50 Straight Up Brilliant Products On Amazon You Never Knew Existed


Do you ever find yourself scrolling through the online marketplace only to discover brilliant products on Amazon you never knew existed? Of course you have — because there are so many items available on Amazon, there's bound to be plenty of stuff you've never heard of. Still, there's nothing quite like the feeling of finding a hidden gem that you haven't seen before. Especially when it's a brilliant invention that totally solves a problem in your life.

Example: You only need to scroll past a frosty bowl that actively keeps your ice cream from melting once to know you need it. And once you learn that a sports bra exists with built-in pockets, chances are, you're gonna want to snag one for the gym.

Best of all, these clever and helpful products are backed up by tons of Amazon reviews, so you can see just how effective they are in practice before you commit to your purchase.

From kitchen appliances to beauty products, you'll be shocked by how many innovative and clever products on Amazon there are when you do a little bit of searching. It's likely that you've never heard of these 50 items, but trust me, each one is as brilliant as the last.

by Emily Estep

1. A Moisturizing Dry Oil For Your Hair That Is Fortified With Gold

Sally Hershberger, 24K Golden Touch Dry Oil, $40, Amazon

A combination of ingredients like amber extract, coconut oil, and yes, colloid gold come together in this nourishing dry oil. You can apply it to damp hair before styling to minimize heat damage, and you can apply it to dry hair for extra shine. It'll help to protect your hair and scalp from UV light, environmental stressors, and more, without leaving any greasy residue behind.


2. A Wine Cubby That Allows You To Take Your Wine On-The-Go

Pratico Outdoors, Wine Cubby, $13, Amazon

You can bring wine with you wherever you go with this 750-milliliter wine cubby. It holds a full bottle of wine with a bit of room to spare, and it has a twist bottle cap that protects the wine in between sips. The set comes with a funnel to help you pour the wine into the cubby, as well as a carrying case to prevent spills. It's also made with food-grade plastic, and reviewers write things like: "Believing wine should go everywhere you go, I was intrigued by the concept of a wine bag that is shatterproof, easy to carry and fits easily in the cooler. As we spend a great deal of time by the pool and at the beach, the WineCubby is just the ticket to keep glass away from each."


3. The Personal Ceramic Heater That'll Keep You Warm Anywhere You Go

Brightown, Ceramic Mini Heater, $15, Amazon

Perfect for personal use in small rooms, apartments, and dorms, this mini heater is only about six inches tall and weighs less than two pounds. That said, it's powerful enough to keep you toasty on chilly days. The heater's covering stays cool to the touch even when the device is fully heated up, and it has an overheating protection system. It's also fairly energy smart, using only 400 watts.


4. A Set Of Individually Packed Hydrating Masks That Get Rid Of Dry Skin

Nügg Face Mask Pod, $17 (5 Pack), Amazon

These face mask pods are just the right size to hydrate incredibly dry skin and remove flakes or dry patches. It's made of mostly natural ingredients — including camellia seed oil, spirulina extract, and aloe vera juice — and you won't find any artificial colors or fragrances in its formula. The individual packaging of the pods makes it convenient to keep in a travel or makeup bag, too.


5. A Kit That Gives You Everything You Need To Grow Herbs At Home

Planters' Choice, Herb Growing Kit, $25, Amazon

You can grow parsley, chives, cilantro, and basil at home — even if you don't have a lawn or balcony — with this herb growing kit. It comes with everything you need to start plants from seed and keep them happy through harvest. The kit also includes plant markers to keep track of which is which, and an herb grinder to help preserve your herbs once you grow enough of them.


6. A Water Bottle With A Built-In Fruit Infuser For Tasty Hydration

Young And More, Infuser Water Bottle, $10, Amazon

This water bottle has a built-in infuser that allows you to add the fresh taste of citrus, strawberries, or any other fruit you'd like to add to your daily hydration routine. The bottle has a leak-proof top that won't spill, and the infuser is designed to disperse just the right amount of flavor without getting in your way while you drink. The sleek bottle also holds up to 24 ounces of water.


