50 Unique Gifts For Men Under $50

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If you struggle to pick out affordable presents for the men in your life — whether it’s your brothers or your best bros — you're not alone. Finding unique gifts for men under $50 is no easy task, especially if you want to find something that they will really, truly get excited about.

It’s also fairly rare that the men in your life have the same interests: they range from nerdy to the outdoorsy, to the novice bartender all the way to the world traveler, and you want their hobbies to be reflected in your gift-giving choice.

That said, not everyone has an easy-to-buy-for hobby, so it’s sometimes better to go broad with a solid gift that any man could use. Any guy (or person!) could benefit from a tracker that keeps him from losing his keys or from a set of gym towels that somehow resists bad odors. And who wouldn't want a smart plug that lets you turn the lights off without getting out of bed?

I've assembled a list of gifts for men under $50 that is applicable any time of the year. Some will immediately make you think of specific guys who would be delighted to receive them, while others fit perfectly into that category of universally dude-approved. And, best of all, none of them will deplete your wallet.

by Emily Estep

1. A Pairing Guide For Any True Beer Connoisseur

Beer Pairing: The Essential Guide From The Pairing Pros, $15, Amazon

This book is the perfect gift for any guy that's truly "into" beer. Treating beer as more than just a party drink, it breaks down the food and beer pairings that work beautifully together. And it goes beyond just teaching the reader about pairing — it also goes into detail about aspects of flavor and how they might be different perceived.


2. The Gloves That Withstand The Hottest Grills

Grill Heat Aid Heat Resistant Grill Gloves, $29, Amazon

These heat-resistant grill gloves are designed to resist temperatures of up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping hands safe from the grill and pretty much any other cooking appliance. They're made of aramid fabric that naturally resists heat to give you peace of mind, making them perfect for outdoor grilling as well as for removing hot trays from the oven. Old fashioned pot holders don't stand a chance.


3. A Shampoo That's Actually Made From Real Beer

Duffy's Brew IPA Craft Beer Shampoo, $20, Amazon

This craft beer shampoo is made with hops, roasted barley, and malt, ingredients that actually offer vitamin B, proteins, minerals, and amino acids — because beer is surprisingly nourishing for hair. It's also sulfate-free, so it won't dry out your scalp, and the formula is 100 percent vegan. The shampoo is rounded out with aloe, acai, and sunflower for bonus hydration and smoothness. (And don't worry, it doesn't make hair smell like beer.)


4. These Plush Gym Towels That Won't Hold Any Stink

Desired Body Fitness Gym Towels, $20 (2 Pack), Amazon

These gym towels are the ideal size for soaking up sweat and protecting gym equipment during a workout, made of lightweight microfiber that stays dry and resists odors. Even stashed in a gym bag over time, these towels won't get smelly. They were also designed without any tags or itchy labels to irritate your skin during a workout. And with a set of two, it's easy to rotate between them, keeping one clean and ready.


5. This Gizmo That Speeds Up Steak Thawing Time

Thaw Claw, $13, Amazon

Using this thawing tool to defrost frozen meats in the sink speeds up the process while also keeping you safe. While its prongs hold the packaged meat in place, its suction cup keeps the meat submerged in water — instead of occasionally floating to the top, which causes uneven defrosting and isn't as sanitary. This way, you can still safely but quickly defrost a steak for dinner even if you forgot to move it from the freezer to the fridge the previous day.


6. This Beanie With A Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

Qshell Bluetooth Beanie, $40, Amazon

This soft acrylic Bluetooth beanie has built-in headphones, so you can keep your head and ears warm without additionally having to manage a pair of earbuds. It hooks up to Bluetooth, so you can use it with your iPhone or any other compatible device, even using it to answer phone calls. The hat has buttons on the side that allow you to play/pause and adjust the volume, and best of all, it's entirely machine-washable once you remove the headphones inside.


7. This Magnetic Wrist Band That's Basically A Helping Hand

Nuts & Bolts Magnetic Wristband, $11, Amazon

This Velcro magnet wristband wraps around your wrist and stays securely in place, with super strong magnets inside that keep screws, scissors, and other small tools attached. It basically acts as a third hand during handyman-type activities, and it prevents you from losing track of small metal pieces. The wristband has a one-size-fits-all design that will work for anyone, made of hardy ballistic polyester to keep it functional and reliable for years.


