50 Things Designed By Geniuses That Are Under $50 On Amazon

Let's face it — you've probably spent money on a less-than-worthy product before. Maybe it was a pet rock back in the third grade, or maybe you got swindled into buying a luxurious-looking bath caddy when you don't even take baths (me, this was me). But specifically because I'm sick and tired of spending my hard-earned money on hard-pass hunks of junk, I've come up with this list of genius products available on Amazon.

Still, not just any product can be considered a "genius" product. First of all, it actually has to be useful. You might not wind up using it every single day, but as long as it solves a regularly occurring problem, there's zero chance it'll wind up in a corner collecting dust. And second, it has to be clever, or solve a problem in a way you hadn't thought of — otherwise, you probably already own it. Think self-watering planters that turn any black thumb green, a water bottle and speaker that reminds you to stay hydrated, or a reusable notebook that uploads your notes to the cloud.

But the best part? Each item in this list is less than $50 on Amazon — so what are you waiting for? These straight-up genius products are practically begging to be added to your cart.


The Airtight Containers That Help Keep Your Ingredients Fresh

Perfect for nuts, rice, flour, or even cereal and crackers, these containers create an airtight seal that helps keep your dry ingredients fresh. Each order comes with one extra-large, one large, two medium, and one small container, plus you can also use them to store crafts and toys.


A Smart Water Bottle That Reminds You To Stay Hydrated — And Plays Music

If you have trouble remembering to drink water throughout the day, make sure to give this smart water bottle a try. It glows once every hour as a reminder to take a sip of water, and it's vacuum-insulated so that cold drinks stay chilled for up to 24 hours. Since it's USB-rechargeable and doubles as a speaker, you'll actually want to take it everywhere with you.


The Flower Pots That Water Themselves So You Don't Have To

If your thumb is more black than green, these self-watering planters pretty much do all the work for you. They hold up to 10 days' worth of water so that you can get away with doing the absolute bare minimum, and they're particularly great for any time you're going out of town for a few days.


A Pair Of Flavor-Enhancing Glasses Made From Borosilicate Glass

Pouring hot coffee into a regular glass is an easy way to shatter it — so use these tasting glasses instead. They're made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, and each one is also double-walled so that your drinks stay hot for longer. Most importantly, the flared lip delivers your coffee to the front of your tongue to enhance the flavor.


The Insulated Mug Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Able to keep cold drinks chilled for up to 24 hours or hot drinks warm for up to 12, this insulated mug could be a total game-changer. The inside is made from stainless steel for temperature retention, but it's coated with ceramic to prevent the absorption of flavors — and the tapered lip makes it easy to sip without spills. Get it in black, gray, or white.


A Space-Saving Carousel That Holds Your Favorite Spices

Spice racks can take up a ton of space in your kitchen, whereas this compact spice carousel fits neatly almost anywhere. There are 12 removable spice compartments that you can fill with the spices of your choosing, plus each order also comes with 55 labels.


The Bluetooth Speaker That Can Play Music For Up To 15 Hours

Not only can it play music for up to 15 hours, but this Bluetooth speaker also comes with a waterproof case so that you can use it at the pool with peace of mind. Since it's $21, fits in the palm of your hand, has on-device buttons, and sounds loud and clear, it's really no wonder this one has over 6,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating.


A Padlock That You Can Open Using Your Fingerprint

It's not always easy to remember all the numbers for your padlock (and that's not really all that secure, anyway) so use this fingerprint one instead. You can add up to 15 different fingerprints so that multiple people in your house can use it, plus the rechargeable battery can last for up to 30 days.


The Vertical Power Cube Designed With 4 USB Ports

Bulky plugs easily block the outlets on regular power strips, but this power cube is brilliantly designed. There's an outlet on three sides so that they can't get blocked by large adapters, and the four USB ports mean you don't need to have a power brick to charge your phone.


A Door Stopper That Holds The Door In Both Directions

Unlike regular door stoppers, this one is designed so that it prevents the door from moving in either direction. The non-slip base allows it to work on all types of floors, and one Amazon reviewer even wrote that it's "very easy to use - just needs a little push, and it wedges the door firmly in place."


