50 Weird But Awesome Things On Amazon Under $15


So many things in life can be a struggle. From cleaning the house to cooking your favorite meal, some routines are necessary but can be hard to find time for when you're busy every day. Luckily, there's stuff out there designed to make life a bit easier, and some of those weird but awesome things are on Amazon for less than $15.

These products come from every category: Whether you're shopping for skincare masks or massage balls, you can target your search to find things that are not only in your budget, but come highly rated from other shoppers. It's Amazon's way of giving you a sneak peek at how a product really performs IRL.

Some of these items under $15 are designed to make ordinary tasks like cleaning your countertops quicker to get through. Others are simply perfect if you're looking to indulge in a little you time. One thing that all the things on this list have in common, though? They're cheap AF. So while you might spend now if you stock up on things like oven rack protectors and a tool for mashing potatoes, in the end it's a small price for the pleasure of having more time later to focus on the things that truly matter to you.


This Cotton Swab Holder That's So Freakin' Adorable

Organizing cotton swabs never looked so cute. This funky holder looks like a lotus flower and is designed to hold up to 30 cotton swabs at once. Thanks to the transparent lid that also comes with this, you can keep dust off your swabs, too. One reviewer writes: "Very cute and practical as well. Holds just enough cotton swabs for my everyday needs."


A Glove That Takes The Stress Out Of Cleaning

Clean literally anything and feel comfortable doing it with this amazing glove. It's basically sorcery: made from special fiber, it's designed to clean surfaces with just water (no cleaner needed!) and dust surfaces with ease. This also dries quickly and reusable for over 2 years — or up to 400 washes.


A Set Of Silicone Oven Mitts To Protect Skin

These little oven mitts can change the way you cook in a big way — because they help keep skin safe from burns while handling hot pots and pans. Heat resistant and available in a variety of colors, these mitts might seem like lobster claws, but they're seriously a game-changer.


This Facial Gel Mask Made With Soothing Black Tea

Moisturize skin and give it an incredible boost of energy in the process with this black tea mask, which is soothing for all skin types. Formulated with antioxidant-rich black tea, this gel mask can help soften skin and bring out a more radiant shine. It can also minimize the appearance of pores, too.


A Set Of Eco-Friendly Glass Straws

Glass drinking straws are an incredibly eco-friendly way to sip in style — and this six-pack of straws is shatter-resistant and BPA-free, too. They're also easier on the teeth than stainless steel, and easier to clean than silicone. They also get rave feedback from reviewers: "These glass straws are the answer I've been looking for. Concerned about the volume of plastic in our environment, I tried metal straws, but they were uncomfortable to use," wrote one.


This Multi-Tool That's Great For Everyday Use

Perfect for camping and other outdoor activities, this mini multi-tool comes with 11 integrated components. You're getting so much for such a small price tag: a wire cutter, folding blade knife, serrated edge knife, metal file, screwdriver, and more. Made from stainless steel, this is also extremely durable and is resistant to rust.


A Way To Make Eggs In A Microwave

Making eggs in a microwave? That might seem ill-advised — but with this little egg boiler, you're four to eight minutes away from breakfast. You can make four hard- or soft-boiled eggs in this, and it's made with both high-quality aluminum and plastic.


These Totally Innovative Coasters You Can Take On The Beach

Take your vacation to the next level with these super-cute coasters that are actually designed for use on the sand. These plastic coasters comes in a range of colors and are designed to fit most drink sizes. Best of all, since you get four in this pack you can share them with your pals.


A Set Of Massaging Insoles For Sore Feet

For tired feet, these massaging insoles are the best solution. Designed to relax your sore muscles and boost blood circulation, these can relieve tension and discomfort in the feet with regular use. They're also helpful in reducing back pain, eliminating unwanted foot odor, and treating lumbar sprains.


These Pouches For Transporting Pills

Never forget your pills again when you use one of these convenient pouches. Designed to fit right in your pocket, they're easy to squeeze open with one hand, but keep pills (or vitamins!) secure and safely inside when closed.


An Utterly Adorable Container For Cleaning Dog Paws

If you have a dog who is always managing to get their paws in something filthy — there's an easier way to take care of it than getting them in the bath. The Mudbuster has silicone bristles that make a deep clean simple: just place water in the container and gently put a paw inside. They'll be clean in no time.


A Smarter Way To Scoop Ice Cream

This scoop has nearly perfect reviews on Amazon, and once you use it, you'll know why: It's made from aluminum and has a non-stick coating that helps soften ice cream up, and opens up in the middle so that it's easier to scoop and drop. "The reviews don't lie, this really is the best ice cream scoop ever," raved one reviewer. "The ice cream rolls into perfect round scoops and slides right out when you let the handles open."


These Twisty Ties That Are So Useful For Organizing

Whether you're trying to store a set of earbuds without tangles, close a chip bag, or mark off where you've finished reading without damaging the pages in your book, these magnetic twist ties are incredibly useful for keeping things organized. Made from silicone and available in a variety of shades, these ties are lightweight and stay in place thanks to the secure magnets on both ends.