7. A Multi-Tool That's As Small As A Credit Card But Has 10 Uses

Guardman Credit Card Survival Tool, $11, Amazon

This sleek credit card-shaped survival tool has 10 unique qualities, including a knife, two rulers, a magnifying glass, a pair of tweezers, a pair of scissors, a screwdriver, an LED light, a stylus, and a toothpick. It fits neatly in your wallet or purse, so it's easy to keep on you at all times.


8. A Kitchen Tool That Fits On Your Thumb And Makes Food Prep Easier

Chef's Thumb Tool, $15, Amazon

Perfectly shaped to fit comfortably on your thumb, this kitchen tool both protects your thumb from getting nicked and helps you grip whatever you're cutting so it doesn't slip. This way, you can chop through veggies faster and more consistently without worrying that you might cut yourself. It also comes with a peeler attachment, so you can peel fruits and vegetables with more direct control.


9. A Bedside Lamp That Can Charge Your Devices And Turns On With Just A Touch

Macally, LED Charger Lamp, $30, Amazon

Ideal for reducing clutter on your nightstand, this LED charger lamp has four USB outlets to charge a number of devices at once without using up all the outlets near the bed. The lamp itself turns on and off with a simple touch, and it has three degrees of brightness to choose from, whether you need bright light in the wee hours of the morning, or dim light when reading before bed.


10. A Drawing Board That Requires Only Water And Is Infinitely Reusable

Buddha Board Mini, $14, Amazon

With Buddha Board, you can doodle all day and relieve some stress without wasting paper or ink. All you do is "paint" on the board with water, and as the water evaporates, it'll slowly fade away. It's perfect to create little bits of art whenever you want — and as they disappear, you can immediately start over. One reviewer writes: "I have it on my office desk-- it's the perfect size. When a student or staff member is upset about someone or something they just take the small brush out and paint/write their worry-- then the worry slowly fades away.It's very therapeutic!"


11. A Set Of Speakers Designed Specifically To Use Under Your Pillow

Sound Oasis, Amplified Pillow Speakers, $40, Amazon

These pillow speakers are designed to slip right under your pillow without causing discomfort, so you can drift off to sleep listening to your favorite music, nature sounds, or podcast. The speakers are thin and pillow-shaped, with built-in amplification to give you clear sound through your pillow. They work with any kind of pillow and are charged via USB, and reviewers say the sound is a lot better than other models.


12. A Portable Microbead Pillow That Can Support Any Part Of Your Body

Total Pillow, Microbead Portable Pillow, $15, Amazon

Basically the ultimate multi-use pillow, this microbead pillow adapts to any shape and locks in place in a number of different positions, so you can use it to support your head and neck; to prop up your back in an uncomfortable chair or even to elevate your legs. This will ease tension, and it forms a ring that can easily go around a suitcase handle.


13. A Nightlight That Automatically Turns On At Dusk And Has Multiple Colors

MAZ-TEK, LED Sensor Night Light, $14 (2 Pack), Amazon

This night light plugs into any standard outlet and uses sensor technology to detect when the sun goes down, turning on automatically. You can choose between eight different colors for the light, and the light uses a few pennies of energy a year. These lights are ideal for lighting your path to the bathroom at night, and will last 20,000 hours at a time.


14. An Ab Wheel That Maximizes At-Home Workouts To Target The Abdominals

Forged Body Strong Ab Wheel, $20, Amazon

Sit-ups and crunches can only do so much to get you in shape, but with this ab wheel, you can really target the abdominals and get a great workout from home. The wheel comes fully assembled, so you can use it immediately upon receiving it. It has a steel column inside that keeps it sturdy while you move, and its handles are covered in foam to protect your hands.


15. A Blender That Makes A Single-Serve Smoothie In The Cup You'll Drink It Out Of

TopEsct Personal Blender, $19, Amazon

You can streamline your morning routine with this personal blender — because it makes any smoothie or juice in the cup you can take with you out the door. The six blades pulverize ice for the smoothest blend, and it's good for protein shakes as well. The USB plug means you can charge this anywhere, and you can even charge your cell phone with the rechargeable base.


