50 Of The Most Bizarre Products On Amazon — That Are Also The Most Raved About

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Do you have any surprising celeb crushes? By which I mean celebs whom you find attractive but whom other folks might classify in the "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm" category? I ask because these 50 bizarre products on Amazon are also among the most raved about — they're kind of like the weird celebrity crushes of the retail behemoth.

Take this genius travel pillow that uses the ergonomic adaptability of the turtle to help you rest while you're on-the-go — that'd rate a Bill Hader on my personal hotness equivalency scale. The late, great, and eerily titillating Alan Rickman would pair well with this moon lamp that people are absolutely flipping over. And I'd correlate this bubble mask with my super-hot crush Awkafina (which, honestly, isn't a weird one at all) whom I simply cannot get enough of and would most like to spend a spa weekend with.

See what I mean? Off-the-beaten-path, yes, but simply awesome. Plus, just like Hader's SNL sketch repertoire, this list offers a tremendous variety to choose from — it includes everything from a doggie DNA kit to this wearable blanket (with feet and sleeves) — and you'll return to these products again and again, such is their long-lasting impact. So to paraphrase folks from Austin, keep Amazon weird and get shopping!

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