A Super Insulating Pair Of Socks

When your feet are cold, only a comfy pair of thermal socks like these can truly do the trick. Soft and fuzzy, these can fit feet up to a size 10.5, and come with an interior lining that's actually better at insulating than fleece. They come in a variety of designs, too.


A Keychain That Sriracha Lovers Need To Have

Tired of going out to eat and never having of your much-loved Sriracha sauce on hand to get the flavor you really crave? Then you need this set of two TSA-approved keychains that are actually made for dispensing and transporting hot sauce of any kind. They're even already secure to a carabiner, so adding them to your keys is easy AF.


A Perfect Way To Get Wings For Days

More than 1,000 reviewers on Amazon absolutely love this set of eyeliner stamps. The reason? They make the impossible actually obtainable: With these long-lasting eyeliner stamps, you can actually get perfect wings that not only come out looking amazing, but will last the whole night long too. Each pack comes with a stamp for your left eye and for your right eye.


This Spray For Relieving Muscle Aches

For muscle aches and other types of discomfort, this pain relieving spray is a real game-changer. Reviewers say that it can help provide immediate relief from arthritis-related problems, and applies easily to give sore muscles and joints comfort. The cooling menthol is soothing, and the spray has herbal ingredients like aloe, arnica, green tea, and calendula — but remains relatively odorless.


A Way To Seal In Freshness With Your Leftovers

Create an air-tight seal over your leftovers with these suction lids — which work on a variety of materials like plastic, glass, melamine, and more. These FDA-approved lids are made from BPA-free silicone, and reviewers note that they're safe to use in the microwave.


This Popcorn Seasoning Set For An Even Tastier Snack

Add a little something extra to your next batch of popcorn with one of the scrumptious flavors included in this seasoning set. This comes with eight different ones to choose from, including white cheddar, kettle corn, caramel corn, and more. These certified gluten-free and kosher spices — and they're great for veggies, pasta, and more, too.


An Ingenious Way To Divide Your Plate Up

Great for children and fussy eaters who want to keep runny food from touching each other, these BPA-free dividers suction to a plate and fit half a cup of food each. "These are great! They suction to the plate so well you can lift the plate with them but all you have to do is lift the corner and they pop loose," wrote one reviewer.


This Eye Gel That Can Help Eliminate Dark Under-Eye Circles

Formulated with a powerful blend of vitamin C, vitamin E, and fruits to help boost collagen production, this eye cream can help make the delicate skin under your eyes softer than ever. "I’ve always had problems with under eye circles ... This product has completely transformed my eyes," raved one reviewer.


A Pack Of Reusable Cotton Pads

Remove all your makeup with ease and go green in the process with these reusable makeup pads, which are great for a full week's worth of morning and nighttime cosmetic routines: and then you can just throw them in the wash and start all over again. This pack of 16 pads can be used in conjunction with toners, micellar waters, makeup removers, and more.


This Muscle Roller That Can Help With Cramping And Tightness

This incredible muscle roller can really help alleviate tension and get rid of knots pre- or post-workout. It's fitted with an anti-slip handle, and can help hit all the spots on your body that are otherwise hard to reach for a better, more satisfying massage. Over time, it can also help increase both your flexibility and endurance.


An Eyelash Brush With A Pretty Rhinestone Handle

You can separate eyelashes and use this two-pack of brushes to ensure mascara spreads easily with this portable option. It comes with a durable aluminum tube and an ergonomic handle decorated with rhinestones, and it definitely doubles as an eyebrow spoolie.


This Bluetooth Receiver You Can Use In The Car Or At Home

This receiver has a wireless audio stream, connecting all your existing devices with ease: Connect two devices simultaneously at home or in your car, and you can answer phones without having to use your hands. This is also good for 13 hours of talk and playback, and can run for up to 720 hours on standby from a single charge.


A Better Way To Wash Your Dishes

Scrub dishes with ease using these soft silicone gloves. Not only do they protect you from heat and soaps that dry out hands over time, these BPA-free gloves also have a scrubber right on the palm, making a quick wash extra-simple. Since these gloves are also naturally heat-resistant, they're great for kitchen cleaning too.


This Stick That Actually Seasons Cast Iron For You

Cooking with cast iron can ensure your meals turn out great — but actually caring for cast iron skillets can be a hassle, especially over time. Not so with this seasoning stick: It takes all the guesswork out of caring for cast iron, and helps with daily maintenance plus regular seasoning. One reviewer writes: "The skillet was heading toward the trash before I tried Crisbee. To maintain is a breeze. Love it!"


A Roasting Rack For Easier, Healthier Cooking

Cooking with this silicone roasting rack serves two really great functions: It elevates meat, fish, and vegetables so that food cooks at a faster rate, and it prevents food from sticking to the pan and burning. This can also fit a variety of roasting pan sizes and shapes, so you can use it with virtually anything.


This Set Of Mini Lanterns That Are Great To Have On Outdoor Trips

This set of two mini camping lanterns can help to easily shine a light during any outdoor adventure. Made with a special two-in-one design, these lanterns are fully adjustable and cast 360-degree shine. Additionally, they also come with a portable hook that makes them easy to hang.