16. A Hand Lotion Designed Specifically To Stop Your Hands From Sweating So Much

Carpe Antiperspirant Hand Lotion, $15, Amazon

This antiperspirant hand lotion prevents sweaty hands without irritating your skin. Its formula rubs in quickly without leaving any greasy residue behind, and your hands will be comfortably sweat-free for hours. A little goes a long way with this lotion, so the bottle will last a long time. One reviewer writes: "Never had anything to help my hands before this. I looked into every kind of procedure before trying this but if you can get it on while your hands are dry (right before bed/after a shower) this stuff works miracles and honestly dries my hands, a lot."


17. A Spritzer That Delivers A Fine Mist To Hydrate Your Face Throughout The Day

Okachi Gliya Handy Face Mist Spray, $28, Amazon

This face mist spray bottle is ideal for whenever your skin needs a boost of hydration, and it's super chic. The spritzer itself creates a super-fine mist of nanoparticles that penetrate the skin with a cool mist, and it also has a mirror and a built-in light, so you can see what you're doing wherever you are.


18. A Pack Of Mini Fans That Plug Into Your Phone To Cool You Down

P46 Digital Mini Fan, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

These colorful mini fans plug into your phone or a portable battery bank to immediately deliver a nice, cooling breeze. Whether you're always getting hot on public transportation or have a music festival coming up, the fans are a reliable way to keep yourself cool without having much to carry. This pack comes with three fan units, so you'll always have a backup.


19. A Bowl With Cooling Gel Inside That Prevents Ice Cream From Melting

Host Ice Cream Cooling Bowl, $19, Amazon

Inside the walls of this cooling bowl is a proprietary gel that keeps the temperatures low so your ice cream will not melt. And thanks to a silicone base on the bottom that stays at room temperature, your hands won't get cold while your mint chocolate chip stays frozen. The bowl will keep your ice cream appropriately cold for about two hours, and afterwards, you can put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. Reviewers even use it to put dip out at parties.


20. A Foot Warmer That You Can Easily Move Around

Serta Electric Heated Foot Warmer, $53, Amazon

This sizable foot warmer can accommodate two pairs of cold feet that could use some heating up. The super plush filling and fleece fabric make this cozy without the added heat, but there are four settings to reach your desired effect. It even has an automatic shut-off function.


21. A Popper That Makes Popcorn Without Any Oil, Hassle, Or Mess

Cestari Kitchen Microwave Popcorn Popper, $17, Amazon

You can make fluffy, healthy popcorn at home with this popcorn popper — no oils or butter necessary. This way, you'll never have to waste money on bags, and the 100 percent food-grade silicone popper evenly heats up the kernels without burning them. It makes up to 8 cups of popcorn, too, so it'll feed a party.


22. A Kitchen Multi-Tool That Saves Space In Your Kitchen

Joseph Joseph 5-In-1 Slotted Spoon Utensil, $8, Amazon

Basically the ultimate kitchen tool, this utensil serves as five unique tools: a spoon, a slotted spoon, a turner, a spatula, and a cutting tool. It'll save you space and hassle in your kitchen, since you won't have to switch between multiple tools for one meal. The utensil is made of a sturdy nylon, is heat-resistant for temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and it won't scratch cast iron pans.


23. An Essential Oil Bottle Opener That Helps You Remove Rollercaps

SOLIGT Essential Oil Opener Tool, $7 (3 Pack), Amazon

If you love essential oils but hate trying to open their bottles to refill them, or you make your own special blends, then this essential oil opener tool could be a game-changer. It's designed specifically to help you unscrew roller caps without damaging them, so you can get to the oils inside. It'll work with perfumes, too, and there are a few different sizes on each opener so it will fit whatever you have.