8. This Leather Passport Holder For Your Favorite Jetsetter

Travel Navigator Leather Passport Holder, $25, Amazon

This leather passport holder will keep your passport safe and easy to access — and holds credit cards, your ID, and some cash, too. This way, everything will be easy to access when you're going through security or customs. The design of the passport holder is also minimal and sleek without sacrificing on quality, so you won't have to worry about valuables slipping out during a busy day at the airport.


9. These Sandalwood Sunglasses That Resist Glare And UV Rays

Viable Harvest Sandalwood Sunglasses, $33, Amazon

Made with 100 percent natural sandalwood frame, these sunglasses are both light and durable. Additionally, the scratch-resistant UV400 polarized lenses reduce glare and help protect your eyes from longterm UV damage. The set also comes with a carrying case and a microfiber cleaning cloth, and the lightly polished frame makes them especially long-lasting.


10. This Kit Of Luxury Blades And A Double-Edged Razor

Shaveology Razor Kit, $30, Amazon

This razor kit comes with a closed-comb, 3-piece stainless steel razor that's designed to offer no resistance at all when shaving — which prevents cuts and eliminates ingrown hairs entirely. It offers the closest shave on the head, face, or anywhere you want to use it, and it'll never rust or tarnish. It also comes with five extra razor blades to replace the initial blade as it begins to dull, a leather blade guard for travel, and a polishing towel to keep the chrome finish shiny.


11. This Simpsons-esque Mug With A Shelf For Your Donut

BigMouth Inc. Donut Hole Mug, $15, Amazon

This sizable mug holds an ample serving of morning coffee or tea, with a "donut hole" compartment that's just the right size for a daily donut (or whatever your snack of choice is). With the ability to hold up to 20 ounces of liquid, you'll be able to really get your caffeine dose, in combination with a donut sugar rush. Pro-tip: you could also use this mug for the ultimate cookies dipped in milk scenario. One reviewer writes: "I meant it more for a gag than a practical gift - but he keeps using it so I'm happy."


12. The Set That Will Please Any Whiskey Lover

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge, $18, Amazon

This whiskey wedge set comes with a whiskey glass and a silicone mold to make a wedge-shaped ice cube that helps to keep liquor cold the entire time you drink it. And because there's so much more surface area on the ice wedge than there would be on small cubes, the ice melts slowly and won't water down the whiskey. The ice mold comes with a silicone cover that prevents spills, and reviewers end up buying multiples to have around.


13. An Elaborate Bar Tool Set For All His Drinking Needs

Buddy Wine And Cocktail Mixing Set, $40, Amazon

Perfect for experts or the novice, this bar set comes with 16 vital stainless steel tools for mixing cocktails and serving wine, including a cobbler shaker, an ice bucket, tongs, a strainer, various pourers, four wine bottle stoppers, and even an e-book with 1,000 drink recipes — in case you aren't already inspired. The set can prepare you for any party or be used casually, and all of the pieces are dishwasher safe and easy to care for.


14. This Tracker For The Guy Who Can't Stop Losing His Keys

TrackR Bravo Tracking Device, $30, Amazon

This tracking device can prevent you from ever losing your phone, your keys, or whatever it is you always tend to misplace, ever again. You attach the device — which is about the size of a coin, to anything you want — and an app will help you locate it if it's up to 100 feet away. And if your phone itself goes missing, you can press a button on the tracking device to make your phone ring, even when it's on silent mode. You can also send them in to replace the batteries for free, and it can even show you where you last had something if it's gone totally missing.


15. A Kit That Offers Complete Care For Your Leather Items

Bickmore Boot Care Kit, $24, Amazon

This boot care kit comes with everything you need to maintain leather boots and shoes for years— with the combination of the three products, you'll remove grime and salt-buildup, rehydrate and polish the leather, and protect it from water and stains. Plus, the kit can be used on anything leather — not just boots — protecting gloves, jackets, furniture, and car interiors in addition to shoes. Reviewers love that it brings old shoes back to life, too.


