80 Hidden Gems Under $25 On Amazon Prime With 2-Day Shipping


Amazon is a vast, ever-expanding place. You could comb through products every single day for years, and you'd still find hidden gems on Amazon that'll change your life. I would know. Even after years of writing about products day in and day out, I still come across new and unexpected things to add to my own personal shopping cart.

While we're on the topic of new and unexpected, these types of items also double as brilliant gifts for the person who has everything. No matter the occasion, you'll want to wrap up something they won't already have in their kitchen drawer, on their desk, or in their bedroom. For that reason, unique and obscure is often the way to go when shopping for someone else.

The best news yet? All of these items are under $25 on Amazon Prime. Not only will that help you budget your shopping list, but it means that if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber, you get free, two-day shipping on all of these products. When it comes to last-minute Secret Santas, birthdays that sneak up on you, and the dreaded "I didn't realize we were exchanging" moment, that Prime logo is a serious life-saver.


This Satisfying Stress Ball That's Never Too Far Away

Know someone who could use a little stress-relief on the go? These aptly-named StringyBalls are extremely satisfying, thanks to their squishy textures and three different firmness levels. They also come on an adjustable elastic string that effortlessly attaches to your wrist, car, or bag, ensuring they're never too far away when a tense situation hits.


A $20 Cast Iron Griddle That People Are Calling "The Best Ever"

Cast iron kitchenware is usually pretty pricey, but with the Lodge griddle, you get a pre-seasoned pan with amazing heat retention and distribution for just $20. It's oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and has a silicone handle to protect against burns. No wonder people are calling it the "best skillet [they've] ever owned."


This Foot Massage Set For Stimulation, Stress-Relief, & Circulation

The FlexFixx massage therapy set comes with three different tools to stimulate pressure points, utilize reflexology, and provide a deep tissue massage for your feet. Each tool is a different size and texture, but they're all surprisingly dense and well-made so they won't "give way when putting [your] weight on it," according to reviewers. The set also comes with a user guide and a storage pouch.


These Work Lights That Attach To Almost Any Surface

Quit holding your flashlight in your mouth. Whether you're working on your car, tinkering with tools, or getting through a blackout, Ponvey lights are revolutionary because they hold themselves. They're bright, pocket-sized, and portable — but they also have a built-in hook, stand, and magnet so you can attach them anywhere.


This Oil That's A "Real Japanese Staple" For Hair & Skin

Oshima Tsubaki hair oil utilizes camellia seed oil — a lightweight, nourishing ingredient that's packed with body-compatible acids. The result? Soft, hydrated hair with tons of volume. And that's why it has been called "a real Japanese staple" for all hair types. Reviewers also recommend it for skin, as it's unscented and helps promote healing.


This Herbal Essential Oil Balm That Helps You Get To Sleep

Instead of ingredients like parabens and petroleum, Wild Thera Goodnite balm utilizes real herbs and essential oils to help you get to sleep. One reviewer with "severe chronic insomnia" says that the first time they used this, they slept for six hours straight. Since it's non-greasy and smells great, buyers rub it everywhere from their temples to the bottoms of their feet.


This All-In-One Kit To Cook Grains (Or Veggies) In The Microwave

In just minutes, you can cook up to six cups of your favorite grains or vegetables — without mess, hassle, or the stove. The Progressive rice cooker kit uses your microwave to make rice, oats, quinoa, and steamed vegetables. It's also BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and comes with all the parts you'll need from start to finish.


This Travel-Friendly Charcoal Stick That Cleanses & Exfoliates Simultaneously

Exfoliate and cleanse your face in one easy step with the Yes To Tomatoes charcoal stick. As soon as you wet it, it melts into a smooth lather that cleans your pores, removes makeup, and buffs away dead skin. Even reviewers with sensitive skin say, "This product is amazing!"