24. A Set Of Silicone Food Preserving Lids To Replace Wasteful Plastic

ModFamily Silicone Stretch Lids, $11 (7 Pack), Amazon

These air-tight stretch lids can completely replace plastic containers in your kitchen with a nearly universal shape that fits over most bowls, containers, and even fruit. Each lid is made with thick silicone that won't tear or warp over time. They'll even fit over square pans, and the tabs ensure the snuggest fit possible.


25. An Aromatherapy Balm That Can Ease Away Headaches And Migraines

Wild Thera Headache Relief Balm, $15, Amazon

If you're looking for a headache cure that's natural, this migraine and headache relief balm might be your answer. It's made with safe, effective ingredients — such as chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary — that have aromatherapy benefits to gently ease away your pain. The balm is non-habit forming, and is made with extra-virgin olive oil to moisturize, too.


26. A Heated Eye Mask That Soothes And Helps You Fall Asleep

Baiyea Heated Eye Mask, $25, Amazon

This eye mask is a like a sleeping mask and a hot compress rolled into one. While it blocks out light and helps you fall asleep, it also provides gentle heat to soothe tired eyes and to reduce puffiness. You can remove the soft, plush cover of the mask and wash it as many times as you like, so the mask will stay fresh and clean for years.


27. A Food Splatter Cover That Protects Your Microwave And Keeps It Clean

Tiandirenhe Magnetic Microwave Splatter Cover, $10, Amazon

You can prevent dreaded microwave cleaning with this splatter cover that stops unwanted spills and explosions from leftover food. The dome covers your plate while letting some air escape via vents, so things will stay clean without drying food out. It even has built-in magnets that allow you to store the cover inside the microwave.


28. A Set Of Massage Balls That Cover All The Bases For At-Home Relief

KOR Fitness Massage Ball Set, $21, Amazon

The uses for these massage balls are many, whether you're a hardcore athlete looking for targeted pain relief, or you're just looking for an at-home massage at the end of the day. The three different massage ball cover a variety of needs from acupuncture to kneading nodes — but all of them soothe aching muscles, revitalize you after a workout, and increase tissue mobility.


29. A Headband With Built-In Headphones To Help You Fall Asleep

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones, $19, Amazon

Inside this cozy headband rests two tiny headphones, so you can listen to music or nature sounds while you chill on a plane, meditate, fall asleep, or take a run outside. It has a mesh lining on the inside that prevents the headphones from slipping while also wicking away moisture. Plus, the headband has a long cord that will stay out of your way and can be plugged into almost any device.


30. A Lava Rock Necklace That Diffuses Essential Oils Right Under Your Nose

TT-star Lava Rock Essential Oil Necklace, $13, Amazon

You can take aromatherapy with you anywhere using this lava rock essential oil necklace that absorbs your favorite scents and gently diffuses them throughout the day. It can also work with perfumes, and the chain is made from hypoallergenic stainless steel.


31. A Low-Cost Foot Massager That's Portable, Lightweight, And Easy To Use

VOYOR Foot Massager Set, $13, Amazon

This budget-friendly foot massager has 10 separate massage rollers to help ease general foot aches and pains. The kneading works much like acupressure, and can also stimulate blood flow to the foot as well. This one even comes with a scalp massager for some relaxation from head to toe.


32. This Nourishing Protein-Filled Hair Pack That Can Restore Damaged Hair

Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Pack, $6, Amazon

You can give your hair a shot of serious nourishment with this steam hair pack. Its formula is packed with seven different types of protein, 11 amino acids, mineral oil, and more — and it's designed to heal and protect damaged hair. Just wrap the silk-like scarf around your hair, let sit, and rinse out.


33. A Set Of Baking Mats That Can Be Used To Line Your Oven, Too

Vremi Oven Liner Baking Mats, $11 (3 Pack), Amazon

These versatile baking mats are ideal not only to bake cookies or pizza on, but they also help prevent messes from accumulating. The mats can be cut down to any specific size you need, regardless of how you use them, and they're heat-resistant for temperatures up to to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use them to fill gaps in your fridge and in your cabinets.