16. This Outlet That Lets You Turn Things Off/On Without Moving

TP-Link Smart Plug, $25, Amazon

This smart plug pops right into an outlet and is easily connected to your Wi-Fi, instantly making anything you plug into it available through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or the free Kasa app. You can turn devices on and off from wherever you are, and you can also use the smart plug to set up different appliances and lights to a timer. It even has an "Away Mode" to make it look like you are at home when you're out of town, turning your lights on and off in intervals to ward off intruders.


17. This Bamboo Cutting Board That Comes With Easy-Cleaning Mats

Seville Classics Bamboo Cutting Board, $28, Amazon

This cutting board is made entirely of bamboo, which is more durable and sustainable than standard hardwood and won't cause damage to your knives over time. The board comes with seven BPA-free and color-coded mats to use on things like cheese, poultry, and dough — which make for easy cleaning and help prevent cross-contamination. Non-slip silicone feet under the cutting board prevent it from slipping, too, and you can use it as a cheeseboard or serving platter as well.


18. This Pillow Spray That Encourages A Deep And Restful Sleep

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, $27, Amazon

This pillow spray aims to be a natural sleep aid that reduces anxiety, helps you fall asleep, and keeps you in a deep slumber for the most regenerative sleep possible. The formula is made of essential oils and is completely free of synthetic colors or fragrances that could irritate your skin if you spray it on a pillow. According to the product's studies, 97 percent of users slept better than normal with the pillow spray's help, and one reviewer writes: "I spray my pillow once before going to bed, and the scent definitely helps to relax me. It's such a nice treat after a long day."


19. This Pizza Cutter That Isn't Playing Games

Fred Pizza Boss 3000 Saw Wheel, $13, Amazon

This hardy pizza cutter is shaped like a circular saw, making you feel like a carpenter whenever you go to town on a pizza. The stainless steel blade cuts right through any pie, and the handle is made of high-grade plastic, making this a durable tool that will last for years. The pizza cutter also comes with a removable shield that makes cleaning a breeze, and it's dishwasher safe.


20. This Organizing Pouch To Keep A Messy Man In Check

G.U.S. 2-Sided Organizing Pouch, $25, Amazon

This organizing pouch is ideal for anyone who has a messy desk or just prefers to keep their life streamlined. It has two sides, each with 11 compartments of various sizes, to keep cords and small objects like flash drives, charging adapters, and small devices organized. Because you can see right into the pouch, you'll always be able to find what you're looking for quickly, and it even comes with labels to help you differentiate between similar-looking cords.


21. This Pen That's Actually The Ultimate Self-Defense Tool

Direct Self-Defense Pen, $20, Amazon

Despite appearances, this is no ordinary pen. It's a high-quality, tactical self-defense pen, with a long list of uses that could come in handy on a daily basis — or could really save the day in an emergency situation. The pen includes a glass breaker, an LED flashlight, a ballpoint pen, a wrench, a bottle opener, a screwdriver, and way more stuff. It's the ultimate tool for survivalists or anyone who likes to wow people at parties. It's TSA-approved, and the flashlight should last over 200 hours.


22. A DIY Kit That Shows You How To Make Gin

The Homemade Gin Kit, $48, Amazon

All you need is a bottle of vodka and this homemade gin kit to make your own, unique gin flavor. The kit comes with two bottles, a stainless steel strainer, a stainless steel funnel, a tin of juniper berries, a hardy amount of a "secret" botanical blend, and instructions. And once you're hooked on gin-making, you can order refill flavors in "smokey" or "spiced" blends. One reviewer writes: "It's a unique, fun gift that's great for anyone who loves gin martinis."


23. This Tower-Shaped Power Strip With Bonus USB Ports

Bestten Charging Station Tower, $29, Amazon

This power strip charging tower is a must-have for anyone who has way too many electronics to charge or plug in under work desks, next to televisions, or behind gaming stations. It includes four USB ports that speedily charge devices, and also has six outlets with built-in surge protection that are carefully placed around the tower. This way, there's room for those big, awkward plugs that cover too much space on standard power strips.


24. This Boar Bristle Brush And Wood Comb For Beard Styling

Grow A Beard Brush And Comb Set, $13, Amazon

This beard maintenance set comes with a boar bristle brush and a wooden comb that are both pocket-sized — so they're perfect for daily use or just to travel with. The set is designed to clean out a beard while also massaging the hairs, which stimulates oil production and keeps the skin underneath healthy. The brushes also reduce static and keep beard hairs from damaging or breaking off. Plus, you can use the brush and comb on a beard that's wet or dry without causing damage.


