up liquids, debris, and crumbs — but it can also clean sand, dust, and even ashes. It plugs right into your car, and the 16-foot cord means you won’t miss a single spot. Store it in your truck for easy on-the-go cleaning.

5. This Screen Magnifier For Watching Movies On Your Phone

Every tech-lover on your list will flip for this smart phone screen magnifier, because it doubles the size of your screen like a projector. Watch high-definition movies by placing your phone on the rolled-up platform. It works with most smartphones, and it can be used for gaming.

6. A Smart Light Switch That You Can Control With Your Voice

Make your home a smart home with this light switch, and then control your electronics, lights, or fans from anywhere by using the compatible app. It’s easy to install and even works with your voice-controlled devices (like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant). You can even schedule times for your lights to automatically go on and off.

7. This Chic 2020 Planner With A Durable Leather Cover

This 2020 planner is great for anyone who's trying to stay extra-organized in the new year. The calendar is held together inside a durable leather cover that stays shut with a stretchy elastic band. Inside, there are 88 pages with dates, holidays, and room for notes. It even comes with stickers that can be used as page markers.

8. This Mini Camera That's Motion-Activated

This mini camera is the ideal gift for anyone who wants more security in their home. It takes high-definition footage so pictures are clear and crisp whenever it detects motion (even at night). An adjustable bracket is perfect for dashboards or various corners of your home, whether you're on-the-go or watching over your family and pets.

9. A Phone Stand That Doubles As A Wireless Charger

This convenient smartphone stand also charges your phone —and it's compatible with various types including iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, Pixels, and more. The unique holder also works through phone cases under 5 millimeters thick while keeping the temperature under control. Charge horizontally or vertically.

10. The UV-Free Sun Lamp That Can Help Boost Your Mood

Take the sun with you everywhere — regardless of the weather outside — with this light therapy lamp. The UV-free LED light is great for long, dark winter months. With three adjustable brightness levels and touch control, you can easily customize your mood-booster. It’s also small enough to fit anywhere in your home or office.

11. This Spinning Fidget Toy That Can Help Relieve Stress

This desk fidget toy is an excellent stress reliever. The spinning ball creates a 360-degree optical illusion, increasing concentration and relieving anxiety. It’s great for both adults and kids, and it comes in four shiny shades. A happy Amazon customer wrote, "Love this product especially when on long calls at my desk!"

12. A Toiletry Bag That Has A Detachable Makeup Pocket

For the traveler on your shopping list, this toiletry bag a must-have. It's designed to hold travel-sized shampoos, conditioners, and washes — and it has a detachable pocket for makeup. Plus, the waterproof and leakproof pockets are clear to help you see everything that’s inside. The four-tier storage system includes a handing hook, and it folds up into a small carrying bag.

13. This Weighted Blanket That Comes With 2 Duvet Covers

This weighted blanket is a game-changer when it comes to sleeping. Using the calming affects of pressure and nano-ceramic beads, it can help you relax at night. It comes with two unique duvet covers: one for cold sleepers and one for hot sleepers. The fleece duvet is ideal for warmth, while the CoolMax cover keeps heat ventilated for a cool sleeping experience.

14. The Wooden Organizer With A Spot For Your Charging Phone

This wooden phone dock is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to organize their desk or nightstand. It provides a place for you to charge your phone while keeping loose change, sunglasses, and even watches organized. The unit is made of solid ash-tree for a unique grain and color, and its smart design make it simple to store and find all of your belongings.

15. This Book That Kick-Starts "What If?" Conversations

This book is the conversation starter you’ve been looking for. Written by Randall Munroe, it's a collection of hilarious and curious questions to ponder. With scientific answers to even the most outlandish questions, you’ll be discussing the scenarios all day long. It's a great gift for the family member on your list with the vivid imagination.

16. This Page Holder That Makes On-The-Go Reading A Breeze

Book lovers, rejoice: This walnut page holder makes reading on-the-go an easy task by holding your book open. Slide your thumb through the opening and use it with just one hand. The ergonomically-designed device will keep your fingers comfortable and cramp-free while you read. Plus, it works on all kinds of books and is easy to carry.

17. A Mini Humidifier That Also Looks Like A Cactus

This mini (and adorable) cactus humidifier is quiet, and it works to increase humidity while improving indoor air quality. Just pour water into the base, put the silicone cactus into place, and then use the USB-plug to power the mist. You can even buy the cute humidifier as a night light.

18. This Necklace That Harnesses The Power Of Essential Oils

Take the power of essential oils with you wherever you go with this oil diffuser locket. This stainless steel necklace features a pendant that decoratively holds an essential oil pad. Just put a drop or two of your favorite essential oil onto the pad and reap the benefits all day long. It comes with four scents: lavender, peppermint, "zen," and "inner calm."

19. A Durable Lunch Bag With Impressive Insulation

For the outdoorsy person on your list, this military-grade, waterproof cooler is ideal for camping or hiking. The insulated pack has adjustable shoulder straps to make it easier to carry — and it can hold cans, bottles, or food containers. The aluminum foil lining works to keep snacks and drinks colder for longer.

