50 Unique Gifts For Men Under $50

By Emily Estep
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If you struggle to pick out affordable presents for the men in your life — whether it’s your brothers or your best bros — you're not alone. Finding unique gifts for men under $50 is no easy task, especially if you want to find something that they will really, truly get excited about.

It’s also fairly rare that the men in your life have the same interests: they range from nerdy to the outdoorsy, to the novice bartender all the way to the world traveler, and you want their hobbies to be reflected in your gift-giving choice.

That said, not everyone has an easy-to-buy-for hobby, so it’s sometimes better to go broad with a solid gift that any man could use. Any guy (or person!) could benefit from a tracker that keeps him from losing his keys or from a set of gym towels that somehow resists bad odors. And who wouldn't want a smart plug that lets you turn the lights off without getting out of bed?

I've assembled a list of gifts for men under $50 that is applicable any time of the year. Some will immediately make you think of specific guys who would be delighted to receive them, while others fit perfectly into that category of universally dude-approved. And, best of all, none of them will deplete your wallet.

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