34. This Lip Plumping Product Made Of All Natural Ingredients

JuicyLipz Natural Lip Plumper, $28, Amazon

The natural ingredients in this lip plumping product can make your lips a little bit fuller without any dangerous ingredients. The formula is made with argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and more to keep your lips deeply hydrated while they plump up. It'll naturally stimulate blood flow to promote collagen and healthy skin turnover, and it leaves a glossy finish that you can apply on top of lipstick.


35. A Body Spray That Delivers Healing Magnesium Oil Wherever You Need It

Magnum Solace Magnesium Oil Spray, $20, Amazon

Magnesium oil supports many daily functions in the body, such as metabolizing proteins and muscle relaxation — which can help provide relief from anxiety, soothe restless legs, and even let you fall asleep faster. This handy spray is full of the oil, and over 1,000 users love it. One writes: "So, the reason I gave this 5-stars is that almost immediately - like the second day, the wife and I slept all night. What a deal. I can't believe something simple like this made me sleep all night without getting up once." It's also odorless and dries quickly.


36. A Sports Bra That Has A Built-In Pocket To Hold Your Phone

DaiLiWei Pocket Sports Bra (XS-XL), $16, Amazon

This sports bra offers comfort and support, and it also has a brilliant AF pocket so you can listen to music while you workout, hands-free. The bra itself has removable pads for a more customized fit, and it's incredibly breathable, perfect for high-intensity workouts.


37. A Silk Bra Stash That Securely Holds Your Cash And ID While You're Out

Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Bra Stash, $12, Amazon

Designed to slip discreetly under your bra, this bra stash bag offers a concealed space to keep your cash, ID, and other valuables when you'd rather go purse-free. It's made of silk, won't make you itchy, has a secure strap, and no one will be able to tell you have it. Instead of stuffing your cash directly in the cups of your bra, where it can fall out and be lost, you can stick it in this instead.


38. A Pack Of Full-Body Wipes For Quick Clean-Ups After You Workout

Nasty Workout Body Wipes, $9 (10 Pack), Amazon

These post-workout body wipes are much larger than regular wipes, and are made from shea butter to condition and moisturize, and fruit extracts like pomegranate and pineapple to lightly exfoliate. They're vegan and cruelty-free, provide a cooling effect, and are safe for the face as well.


39. A Shampoo And Shave Bar That Makes Your Whole Shower Process Eco-Friendly

Ethique Shampoo And Shave Bar, $16, Amazon

You can go extra eco-friendly with this shampoo and shave bar that eliminates the need for a shampoo bottle and a bottle of shaving cream. This saves you space and money in addition to being more gentle on the environment. The bar is safe to use on any kind of hair, even color-treated hair, and it's pH balanced. Because it's soap-free, it won't dry out your scalp or your skin, and makes for a luxurious lather. It's made with ingredients like clay, cocoa butter, and orange — and is equivalent to three bottles of shampoo.


40. An Ozone Generator That Cleans The Air And Gets Rid Of Unwanted Odor

Mystery Ozone Generator, $20, Amazon

This ozone generator kills a wide variety of bacteria that cause unwanted odors, so you can use it to keep closets, pet rooms, and your shoes extra fresh. Because it is so small and lightweight, you can stick it anywhere, even inside individual drawers and in tight corners. The ozone generator also halts the growth of dangerous mold and milde, and it gets rid of allergens in the air.


41. A Set Of Trays That Expand The Storage Area Around Your Kitchen Sink

Rev-A-Shelf Sink Front Trays, $19, Amazon

You can create bonus storage space in your kitchen with these useful sink front trays. The set comes with the trays, the hinges necessary to install them, and mounting hardware. They're super helpful for holding onto sponges, dish soap, and anything else you frequently use at the sink, especially when you don't have a lot of countertop space. Their durable design will hold up for years of use.