20. The Bottle That Infuses Your Water With Fruit Flavors

Add some flavor to your water with this fruit-infusing bottle. Just place your favorite fruits to the infuser tube and drink delicious water without all the pulp. The 32-ounce container is BPA-free and comes with a secure lock-lid that opens with just one click. Plus, the carrying handle also makes hydrating on-the-go a breeze.

21. The Lightweight Cornhole Game That You Can Travel With

Take the tailgate wherever you go with this travel cornhole game. The PVC-framed boards fit easily into a small carrying case (along with the included throwing bags), making portability a breeze. In total, the pack weighs about 10 pounds and is simple to assemble. Whether it’s on the beach, in your backyard, or at your favorite sporting event, these boards will come in handy.

22. A Set Of Whiskey Stones To Cool Your Drinks

This whiskey stone gift set is the luxury gift you’ve been looking for (without the luxury price tag). It comes with two crystal glasses, eight granite rocks, and a beautiful wooden box that holds everything. The stones can cool whiskey without diluting it, so liquor drinkers can appreciate the clean taste. While it’s designed for whiskey, it can be used for all other beverages.

23. The Vintage Crew Socks That Are Made With Warm Wool

In my opinion, the coziest (and cutest) cold-weather accessories are these vintage-looking crew socks. Each pair is made with a blend of wool, cotton, polyester, and spandex for warmth and breathability. Choose your go-to design and fill your closet with them — whether it's cold out or not.

24. The Bluetooth-Enabled Beanie That Plays Music

This is no ordinary beanie. Instead, this one uses Bluetooth technology to play music. It's useful for skiing, running in the cold, or just daily use when you're trying to stay warm. Listen to songs from your phone and make calls while enjoying up to 20 hours of battery. With easy controls disguised on the side, you’ll be able to jam to your favorite tunes on-the-go.

25. A Scarf That Has A Secret Zipper Pocket For Your Phone

An accessory that does double duty? Sounds like an ideal gift. This infinity scarf has a hidden pocket that's great for carrying your phone, keys, or wallet — and there's even a zipper for extra security. Plus, the unique color and design options make the scarf as fashionable as it is functional.

26. This Pen That Doubles As A Safety Device

This tactical pen is actually a self-defense kit. Yes, it is a ballpoint pen — but it also includes a glass-breaking tip, a bottle opener, and a flashlight. This tool is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and it's extremely durable. It's great for the first-responder in your life (or really anyone looking for extra safety).

27. This Plush Bathrobe That Has Pockets And A Hood

Give the gift of luxury with this long, plush bathrobe. The getup is made with velveteen fleece, so it’s both soft and incredibly warm. Each robe features a hood and deep pockets for extra coziness as you get ready in the morning. With two sets of ties (one inside the robe and outside), it's also customizable.

28. This Backpack Organizer That Keeps Everything Within Reach

This organizer is made with oxford cloth that's lightweight and waterproof — and it can fit into your purse or backpack for extra storage. With pockets for your phone, credit cards, and makeup, you’ll never waste time searching for your belongings again. And if you need to change your backpack, the organizer will slide right out, keeping all of your things in place.

29. A Bath Set That Promotes Relaxation And Stress Relief

This relaxing lavender spa set is the gift you’ll want to keep for yourself. It includes an adorable spa tote bag, along with shower gel, bubble bath gel, hand cream, body lotion, and body butter. Packed with ingredients like sunflower seed oil and vitamin E, these spa products will transport you into a serene bliss. Each ones uses lavender essential oils to help lessen stress.

30. The Bluetooth LED Lamp That Flickers Like Fire

This flame table lamp features 96 LED lights for a warm flickering-flame look. Plus, it doubles as a portable speaker that's compatible with most Bluetooth devices, providing clear and loud sound throughout your space. The controls on the top of the light make setting the mood so simple, and you can even use it outside.

31. This Muscle Roller That's Easy To Use

This roller stick is an instant win for athletes and people who need some muscle relief. It works just like a foam roller, except you can use it while standing, sitting, or lying down. The stainless steel rod is encased in seven plastic rollers for deep-tissue massages, and the ergonomically-shaped handles make it easy to get those hard-to-reach areas.

32. The Bookrest Cushion That Keeps Your Pages Marked

Gather around this cushioned bookrest to read your favorite novels or watch your favorite movies. The microfiber-lined rest can hold books or tablets in place (thanks to its pyramid-like structure) — and it's durable and lightweight enough to take with you while you're traveling. Plus, the fabric is so easy to clean, and there's a tassel for marking your pages.

33. The Stainless Steel Can Cooler That Comes In Tons Of Colors

This stainless steel can cooler is double-insulated to keep your drink cold all day long, and it can be used with slim 12-ounce cans. Plus, it comes in tons of decorative colors and designs to personalize your drinking experience. Just slip your favorite beverage into the cooler and never worry about condensation or warm drinks.