A Brilliant Way To Keep Your Shadow Above Your Eyes (Not Below Them)

"I am a makeup rebel and attack my palettes, liners and mascaras with a vengeance," one reviewer says. They also say that these de Prettilicious shadow shields "totally protect from shadow fallout" and "serve as a perfect template for lower lid application." Just peel off the plastic, stick it under your eye, apply your smoky shadow, and toss it away.


These Airtight Silicone Lids To Keep Heat In & Other Stuff Out

Keep your drinks hot, fresh, spill-proof, and free from dust and bugs with these silicone lids. They fit all sizes of glasses and mugs to create an airtight seal over the top. They come in multiple colors and designs, but reviewers consistently say, "These are one of the best products I have bought." And they make for a genius gift, too.


This Boar Hair Brush That Detangles, Smooths, & Styles

Made with 100 percent boar bristles and a solid wood handle, this ShearGuru detangling brush gets out knots — but it also distributes your scalp's natural oils and works well with a blow dryer. "I have to admit this is the best hair brush that I have ever used," one reviewer writes, while another raves, "It's like a massage for my scalp."


A Frying Pan With Built-In Molds For Pancakes, Eggs, & So Much More

Make perfectly-round eggs, silver-dollar pancakes, English muffins, and breakfast sausages with this heavy-duty aluminum pan. It has four built-in, nonstick molds that work on virtually all heat sources, so you can cook, flip, and clean-up without hassle. "Do whatever you want with this thing!" one reviewer raves. "Seriously the possibilities are endless."


This Leather Phone Strap That Doubles As A Hands-Free Stand

The Sinjimoru grip stand sticks to any case or phone and has a leather and elastic strap that automatically secures around your fingers. That being said, it also folds in on itself to create a stand, so you can watch movies or read recipes hands-free. It's available in multiple colors, and buyers say the design is "simple," "chic," and "versatile."


A Handheld Pressure Point Roller That Massages Virtually Any Body Part

The Gaiam muscle roller is handheld and fitted with three independent nodules to stretch muscles, stimulate pressure points, and work out knots. Its comfort handles let you use it almost anywhere on the body, so it's a must for sore feet, tight lower backs, or post-workout legs.


This Japanese Lotion That Shrinks Pores & Minimizes Blackheads

Despite the fact that it'll show up in two days, this pick comes straight from Japan. Labo Labo Super Pores is a Japanese skin care serum that tones your complexion, shrinks your pores, and helps with blackheads. Reviewers say that after just two weeks of use, they can already "see and feel a difference."


A Circular Saw Pizza Cutter For The Badass Pizza Fan In Your Life

Cut pizza like a badass with the Fred Pizza Boss. This adorable kitchen tool is made to look like a circular saw. Its stainless steel blade effortlessly rolls through crust and cheese, while the engineering-grade plastic protects your hand. (You can also get this one in a monkey-on-a-unicycle design.)


This Rechargeable Selfie Light With A Built-In Wide-Angle Lens

The Funipica clip is a rechargeable and adjustable selfie light that also turns your phone's camera into a wide-angle lens. Buyers call this one "a unique gift idea of great quality" because it lets you take bright, professional-looking selfies on your phone. It's also lightweight, dimmable, and operational without apps.


This Silicone Burger Press That Has Tons Of Other Surprising Uses

Make eight uniform burger patties in one single step with the SiliCo burger press. It's made from food-grade silicone, so it's non-stick, flexible, and easy to clean in the dishwasher. It's also great for hash browns and cookies, and since it's freezer-safe, you can even use it as a storage container for single servings of soup and sauce.


This Tiny Vacuum That Sucks All The Gross Stuff Out Of Your Pores

"For the price, I was pleasantly surprised with how well this worked. All I had to do was charge it then turn it on," reviewers say about the VOYOR blackhead vacuum. This unique skin care tool uses multiple attachments and strong suction to pull oil and impurities out of your pores. In fact, the transparent heads mean that you can actually see it working.