25. A Memory Foam Travel Pillow With An Attached Hood

Hoodie Travel Pillow, $25, Amazon

Packed with memory foam, wrapped in velvet, and attached to a hoodie, this travel pillow adds some comfort and privacy to your commute. The memory foam inside the pillow was designed with just the right density to eliminate tension around the neck and shoulders, which eliminates soreness. It's ideal for use on a plane, but you can stash it in your bag and use it anywhere — and the cover is antibacterial and repels dust mites and mold.


26. A Travel Iron That Will Fix Your Collar Anywhere

Collar Perfect Travel Iron, $35, Amazon

This travel iron stashes neatly into your luggage so you can ensure a crisp, perfect collar when you're on the road. It has six heat settings, depending on just how wrinkled your collar is, and a flip-out wing design that allows the machine to prop itself up so you can use it anywhere. Of course, you can also use the travel iron to straighten up cuffs, smooth between buttons, and universally get rid of clothing wrinkles.


27. This Toilet Paper Holder With A Convenient Shelf Attached

APL Toilet Paper Holder Shelf, $25, Amazon

Equipped with an attached shelf, this toilet paper holder is so genius that you'll wonder how you never thought of it. The shelf offers the perfect amount of space to set down a cell phone, a package of flushable wipes, an extra toilet paper roll, or some reading materials. It's made of rust-resistant stainless steel — so it will last for years without losing its luster — and the toilet paper holder comes with everything you need to install it on your own.


28. A Travel Bag That Compresses Your Clothes For You

Rolo Adventures Portable Roll-Up Travel Bag, $45, Amazon

This roll-up travel bag raises the bar for luggage, with three large sections perfectly divvied out to organize your tops, bottoms, and socks/underwear — and once it's packed, you can roll it up to compress everything inside, making it an easy way to pack your carry-on luggage. When you want to access your stuff, the travel bag has a metal hook, so you can hang it right up in your hotel closet.


29. These Man Candles That Burn Smoothly For Hours

Old Factory Candles Man Cave Candles, $29, Amazon

This set of three candles comes in scents like mahogany — and they're ideal for classing up a man cave or freshening up a bachelor pad. They're made of soy wax which burns slowly and evenly, allowing you to get a ton of use out of each candle, and the cotton wicks are easy to trim after each burn. Combined, this set of candles should provide about 80 or so hours of burn time.


30. This Wi-Fi Extender That Can Improve Your Internet Speed

NETGEAR N300 Wi-Fi Range Extender, $30, Amazon

This Wi-Fi range extender plugs right into the wall and can extend Wi-Fi by up to 300 Mbps with external antennas that improve Internet performance. It works with any standard router or gateway, and it even has an ethernet port on the bottom for convenient use. In areas where the Internet is slow, this extender can make a huge difference for Wi-Fi strength on devices like smartphones, gaming systems, and laptops.


31. This Backpack With A Security System And Charging Port

Mancro Anti-Theft USB Charging Backpack, $26, Amazon

This backpack is made of water repellant material, has a theft-proof combination lock, and even comes with a USB charging port that allows you to charge your phone throughout the day. It's designed to hold any laptop under 17 inches, and to stay comfortably on your back without weighing down your shoulders. Inside, it has three main compartments and nine small compartments for supreme organization. It's lightweight and perfect for travel or school.


32. A Smart Notebook That's Reusable

Rocketbook Everlast Smart Notebook, $30, Amazon

This notebook is infinitely reusable, with 36 pages that can be wiped clean when you're done with them. Though you have to use a writing instrument from the Pilot Frixion line, you can upload any page of notes to Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, and a few other popular storage services, so none of your work ever goes to waste. You will never need to buy another notebook again.


33. This Grooming Kit That Has Five Different Trimmers

Sminiker Hair Grooming Kit, $28, Amazon

This grooming kit has everything you could ever need, and it's all totally waterproof. The kit includes a full trimmer, a detail trimmer, a nose trimmer, a beard and mustache trimmer, and a stubble comb — so it's easy to remove hair from anywhere on the body. And while the smallest trimmer is safe and easy to use in your ears or nose, the larger trimmer also has a turbo mode to work on hair types that are thicker or longer.