34. The Body Pillow That's Filled With Cushiony Memory Fiber

If you ask me, a full body pillow is the key to a peaceful sleep. Made with memory fiber, this long-side sleeper is soft with medium support. It’s ideal for pregnancy or added support while nursing, sleeping, or reading. The breathable cover can keep you cool all night while the cushion offers custom support to your neck, shoulders, spine, and legs.

35. These Extra-Fine Tea Infusers With Cute Silicone Handles

Steep your favorite tea easily with these unique infusers. The colorful accessories have BPA-free handles that are made of silicone, along with extra-fine infuser baskets that are made with stainless steel. Keep them at your desk at work or use them every morning, and then pop them into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

36. The Tea Collection That Comes With Honey Sticks

This tea set will last you all month. With 40 bags in 20 different flavors, you can taste all kinds of tea from the comfort of your home. Cozy up with one of the 15 herbal teas, three black teas, or two green teas — and then use the honey sticks to add more flavor and nutrients.

37. This Cocktail Bar Set That's A Mixologist's Dream

The mixologist on your list will love this stainless steep bar set to make delicious drinks at home. It includes a cocktail shaker, a martini mixer, a jogger, a mixing spoon, two liquor pourers, a muddler, a strainer, and ice tongs. This professional set is great for seasoned bartenders and novices alike — and it's sure to spice up any party.

38. A Wine Opener That Does Most Of The Work For You

Uncorking wine bottles just got easier, all thanks to this easy-to-use opener. It doesn't need batteries to work: Just place the attached needle into the cork that you want to remove, press on the top button, and then watch it pop. One Amazon customer wrote, "I love this wine opener! Super simple to use and opens the bottle fast."

39. The Windmill Slicer That Cuts Watermelon Without The Mess

Slicing watermelon can be messy, but this windmill slicer can cut up any melon in a clean manner. Just line the slicer blade up to the watermelon, push it through the fruit, and enjoy individually-cut bites. The stainless steel blade has child-safe edges, and it's FDA-certified. Just rinse the device in water to clean it, or put it into the dishwasher.

40. This Scratch-Off Poster That Features 100 Popular Movies

Get the movie buff in your life the gift that keeps on giving. This scratch-off poster is fun and decorative, featuring 100 popular movies loved by critics and fans. Each film is represented by a colorful icon that's uncovered when you scratch off the block. Display it in your TV room or living room.

41. These Silicone Baking Sheets That Are Non-Stick

The baker in your family will get tons of use out of these baking mat sheets that are made with food-grade silicone. These reusable, non-stick sheets replace the need for oil, cooking sprays, or other paper — and they can withstand heat up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, each one can fit inside a half-sheet pan.

42. The Stainless Steel Cheese Knives For Your Charcuterie Board

Host in style with this four-piece cheese knife set. The bamboo handles and stainless steel knives work for any charcuterie board or appetizer. The set comes with two rectangular knives in two sizes, a prong fork, and a semi-heart knife. They're all easy to clean and take up very little room in any kitchen drawer.

43. An Insulated Wine Carrier That Keeps Your Bottles Chilled

This wine bottle carrier is the ideal picnic accessory. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and room for two wine bottles, along with with a corkscrew bottle opener (and a strap to hold it in place). The thermal insulation will also keep your wine chilled or at room temperature.

44. This Butter Bell That Helps Keep It Fresh

This butter bell keeps butter at the optimal temperature for spreading, and the elegant design compliments various kitchens for function and style. All you have to do is pour cold water into the base of the bell, and then pack the rounded lid with butter. The airtight seal will lock in freshness.

45. The Wooden Salad Bowl With A Stunning Cherry Finish

This cherry-finished salad bowl is made of rubberwood, so it’s durable and easy to clean with soap and water. The food-safe container comes with two salad hands for serving, and it looks stunning while you're using it (and even when you're not). With a 4.5-star rating, it's totally worth adding to your kitchen.

46. The Rigid Wine Glasses That Aerate As You Pour

These wine glasses aerate your vino as you pour. The patented ridges inside the glasses help wine breathe while it's being served; all you have to do is open the bottle and fill your glass. This eight-pack was made in Italy, and it's a great choice for any wine lover in your family. Each glass holds 16-ounces of wine, and they’re all dishwasher-safe.

47. This Spice Rack That Comes With Containers And Labels

Never waste time looking for that one spice you need. This spice rack not only holds your spices, but it also lets you store them in the included glass bottles. Each bottle comes with a lid and a label for easy identifying, and the unit can easily fit inside your pantry (or right on your counter).

48. This Salt Lamp That Can Naturally Diffuse Essential Oils

This salt lamp is unlike the others. With individual salt crystals inside a decorative glass bowl, this lamp acts as a calming light and an essential oil diffuser, thanks to the rocks' natural makeup. Add just a few drop of essential oils to the crystals and let your aromatherapy session start. There's even a dimmer on the light, so you can get your favorite glow.

49. The Ceramic Mug That's Made To Keep Your Hands Warm

Keep your hands warm and your thirst quenched with this ceramic mug. With a built-in spot for your hands to stay warm, this lead-free container is a great gift from someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship. It can hold 14 ounces, and it's safe to use in the dishwasher, microwave, and oven. Choose from over 20 colors. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.