This All-In-One Gardening Set For Exotic, Oddly-Colored Vegetables

If you know someone who loves to garden, Nature's Blossom kits make an amazing gift — and few are as unique and unexpected as the exotic vegetables set. It comes with everything you need to grow purple carrots, rainbow swiss chard, and black corn (along a few other surprising crops) — and all of them come from organic and non-GMO seeds.


These Adorable Cups That Turn Your Eggs Into Sumo Wrestlers

Yes, these egg holders hold your boiled eggs, but they also turn them into tiny adorable Sumo wrestlers sure to brighten up your morning. They're durable, dishwasher safe, and have reviewers raving: "They do what they're supposed to do and are super fun at breakfast."


This Deep-Repairing Mask For Flakes, Split Ends, & Damaged Hair

Nourishing ingredients in the Rescue My Hair mask — like argan oil, sunflower oil, and guava extract — deeply repair damaged strands and help tackle split ends, flakes, and dryness. Just apply the mask to damp hair and leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing. "My hair feels amazing I can tell it's getting stronger after each deep conditioning," one reviewer noted.


This Luxurious Pillowcase That Features Mulberry Silk On Both Sides

Made from 100 percent mulberry silk on both sides, this pillowcase is great for pampering your skin, preserving your hair style, and keeping your allergies at bay. It's available in three sizes and eight colors, and it even has a hidden zipper to keep your pillow insert in place.


This 3-In-One Styling Tool That You Can Use Anywhere In The World

Your hair style doesn't have to suffer when you're traveling light. The LOVANI mini iron is super compact and has a three-in-one design that allows you to curl, straighten, and brush with one tool. It also has dual-voltage capabilities and a free travel bag for world-wide usage.


A Portable Steamer With Two Different Attachments For All Kinds Of Fabric

The Pursonic steamer might be lightweight, but the handheld device still packs a serious punch — it heats up in 20 seconds! Its steam lasts up to eight minutes on one refill, and it has two different attachments for various fabrics, meaning you can steam your suits, dresses, coats, and even your drapes.


This Dispenser Set So You Can Pour, Measure, & Spray Your Olive Oil

Looking to incorporate more healthy oils into your diet? The DWELLZA KITCHEN olive oil dispenser lets you pour, measure, and spray with one brilliant set. It has glass and stainless steel parts so you don't have to worry about clogging or harmful chemicals. Plus, its sleek design will look great on any countertop.


This Pocket-Sized Lantern That Charges Itself With Sunlight

The BioLite lantern lets you carry self-changing light anywhere you go. It's totally solar powered and provides bright white (or colored) light as well as a USB charging port. The included kickstand is perfect for finding the optimal charging angle, and it doubles as a hook for hanging the lantern anywhere.


This Adult Board Game That Has Reviewers Saying, "Never Laughed So Hard In My Life"

This hilarious adult board game is called Loaded Questions, and it has everyone answer the open-ended (often inappropriate) prompts with any response they like. It's sort of like Cards Against Humanity, but the answers are totally up to the players, and there's no such thing as a wrong one. "Definitely one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played," one reviewer says. "The crazy, cooky answers our friends came up with had me rolling."


This Self-Adjusting Wrench That Fits 14 Sizes Of Nuts & Bolts

The adjustable wrench saves you tons of time, hassle, and unnecessary searching. That's because it fits 14 different sizes of nuts and bolts — all thanks to its automatically-adjusting head. It's not just a neat idea either! It's genius design had won tons of awards, including: 2005 Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award and International Forum Design Award.


This Brilliant Journal That Requires Only Six Minutes Of Your Day

A regular journaling practice has tons of surprising benefits, but if you or someone you love feels too strapped for time, the 6-Minute Diary can help. It's based on real positive psychology research and has tips, routines, and brilliant prompts to get you writing regularly. Use it for two three-minute intervals each day.