34. This Blender That Makes Single-Serve Shakes

Comfee Personal Blender, $30, Amazon

This personal blender allows you to blend a perfectly-sized single serve smoothie right into a to-go bottle — just remove the blades and replace it with the travel lid. The blender comes with two BPA-free blending bottles and two reusable travel lids, so you won't have to wash the same container in between every use. That said, the bottles and lids are dishwasher safe. Best of all, the blades are stainless steel and able to blend up frozen fruit and ice with ease.


35. This Bottle Opener That's Faster Than Your Faithful Keychain

HQY Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener, $11, Amazon

These bottle openers work by pressing it down right on the bottle, and the top magically pops off. They're also magnetic, so they'll hold onto the bottle cap so that it doesn't fall onto the ground. They're faster than any other bottle opener, especially wall-hanging manual openers, and they don't even bend the caps upon opening — a bonus feature for cap collectors.


36. This Shiatsu Massager That Can Be Applied Anywhere On The Body

Shiatsu Massager, $36, Amazon

This versatile shiatsu massager has eight kneading nodes that dig down to relieve tension in sore and tight muscles, with optional heat to really loosen things up. Its clever design allows you to apply the massager anywhere, from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your feet. And since it's portable and lightweight — it weighs less than five pounds — you can use it at home, at the gym, or even at the office. It's great for anyone recovering from injury or a particularly difficult workout.


37. These Wireless Headphones That Will Change Your Gym Game

AYL Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, $29, Amazon

These wireless headphones connect to your smartphone or device via Bluetooth — meaning no more cords in the way of your workout or to get stuck on a door handle as you walk past. They also have an impressive noise cancellation function that makes music crystal clear, and you can use the headphones to take calls. Best of all, these headphones are sweat-proof, waterproof, and have about seven hours of battery on a single charge.


38. This Meat Thermometer That Gives You A Near-Instant Read

Lavatools Instant Read Meat Thermometer, $25, Amazon

With more than 3,500 excellent Amazon reviews, this instant read thermometer lets you get an immediate reading when you're cooking meat, so you can grill a steak to your desired temperature and other proteins to a safe temperature. It responds in a few seconds with incredible accuracy, and has a large screen allowing you to clearly see the determined temperature. You can use it to take the temp on anything up to 500 degrees, it's magnetic to easily stick on the fridge, and is antimicrobial to prevent contamination from raw foods.


39. This Motorized Tie Rack With LED Lights

Primode Motorized Tie Rack, $33, Amazon

This motorized tie rack is a must-have for any man who takes pride in his tie collection, automatically rotating at the touch of a button so that every tie (up to 72) can be seen in its full glory, with built-in LED lights for ultimately visibility. Of course, you could use it for belts too, or really any other accessory. The tie rack comes with everything you need to set it up, whether you want to hang it or pair it with wired shelving. One reviewer writes: "Absolutely the BEST tie rack I’ve ever owned."


40. This Flask That Holds A Shot Glass In Its Side

BarMe Shot Flask, $20, Amazon

The Shot Flask is as simple as it is elegant, consisting of a flask with a hole in the side for a collapsible shot glass, so you can pour yourself a shot wherever you go. It even comes with a funnel to aid you in the perfect pour. The flask itself holds up to eight ounces of liquor, while the shot glass measures out a 2-ounce shot. Finally, the stainless steel construction of the entire set means it will never rust. Reviewers like that the shot glass is easy to twist on and secure.


41. These Heated Socks That Are Perfect For Outdoor Activities

Lectra Electric Heated Socks, $30, Amazon

For those who always have cold feet, these heated socks keep them nice and toasty no matter how cold it is where you are. They're designed to keep your feet warm — not hot — and are also surprisingly breathable and comfortable. These socks get their power from easily-replaceable batteries.


42. This Beard Apron That Keeps Facial Hair Trimmings In Check

Beard Apron, $12, Amazon

This beard apron can save your sink from becoming a mess of trimmings. All you do is wrap one end comfortably around your neck and suction cup the other end to the mirror, and it will catch all the tiny hairs you usually leave behind when trimming facial hair. When you're done, the cape makes it simple to easily pour the trimmings right into the trash — making clean up a breeze.