The Electric Hand Warmer That Doubles As An External Battery

Instead of relying on wasteful disposable hand warmers, try out this electric one. It features three heat settings that reach all the way up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, and it also doubles as an external battery so that you can use it to charge your phone on the go.


A Pair Of Flashlight Gloves That Are Great For DIY Projects

These flashlight gloves are great for DIY projects, fishing trips, camping, hiking, plumbers, joggers, and emergencies. One size is designed to fit most thanks to the Velcro and stretchy fabric, and the super-bright LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours.


The Popcorn Popper That Collapses Down For Easy Storage

If you're looking for an easy way to pop plain kernels in the microwave, look no further than this popping bowl. It's made from food-grade silicone that's completely BPA-free, and it collapses down so that it's easy to tuck away into storage. Get it in over 10 colors and use it to pop, season, and serve in one convenient container.


A Smartphone Docking Station Made From Chic Walnut Wood

Made from super chic, solid walnut wood, this smartphone docking stand is an ultra-classy way to store your phone when you're not using it. There are also pegs where you can keep your keys and watch, plus there's also a slot in the back where you can discreetly stash your wallet.


The Scissors That Make Quick Work Of Chopping Up Herbs

Chopping up herbs can be incredibly tedious, so get it done in seconds by using these herb scissors. The multiple blades are made from high-quality stainless steel that's resistant to rust, plus each order also comes with a comb so that it's easy to clean any stuck-on bits between the blades.


A Tool That Effortlessly Strips The Kernels Off Your Cob

Slicing kernels off the cob with a knife is an easy way to accidentally nick yourself, so keep your hands safe by using this kernel stripper. The stainless steel blades do all the work for you, as they quickly remove the kernels so that you can use them in salsas, salads, or even breads. (This one's also a must-have for people with sensitive teeth or braces.)


The Spiralizer That Lets You Make Delicious Zoodles

If you're looking for a gluten-free, vegetarian, or low-carb alternative to pasta, try making zucchini noodles with this spiralizer. You can also use it to make noodles from sweet potatoes, cucumbers, or even carrots thanks to the sturdy blade, plus the non-slip grip helps keep it secure in your hands.


A Tool That Splits, Pits, And Slices Your Avocados

Preparing an avocado requires multiple utensils — or you could just use this avocado slicer. The blades aren't sharp so that you won't have to worry about cutting yourself, and the pitter is made from durable stainless steel that pulls it out with a quick twist.


The Strainer That Clips Onto The Edge Of Your Pots And Bowls

Since it's much smaller than your average colander, this strainer helps save you space in your kitchen — and its flexible, clip-on design fits on most pots, pans, and bowls. Last but not least, it's completely BPA-free and heat-resistant to handle boiling water and hot oil.


A Bluetooth Remote That Lets You Take Photos From A Distance

You could continue to race against the timer, or you could just use this Bluetooth remote whenever you want to take photos from a distance. It's compatible with nearly every smartphone brand (not including Windows phones), and it has a range of up to 30 feet.


The Tool That Helps Keep Your Pipes Clear — No Chemicals Required

Liquid drain cleaners are frequently made with harsh chemicals, whereas this TubShroom helps prevent your pipes from clogging in the first place. Thanks to its 3-D design, it collects any stray hairs or debris that float its way, but it won't impede the flow of water down your drain — even if it's full.


A Smartphone Car Mount That's Compatible With Nearly Any Phone

Designed to hold practically any type of smartphone, this car mount stays firmly attached to your dashboard using the super-strong suction cup on the bottom. The arm is adjustable so you can tweak it to whatever viewing angle suits you best, plus there's even a free downloadable app that helps you remember where you parked.


The Gummy Vitamins That Are Chock-Full Of Biotin

These GMO-free gummy vitamins are also made without any synthetic colors or artificial sweeteners. They're loaded with biotin that can help stimulate hair and nail growth, plus the added vitamin K is great for your bones. They currently have hundreds of five-star reviews because buyers have seen results within weeks.