42. A Journal That Guides Your To-Do Lists All Year Long

The 52 Lists Project Journal, $14, Amazon

The basic idea of this journal is it encourages you to compile a list every week of the year, totaling to 52 lists, to help keep you motivated and on track with your work, short-term goals, and long-term plans. It includes seasonal prompts and challenges to inspire you and help you decide how to spend your time to become the best version of yourself, with the help of a little journaling.


43. A Sleeping Pack That Moisturizes With The Power Of Magnolia Petals

I'm From Magnolia Sleeping Mask, $27, Amazon

This deeply hydrating sleep mask is designed to moisturize your skin with 79 percent magnolia water from the Korean mountains while you sleep. All you do is apply it as the very last step to your skincare routine before bed and then sleep as usual — the mask creates a water barrier over your skin so that it absorbs as much moisture as possible overnight without drying out. One reviewer writes: "My new holy grail sleeping mask, amazing!"


44. An Electric Cleansing Brush That's Waterproof And Charges Wirelessly

Okachi Gliya Electric Face Brush, $55, Amazon

This electric face brush cleans deep down to the pores while exfoliating your skin gently, and it charges wirelessly, too. It comes with two brush heads — one for normal and one for sensitive skin —and it's six times more effective than washing your face with your hands. The brush is also waterproof, so you can take it right in the shower with you to clean your whole body if you so desire, and there are four different speeds.


45. A Foot Massage Mat That Lets You Utilize Reflexology At Home

ZJchao Reflexology Foot Massage Mat, $32, Amazon

This colorful foot massage mat harnesses ancient ideas on how to relieve foot pain and modernizes them for the 21st century. The various points in the "rocks" function a lot like reflexology, and is meant to eliminate tension, promote sleep, and increase blood circulation. You can remove the rocks and re-order them in any way that you like, and it even claims to relax your whole body and mind.


46. A Batter Blender That Makes It Easier Than Ever Before To Make Pancakes

Whiskware Pancake Batter Mixer, $15, Amazon

From pancakes to crepes, there's no batter that you can't mix up with this brilliant little mixer. All you have to do is toss your ingredients in the bottle with the included BlenderBall, put the cap back on, and then shake. It makes perfectly blended batter with no bits of flour or air pockets, and the mixer even has a nozzle top for neat, convenient pouring.


47. The Pot Clip That Holds Up Your Messy Utensils While You Cook

Trudeau Flex Pot Clip, $7, Amazon

With this pot clip, you can keep your ladles, slotted spoons, and spatulas, safely out of the way without creating a mess on your stove or countertop. The clip can be attached to any pot, and its universal design cradles any utensil. Plus, the clip is heat-resistant for temperatures up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. The combination of a steel base and silicone will keep this clip in shape for years of use.


48. A Sleeve-Shaped Loofah That Helps You Scrub All Over Your Body

SoapSleeve Exfoliating Loofah, $24, Amazon

This exfoliating loofah makes it beyond easy to scrub the skin all over your body, so you can have smooth, soft, non-itchy skin everywhere, even on your back. All you do is put your favorite bar of soap inside the sleeve, or squeeze in some shower gel, and then go to town scrubbing all over. The design makes it simple to get difficult areas without having to bend awkwardly.


49. A Cool AF Mug That Will Never Tip Over

Mighty Mug Solo, $17, Amazon

This brilliant mug doesn't tip or spill — which makes it perfect for anyone who is clumsy or travels everywhere with coffee. It fits perfectly into most cupholders and underneath most single-serve coffee machines, and it can withstand knocks from 360 degrees. The smart grip prevents drinks from being tipped over when knocked into, but is still easy to lift up.


50. A Travel WiFi Router To Help You Get Strong Internet Wherever You Go

Wireless WiFi Nano Router, $35, Amazon

You can quickly turn any network into a wireless network with this intuitive travel router. It can even create a hotspot for your family and friends. One reviewer writes: "Very versatile travel router. When only a wired connection is available, it creates a secured WIFI hotspot. When only a WIFI connection is available it creates a wired connection. The onboard admin software makes it very easy to switch between modes."

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