43. An Essential Oil Diffuser That Switches Between LED Colors

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser, $30, Amazon

This essential oil diffuser can cover an area of up to 30 square meters, and you can put it on a timer for one hour, three hours, six hours — or just to run continuously. With just water, it can be a humidifier that helps you sleep and breathe easier in drier climates, and you could put in a relaxing essential oil and turn it into a diffuser. You can also choose between seven LED light colors to fit the mood, it's got automatic shut-off, and can last up to ten hours.


44. A Cozy Memory Foam Pillow That Has Cooling Gel On One Side

Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow, $28, Amazon

This pillow has memory foam on one side and a cool gel pad on the other, so it's the ultimate pillow no matter how warm or cold you are. While the memory foam contours to your shape to keep you cozy, the cool gel side maintains a lower temperature to keep you comfortable when it's a bit too hot in your room. Plus, it's hypoallergenic cover is removable and machine washable, and disperses temperatures evenly to keep you your preferred temperature all night.


45. This Emergency Radio That Can Be Charged Via Solar Or Hand Crank

iRonsnow Solar Hand Crank Radio, $23, Amazon

A must-have for anyone who puts thought into emergency prep, this hand crank radio has an AM/FM radio, a 3-LED flashlight, and even a cell phone charger. The radio can be charged either by the sun or by a hand crank, so you won't have to worry about its battery dying when the power is out. You can also charge it via micro USB, and the entire thing weighs less than one pound. One minute of the hand cranking provides 30 minute of light and five minutes of radio time.


46. This Alarm Clock That Simulates The Sunrise To Wake You Up

AMIR Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, $30, Amazon

This alarm clock simulates a sunrise about 30 minutes before it's time for you to wake up — it's a more natural way to wake up with the "sun," which is especially great for those that wake up at unusual hours. That said, it also offers a variety of "natural" alarm sounds to make your morning a bit more peaceful. You can also switch it between multiple light modes when you're awake: a reading light, a night light, and a normal light. It also has some different colored light modes, and can be charged with any USB port.


47. This Deodorizer That Can Freshen Up Any Gym Bag

Meister Crown Gym Bag Deodorizer, $10, Amazon

To get this deodorizer to work, just toss in your gym bag, your car, or wherever it's needed, and it naturally absorbs all the stink, replacing it with an aroma of cedar chips or fresh linens. Because it lies flat, you'll be able to find space for the deodorizer in even the most crowded bags of gear, and you'll be happy to find that it even extends the lifespan of your stuff by keeping it dry. It's made from high-quality flannel and is meant to last a long time.


48. This Cold Brew Coffee Maker That's Super Easy To Use

Bean Envy Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $27, Amazon

Perfect for those that love a smoother brew, this cold brew coffee maker makes a revitalizing cold brew that's way less acidic than traditional iced or hot coffee, with concentrated flavor that makes your coffee taste bolder than ever. It's easy to use, too. All you do is pour in ground coffee, add water, and let it brew for 12 to 24 hours. When you're done with it, the coffee maker is also easy to clean, with a simple water rinse that does the trick thanks to a top-notch filter. It's also got a non-slip silicone base, and fits easily into fridges.


49. This Knife Sharpener That Can Be Used Electronically Or Manually

KitchenIQ Knife Sharpener, $25, Amazon

This knife sharpener plugs into a standard outlet and has blade guides to hold your knives at the correct sharpening angle, while it does all the work for you. You can also use it to manually sharpen knives, if you so desire, with a rubber handle that gives you extra control and will prevent you from slipping. By keeping knives sharp, you can significantly extend their lifespan and are less likely to cut yourself when chopping up food.


50. A Mold That Makes Perfect Ice Spheres For Whiskey And More

Whiskey Rounders Sphere Ice Mold, $25, Amazon

This ice mold makes six, huge ice spheres at once, perfect for tossing in a glass of whiskey or your liquor of choice. The ice sphere will keep your drink cold without you having to navigate around a bunch of ice cubes, and because the surface area is larger on one giant sphere, the ice will melt more slowly. The mold is silicone so it's easy to pop out the ice, and it won't spill in your fridge.

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