An Oversized Sweatshirt Lined With Super-Soft Fleece

Lined with ultra-soft fleece that keeps you warm in the cold weather, this blanket sweatshirt is a super luxurious way to relax at home. The large pocket on the front is great for holding remotes, phones, and more, plus the massive hood helps keep your head warm.


The Smart Notebook That You Can Use Over And Over Again

This smart notebook might just be the last one you ever buy. Due to the coding system, it allows you to upload your notes to iCloud, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more, and when you're done, the pages easily wipe clean with the included microfiber cloth. That way, you can use it over and over again.


A Travel Pillow With A Built-In Support To Keep Your Head Steady

Whereas most travel pillows are stuffed with soft filling or air, this travel pillow is designed with a flexible, built-in support that keeps your head and neck steady. It's also made with super-soft fleece that feels cozy wrapped around your neck, and it's available in three colors: red, gray, or coral.


The Colander Designed To Fit On Your Cans

The next time you want to strain the liquid out of your cans, use this brilliant colander. It's designed specifically to work with cans and jars, and it's great for straining tuna, beans, and vegetables. It'll fit over most standard cans, plus it even snaps onto the rim so that you can flip it over and rinse the contents without spills.


A Tool That Prevents Messy Detergent Detergent

If you're tired of seeing your laundry detergent dripping down your washing machine, use this handy tool to contain the mess. It easily attaches onto any economy-sized liquid detergent bottle, and the platform on the bottom allows you to sit your detergent cup down while you're filling it.


The Smartphone Car Mount That Fits Into Your Cup Holders

Some smartphone car mounts rely on damaging adhesives in order to attach to your dashboard — but not this one. This mount is designed to fit snugly in your cup holder so that there's no chance it'll fall out, and it fits practically any brand of smartphone thanks to the adjustable clamps.


A Gadget That Helps You Do Your Nails Without Any Mess

It's easy to knock over your nail polish while doing your nails, so prevent any accidents with this nail polish holder. The clamps are designed to fit polish bottles of practically any shape or size, plus you can even adjust the angle and tilt of your bottle to make the job easier.


The Wearable Shiatsu Massager With 3 Adjustable Speeds

With three different speeds to choose from, this wearable massager makes it easy to soothe sore, tired muscles after a long day. The eight deep-kneading massage nodes help stimulate blood circulation, plus there's even an extra heat function for those days where you're really feeling tight.


A Smart Device That Lets You Know If Your Garage Door Is Open

Have you ever wondered if you forgot to close the garage? With this smart garage door opener, you can easily use the downloadable app to see if the door is still open — and you can even close it when you're not home. It's designed to work with every major brand of garage door opener, plus you can even receive real-time alerts that tell you when it's been opened.


The Device That Makes Your Stereo Bluetooth-Compatible

If your speakers don't have Bluetooth capability, just upgrade them with this adapter. It has a range of up to 164 feet so that you're not confined to your speakers when you're streaming music, plus setup is incredibly easy — just plug it in, and you're ready to go.


A Blackhead-Removing Vacuum With Results You Can See

Some ingredients found in peels and serums can leave your skin irritated — but this blackhead vacuum uses suction to cleanse your pores. Just place the nozzle over any particularly stubborn blackhead, then choose from five different suction levels to easily remove it. The battery is rechargeable, plus you can physically see the blackheads inside the rims.


The Keyring Chapstick Holder That's Undeniably Cute

On days where the air is extra dry, you don't want to forget your chapstick — so use this adorable sleeve to keep one handy on your keyring. It's made from high-quality neoprene that holds your chapstick with a snug fit, plus (since you'll have four extra) it makes a great addition to any gift bag.


A Pair Of Lace Bands That Help Keep Your Thighs From Chafing

Available in 14 gorgeous colors, simply pop these lace bands around your thighs, and they can help prevent uncomfortable chafing. The non-slip lining on the inside helps stop them from falling down as you move around during the day, and they even look cute underneath shorts.


The Leakproof Underwear That's Water-Resistant

Perfect for days where you're looking for a little added protection, these menstrual panties are incredibly comfortable since they're made with soft bamboo fibers. They're also water-resistant, and each one offers three layers of absorbent fabric in order to prevent leaks.