A Temperature-Therapy Face Mask For Headaches, Sinuses, & Skin Care

The PerfeCore face mask is filled with gel beads that can be frozen or microwaved depending on your needs. When hot, it's great for headaches and sinus issues. And when cold, it helps to minimize pores, reduce puffiness, and ease pain. It's also BPA-free and adjustable, boasting a felt lining to protect your skin.


This Three-In-One Derma Rolling Kit That's Apparently Shockingly Effective

Buyers are thrilled with the quick results from the Linduray Skincare derma roller micro-needling kit — in fact, they say their skin looked brighter, smoother, and healthier in just a few days. The roller features short micro-needles that make tiny holes in the skin, creating a rush of collagen. When applied after that rush, the included vitamin C serum boosts hydration, while the smoothing cream nourishes dull skin.


These Roll-Up Organizers To Keep Your Electronics Safe & Tidy

Made from water-resistant nylon, these roll-up organizers have various mesh sections, zipper pockets, and elastic bands to keep all your electronics and cords neatly organized. You get two different sizes for just $17, and they're available in five colors: black, dark green, neon green, gray, and yellow.


These Silicone Wine Glasses That'll Never Crack, Scratch, Or Shatter

These Jokel unbreakable cups are ideal for accident-prone wine lovers — or anyone, really. They have a sleek stemless design and a frosted appearance, and since they're made out of flexible silicone, they'll never scratch, crack, or shatter. They're food grade and dishwasher safe.


This Clever Invention That'll Replace Multiple Kitchen Tools

This two-in-one kitchen tool combines tongs with a flexible silicone spatula, so you can safely flip, scoop, and transfer meal items. It's heat resistant, scratch proof, and super easy to clean. One fan wrote that it's a "great product to have in the kitchen."


A Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow To Support Your Knees As You Sleep

Calling all side-sleepers: The LAZZARI Half Moon Knee Pillow has reviewers raving, "I have been sleeping incredibly well since I began using this knee pillow; no more aches and pains or waking up throughout the night." On the inside, it has supportive orthopedic memory foam that contours to your legs, and on the outside, it's encased in a breathable bamboo cover. Thanks to its curved shape, this pillow can also be used for the neck, feet, or lower back.


This Leave-In Spray For Anyone Who's Trying To Grow Out Their Hair

This TreeActiv daily hair growth spray is packed with ingredients to nourish and moisturize your hair including argan oil, keratin, and coconut water. The weightless formula is beloved by reviewers. Even people with super thin hair note that it "does not weigh [hair] down or make [it] greasy." Simply spray it in and leave it there for stronger, healthier hair that resists frizz, breakage, and dryness.


This Brilliant Outlet Cover That Has A Built-In Shelf

When you've got limited counter space and outlets in the middle of nowhere, the ECHOGEAR shelf is a life-saver. This brilliant gadget installs like your average switch plate cover, but it has a built-in cable organizer and a surface capable of supporting up to 10 pounds. Reviewers absolutely love it for their phones, electric toothbrushes, speakers, and virtual assistants.


These Washable Wool Inserts That Keep Your Flats & Slip-Ons Smelling Fresh

These SoxsolS wool inserts help to soak up moisture and fight odors in any shoes, but they're especially great for flats, sandals, slip-ons, and other sockless pairs. The top layer of real wool offers cushioning and moisture absorption, while the bottom layer of silicone prevents slippage. The best part? They're totally machine washable and can be trimmed to your exact size.


This Flexible Clip-On Lamp With Six Different Lighting Modes

Say goodbye to poor lighting with the CeSunlight lamp. Just clip it onto your desired surface (your desk, your headboard — wherever), then adjust the flexible gooseneck to your desired angle for the best light. It has six different light modes for various temperatures and brightnesses, and since it plugs into both an AC outlet and a USB port, it's extra versatile.