  • Available sizes: Small - XX-Large


A Cutting Board With A Built-In Sliding Storage Tray

Use the two bonus storage compartments in this cutting board for crackers and cheese during a dinner party, or use them to hold ingredients or food scraps while you're preparing meals. The board itself is made from water-resistant acacia wood, and the compartments easily slide out so that you can wash them if needed.


The Gadget That Takes The Work Out Of Slicing Your Ingredients

Use it for tomatoes, grapes, olives, strawberries, or shrimp, or even use this slicer to cut meat and bread. When you press down on the lid, it holds your ingredients steady so you can prep them in a single slice. The non-slip feet keep it firmly in place so that you don't accidentally slice yourself, and you can adjust the height so that it can accommodate a wide variety of ingredients.


A Tool That Chops Up Garlic In The Blink Of An Eye

Chopping up garlic is tedious at best, so save yourself some time by using this garlic press, which gets the job done with a quick rocking motion. It's made from 100% rust-resistant stainless steel, and you can also use it as a miniature filter to separate egg yolks from the whites.


The Tool That Slices Up Delicious Watermelon

Watermelon isn't the easiest fruit to slice up, so use this tool the next time you want a piece. Simply slide the corer into your halved watermelon, then use the slicing mechanism to chop it up into even cubes. It's great for making gorgeous table displays at dinner parties, plus each order also comes with a melon baller, too.


A Pair Of Racks That Make It Easy To Fill Plastic Baggies

Do your plastic bags collapse on you when you're trying to fill them? These baggy racks are like having a second pair of hands to hold them upright and open. You can also use these racks to dry your bags after washing them, plus the non-slip rubber base helps prevent them from tipping over.


The Chopper That Comes With 7 Interchangeable Blades

This BPA-free vegetable chopper comes with seven interchangeable blades, so you're not limited in how you can cut up your ingredients — dice, chop, julienne, grate, and more. The blades are sharp enough that you can even chop up potatoes, and the clear container collects all your ingredients in one, easy-to-transport place.


An iPhone Case With A Built-In Wallet And Crossbody Strap

Tired of losing your iPhone 11 on a night out? Next time, make sure you pop it into this crossbody case. Not only does the crossbody strap make it almost impossible to lose, but the built-in wallet also has space for up to five credit cards, your ID, and your cash.


The Infinity Scarf With A Convenient Built-In Pocket

Made from super-soft polyester, this infinity scarf sets itself apart from the competition by featuring a convenient, built-in pocket. The pocket is large enough that you can easily stash your phone, passport, or small wallet inside, plus it's available in 14 beautiful colors.


A Set Of Food Containers That Collapse For Easy Storage

Made from ultra-durable silicone that's resistant to odors and bacteria, these food storage containers collapse down to a fraction of their size so that they're easy to tuck away into storage. They're completely BPA-free, plus the lids create a leakproof seal so that you don't have to worry about drippy messes.


Or A Smartphone Car Mount That Clips Onto Your Vent

Universally compatible with practically any type of smartphone, this car mount is incredibly easy to install — just slip it between the air vents in your car, and you're ready to go. It's able to rotate a full 360 degrees so that you can adjust the viewing angle, plus the quick-release button makes it easy to pop your phone in and out.


A Microfiber Spin Mop That Comes With 3 Extra Brush Heads

Not only do you get three extra brush heads with each order of this spin mop, but the brush heads also have a triangular shape that makes it easy to clean in tight corners. The high-quality microfiber is way more absorbent than regular cotton, and the foot pedal lets you spin-wring the mop without getting your hands dirty.


The Hair Dryer Brush That Seriously Speeds Up Drying Time

Those with thin, limp hair and those with thick, curly hair have both called this hair dryer brush "life-changing." It directs hot air between the bristles to both straighten and add volume while you dry. There are three heat settings to choose from so that it's safe for all types of hair, plus the ceramic coating around the barrel helps prevent frizz.


And An Essential Oil Diffuser That Doesn't Require Any Water

Enjoy your favorite essential oils in your car, kitchen, or anywhere else with this super compact diffuser. There's no water required in order for it to work (which makes it great for cramped spaces), plus you can even plug it into USB ports so that you can use it with your computer at the office.

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