An Expandable Dish Rack That Drips Straight Into Your Sink

This is not your average dish-drying rack. The iPEGTOP drainer is a No. 1 best-seller because it has expandable arms, meaning, if you're short on counter space, you can dry your dishes right over your sink. It also has rust-resistant parts, removable utensil holders, and a stainless steel design that's both chic and practical.


This Rocker That "Helps Immensely" With Plantar Fasciitis & Other Foot Pain

The ProStretch calf stretcher and foot rocker effectively stretches your foot, shin, heel, and lower leg muscles to improve flexibility, boost strength, and lessen pain. It has non-slip rubber strips on the bottom and can help with everything from plantar fasciitis and shin splints to sore muscles and achilles tendonitis.

"I've been dealing with [plantar fasciitis] for almost a year," one reviewer wrote. "Spent literally hundreds of dollars on shoes, inserts,'s appointments, etc. Ordered this and started using it twice a day and pain is gone in less than a week. I don't know why more doctors aren't aware of this."


These Precision Nail Clippers That Catch The Clippings For You

"Precision made and very sharp," reviewers say about these MrGreen nail clippers — but they also have a built-in compartment that catches the clippings. The surgical-grade stainless steel is durable enough to cut through 10 sheets of paper at once, and they're big enough to tackle fingernails as well as toenails.


This Portable, $14 Coffee Machine That's Apparently Better Than A Keurig

Imagine a single-serve coffee machine that makes a "truly incredible cup of coffee." Now imagine that it's portable, requires no electricity, and is $14. No wonder people are obsessed with the Presto MyJo. All you need is a K-Cup and hot water, and you can make delicious coffee at work, on the road, or at home.


This Sweat-Blocking Lotion That Keeps Hands Dry & Fresh

Sweaty hands? Carpe hand lotion uses non-irritating ingredients like eucalyptus oil to zap moisture and block unwanted sweat production. One reviewer says, "I've struggled with a severe case of hyperhidrosis since I was born. I've tried pretty much everything out there, and besides surgery, this is the only product I've found that works."


This Dental Hygiene Set That Comes With A Toothpaste & A Pulling Oil

Freshen breath, whiten teeth, and reap all the benefits of oil pulling with this dentist-created duo. Dr Ginger's toothpaste and mouthwash are both made with real coconut oil to fight bacteria and whiten teeth. Plus, they contain zero alcohol, fluoride, or sugar. Reviewers say the taste is mild, the whitening effects are noticeable, and the gentle ingredients don't irritate sensitive mouths.


This Self-Massage Tool That May Be "The Best Purchase" You Ever Make For Pain

Skip the expensive massages and quit asking your friends and family members to work out a knot for you. This trigger point tool uses 11 carefully-placed knobs and leverage from your own body to massage any spot without help. It's extremely durable and lightweight with a sleek design for easy storage. Some reviewers even call it "the best purchase [they've] ever made for pain."


A Unique Travel Pillow That Actually Keeps Your Head Upright

According to reviewers, the SeatSleeper "enables [them] to sleep and arrive at [their] destination relaxed, rested and ready to go." Whether you're in a car, a bus, or a plane, this brilliant gadget wraps around your headrest to keep your neck straight and upright as you snooze. It also covers your eyes and cushions your face with super cozy polyester — and it's adjustable, too.


These Protective Gardening Gloves With Built-In Claws For Digging

Prune roses, dig seed holes, and rip up weeds all without limiting your dexterity. Sweetmart Garden Genie gloves fit like a second skin, so there's no need for clunky tool. They're puncture-resistant and protective to keep your hands safe and clean. Boasting built-in claws and breathable fabric, they're "more comfortable to wear and use" than some reviewers expected.


This All-Natural Nail Oil That Strengthens, Softens, & Promotes Growth

Strengthen cracked nails, soften rough cuticles, and even promote growth with Bee Naturals nail oil. This stuff belongs in every nail care collection, it's made with soothing lavender, anti-fungal tea tree, and nourishing avocado oil — all of which penetrate nails and cuticles to promote healing. "Bee Naturals has exceeded my expectations," says one reviewer who has used many types of cuticle oils. "In only a little more than a week, I have seen a difference."


These Space-Saving Hangers For Pants, Skirts, & Scarves

Yes, a DOIOWN pants hanger is a godsend when your jeans and slacks drawer is overflowing. But its S-shape and five nonslip rungs are also amazing for scarves, bulky sweaters, skirts, and other hard-to-hang items. They're made from stainless steel, so they can support a surprising amount of weight. Plus, since they hang vertically, they save room in your closet.


This Rechargeable Foot File That Effortlessly Buffs Away Rough Callouses

Wet or dry, this MiroPure electric foot file effortlessly buffs away dead skin and rough callouses. Its quick-spinning roller heads come in two textures (coarse and fine), and the whole thing is rechargeable so you don't have to worry about cords and batteries. Buyers say their feet have "never been smoother."


This Double-Sided Cutting Board That's Knife-Friendly & Versatile

On one side, the PandPal hybrid cutting board has food-grade polypropylene that won't stain or absorb liquid, and on the other, it has chemical-free, natural bamboo. Both are easy to clean, knife-friendly, and grooved-border-clad to prevent spills.


This Brilliant Rolling Pin That Uniformly Flattens Your Dough To Various Thicknesses

All bakers know that unevenly-rolled cookies are also unevenly-cooked cookies. The Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin has removable, color-coded discs that screw on and off to raise the pin to an ideal, uniformed height. It also has built-in measurements and a solid beech wood construction that's relatively nonstick and easy to clean. "I have a business where I make custom decorated sugar cookies," one reviewer says, and this is one of their "all-time favorite purchases."


An Eyebrow Pencil With More Than One Tip For A Realistic Effect

Most brow pencils have a single tip, but the Music Flower liquid pencil has a pronged fork design that makes four strokes with every movement. It's also waterproof, fade resistant, and smudge proof. You can get it in four different colors, and reviewers say the effect is "amazingly realistic" because it fills in empty spots "without looking too dark."


This Eco-Friendly Alternative To Plastic Wrap

Do yourself and the environment a favor with Bee's wrap — a sustainable and healthy alternative to plastic wrap. These hand-crafted cloths are reusable and made from cotton and beeswax. Use them to cover your leftovers, wrap your produce, or keep your bread from going stale.


These Wool Dryer Balls That Are "So Much Better Than Dryer Sheets"

Sensitive skin, allergies, static, high energy bills — there are so many reasons people have switched to these Simple Natural Products dryer balls. The consensus? They're "so much better than dryer sheets." Their 100 percent wool construction means they're hypoallergenic, reusable, durable, and energy-efficient. They even reduce static and shorten drying time by breaking up clothes in the machine.


This Universal Phone Mount That Won't Damage Your Dashboard

Because of its adjustable spring clip, the universal Aonkey mount holds any phone between 3 inches wide and 7 inches wide. Its silica gel base and silicone adhesive effortlessly attach to your dashboard without leaving any damage or gooey residue behind. Most importantly, this device makes it easy to attach and retrieve your phone in mere seconds.


These Hilarious Tongs With Non-Scratch Silicone Hands

Reviewers think these Zeal Handy Cooks tongs are "hilarious," but they're also "great for all kinds of kitchen work." The curved silicone hands grip food securely and create a non-damaging, heat-resistant buffer between the stainless steel and your nonstick pans. You can get them in five different colors, too.


This Facial Oil That "Tops Them All" — Even For Acne-Prone Skin

If you have acne-prone skin, you might be wary of oils. However, according to reviewers, the Amaki Japanese Tsubaki should be an exception. This lightweight facial oil is packed with nourishing ingredients like chamomile, jojoba, and neroli, all of which hydrate and heal without clogging pores. One reviewer says, "I have some texture and my skin is prone to acne and irritation. This has done nothing to aggravate it. I feel it actually calms it down."


These Silicone Ice Trays That Are Oven-Safe, Too

If you use ice trays, it's time to upgrade to these easy-release silicone ones. Since they're nonstick and flexible, a quick bend will seamlessly force out your ice, coffee cubes, or smoothie mixes to slip right out. Plus, they're dishwasher and oven safe, making the possibilities endless.


These Adjustable Ankle Weights That Are Actually Comfortable

Get more out of your yoga practice, Pilates class, or walking routine with these ankle weights from Gaiam. Each one weighs 2.5 pounds to add more resistance, but the soft fabric and adjustable velcro straps ensure a comfortable fit. Best of all, "the fabric doesn't 'stick' to your skin" like so many other brands, one reviewer says.


A Pair Of Grooming Gloves That Both You & Your Pets Will Love

These HandsOn gloves are made to keep cats, dogs, and livestock well groomed, but the humans are the ones doing the raving: "I have several cats and have purchased many, many brushes, mitts, etc.," one person says, citing that these gloves are "by far the best that I've owned." The textured nodes pick up excess hair, improve circulation, and distribute natural oils across fur. They're waterproof and come in multiple sizes, from junior to extra large.


These Magnetic Clips So You Can Mount & Remove Your Cables In Seconds

Cord management is now easier than ever, thanks to these magnetic cable clips. The three-pack comes with non-damaging adhesive strips, the cables themselves, and adapters for different-sized cables. Once the base is attached, the magnet makes it super easy to mount or remove the cable within seconds.


This BPA-Free Bottle That Infuses Your Water With Fruity Flavors

The Savvy infusion bottle doesn't just make it easier to drink more water — it also makes it more enjoyable. Simply pack the BPA-free infusion chamber with your desired fruit and fill the bottle with water. Throughout the day, you'll get bursts of fruity flavors along with added vitamins and minerals. This bottle is leak-proof, dishwasher safe, and available in five colors.


This Massager That Works Out The Kinks In Both Of Your Feet Simultaneously

Giving yourself a foot massage has never been easier or simpler than with this Theraflow foot massager. By simply rolling your feet over the textured surface, the product's polished wood nubs employ acupressure therapy to help reduce muscle soreness and pain. Best of all, you can use the product while either standing or sitting down, allowing you to multi-task while working the kinks out of your feet.


This Adult Party Game That Will Make Your Friends Confess Their Craziest Secrets

Not for the easily embarrassed or those who don't enjoy TMI, Never Have I Ever is an adult party game that requires you to air stories of eating food that's been in the trash and farting in your boss' office. Perfect for bachelor and bachelorette parties, it's also a great game to play to break the ice among a new group of friends.


This Waterproof Bag That Will Keep Your Phone And Gear Dry

Whether you enjoy kayaking, rafting, or trekking through the rain, this Earth Pak waterproof bag is a must-have to protect your phone and gear against water damage. It's made of a durable long-lasting PVC material and is available in multiple size and color options to fit your needs. As a bonus, it also comes with a separate clear waterproof phone case that allows you to take photos while your phone remains protected.


This Stainless Steel Water Bottle That Will Last You Years

If you want a high-quality water bottle that won't need to be immediately replaced, this MIRA stainless steel water bottle is practically guaranteed not to break or rust. Made of food-grade stainless steel, the bottle is insulated to keep both cold and hot beverages at the preferred temperatures for up to 12 hours. It is also available in a variety of fun colors and patterns to choose from.


This Adorable Plush Robe That's Super-Soft And Warm

Who doesn't love a plush robe, especially when it's as soft and warm as this gray one from Richie House? Made of a comfy polyester fabric with a matching belt that cinches around the waist, this above-the-knee robe also has an extra-cute feature: the likeness of a koala bear and a pair of ears on the robe's hoodie.


This Classic Duffle Bag That Can Be Folded Up For Easy Packing

Whether for work, travel, or the gym, a classic black duffle bag like this Coslife one is something that everyone should have in their closet. It's made of a high, quality waterproof polyester material with reinforced stitching and sturdy metal hardware. Plus, when not in use, the forty-liter capacity bag can be folded up into a small, pocket-sized square.


These Warm Socks Are A Must-Have Winter Accessory For Exercising Outdoors

When the temperature outside begins to drop, thin, cotton blend socks just won't do. That's why these Darn Tough Vermont performance fit socks are fantastic to wear while doing any kind of outdoor activity during the winter months. They're made of a naturally moisture-wicking, high-density merino wool blend to keep your feet warm and blister-free as you move around. They're also cozy to have on while sitting or doing less strenuous activities as well.


This Heavenly-Smelling Artisanal Soap Bar That's Straight From France

If you want to instantly upgrade your bathtub to a luxurious spa-like environment, this Pre de Provence soap bar is all you need. Made in France, it's crafted with all natural ingredients, including rich shea butter, and scented with a light honey almond fragrance. Best of all, it's free from animal testing as well as parabens, ethyl alcohol, and sodium lauryl sulfate.


This Chile-Infused Honey That's Equally Spicy And Sweet

Proclaimed to be the world's most versatile condiment, this chile pepper-infused honey can add spice and sweetness in equal measure to a variety of foods, including chicken wings, roasted Brussel sprouts, pizza, and even ice cream. "I was afraid the spice would be overpowering, but it’s actually quite mellow and smooth; just the right touch of heat," said one Amazon fan.


This Elegant Glass Nail File That Will Last Forever

If you want smoother and more gleaming nails (and who doesn't?), using a glass nail file might be the easiest way to achieve that goal. Made with Japanese-imported glass, this SixVector one uses nano-technology to buff away unwanted nail growth without causing injury. And unlike cheaper Emory board files, this file is easy to clean and won't degrade over time.


The Perfect Sticky Note For Jotting Down All Of Your Mental Notes

Sometimes the best ideas spring into our minds when we least expect it. That's why having a stack of these Knock Knock sticky notes nearby can come in handy. Perfect for jotting down random thoughts or quick reminders, these make for both a fun and practical stocking stuffer or White Elephant gift.


This Super-Cute Exfoliating Scrub That Comes In An Octopus-Shaped Applicator

While it may not be obvious at first glance, this adorable TONYMOLY octopus-shaped product is an exfoliating skin scrub and applicator in one. Hailing from Korea, this product can help scrub away dirt and impurities without overdrying your skin with its unique formula of charcoal, black mud, and micro-beads.


This Adorable Mayo Hair Mask

Since putting actual mayonnaise on your hair can give it with a funky scent, this rich TONYMOLY mayo hair mask is far superior. Not only does it utilizes ultra-hydrating ingredients like shea butter, oil, and egg yolks to repair dry and overprocessed strands, but it has a vanilla and macadamia nut fragrance that leaves your hair smelling sweet, not like an egg salad sandwich.


This Organizer That Brings Order To The Chaotic Contents Of Oversized Purses And Tote Bags

There's nothing more annoying than rummaging through a bag unable to locate the item you're looking for. However, this Vercord purse organizer, made of lightweight but well-crafted felt material, easily slips into a large tote or purse and makes it easy to find any item stored in the impressive seventeen pockets it offers to store your stuff.


A Silicone Mold To Make Sweet Shot Glasses

Edible shot glasses may seem like a lot of trouble to make, but this Wilton mold makes whipping up a batch to impress party guests or kids a snap. Constructed of bendable silicone, these molds are oven-safe up until 500 degrees, allowing you to create chocolate, gelatin, or candy-molded shot glasses. They also can be used to make ice shot glasses to house cold liquids. When you're done, simply throw the mold into the dishwasher for an easy cleanup.


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