A Foaming Eyelid Cleanser For Immediate Relief

Reviewers have nothing but great things to say about this foaming eyelid cleanser, which works to help get rid of oil, debris, pollen, and other harmful irritants from the eyelids. Because of that, it can be terrific for alleviating symptoms from blepharitis to psoriasis and more. "I used to get psoriasis flare-ups on my eyelids and other parts of my body. With some research I discovered this product from Ocusoft," wrote one reviewer. "It works really well to gently deflake the scales and is not irritating."


This Lip Treatment For A Softer Smooch

For incredibly dry lips, this restorative sleeping mask for your mouth could be the ultimate way to get softer skin — worn overnight, it hydrates chapped lips. Worn during the day, it adds a nice shine and a light wash of color. "HOLY GRAIL lip product," raved one reviewer. "Seriously, my lips have never looked better."


This Pain-Free Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hairs

If you choose to groom your facial hair, then you know it can be a literal pain to manage — but fortunately, that's what is so great about this hair removal tool. Built to gently remove peach fuzz to reveal smooth, radiant skin, this tool can help keep thicker hair from growing in and is smooth enough for everyday use. The container is also roughly the size of lip gloss, so you can carry it around with you as needed.


This Coconut Oil Serum For Seriously Dry Hair

If your hair is naturally dry or it's been color-treated, consider this coconut oil serum to be your new favorite thing ever. Made with certified organic, extra-virgin, fair trade coconut and monoi oils, this lightweight serum polishes and moisturizes — all while adding some great high-definition gloss. Using this, you can tame frizz almost immediately, and since this come with two, you're getting plenty of value for your dollar too.


A Strain-Free Way To Open Beer Bottles

Pop the top off a bottle of beer with ease using this innovative magnet bottle popper. Compact and simple to use, it has a no wrist twist design that makes it good for those with carpal tunnel or arthritis. It also comes with a catcher for caps and is small enough to take everywhere.


This Plastic Scraper That's Useful For Household And Automotive Cleaning Projects

Got gunk on your countertops that you just can't seem to get out? Are you frustrated because grime has set in between tiles and nothing you do will get it out? Spare your nails the hassle and save time in the process with this scraper. It won't scratch surfaces but can help get dried food, wax, grime, adhesive labels, and other unwanted stuff off your floors, walls, and everywhere in between.


A Light That's Made Just For Your Purse

Instead of wasting time rummaging through a bag to find what you need, you'll want to try this motion-activated purse light. It comes equipped with an intelligent sensor that turns on when it detects an approaching object —and you can clip it right inside your bag. It turns off automatically, too.


This Tool That Can Help Keep Your Skin Feeling More Refreshed

Give your complexion the extra boost of vibrancy that it needs with this weird but brilliant beauty tool. The sharp-but-not-painful .25-millimeter needles make small "cuts" that don't hurt or penetrate living layers, only dead skin. It helps plump up skin and assists serums and moisturizers from sinking into the skin better. "My skin feels great! I was convinced that it was going to be painful but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't hurt at all," described one reviewer.


This Carbonated Clay Mask For The Ultimate Self-Care Ritual

For smoother, softer skin, this carbonated bubble mask is your new best friend. Using natural white kaolin clay, this mask gently exfoliates skin, while charcoal helps to detoxify skin and get rid of impurities, including bacteria and set-in grime. This bubble mask also bubbles up on your face — which is not only fun, but works to clean out pores, too.


A Hanging Toiletry Bag For Easier Travel

This folding toiletry bag is an instantly useful travel companion. It comes with 10 pockets, which help keep everything neat — and seven of the pockets are adjustable and ideal for storing everything from cosmetics to jewelry. Best of all, since the bags are made with see-through plastic, you won't have to rummage around to find what you need on a trip.


A Faster Way To Strip Leafy Greens

Take all your herbs and leafy greens off their stems in mere moments using this unbelievably convenient stripper. Its insert-and-pull functionality makes it extra-simple to use, and makes meal prep a breeze.


A Sponge That's Specially Designed To Clean Glass

Perfect for tall glasses or bottle, this layered sponge can leave things sparkling clear with just one pass. Made with a bamboo handle, the thick and rounded sponge works especially well on wine glasses and helps to remove lipstick marks seamlessly. It's also designed to stand upright to dry faster than an ordinary sponge.


A Blanket You Can Take With You Anywhere

No matter where you go, having a blanket on hand can help to make you feel more comfortable and at ease — and it's one of the big reasons why this portable blanket is such a good find. Sand- and water-resistant, this blanket adapts to all kinds of outdoor conditions, plus it comes with corner pockets and four stakes to help hold it down in any kind of weather.


This Tea Infuser That'll Sink Right Into Your Favorite Cup

This little tea infuser is shaped just like a yellow submarine — and provides an easy way to make loose leaf tea without spilling the leaves everywhere. It's made of food-grade silicone that is safe to use in even boiling water.


A Key Holder That's Perfect For Anyone Forgetful

This magnetic key holder can add a unique vibe to your home's decor, since it's actually made to look just like a fluffy cloud. Unlike other holders that need to be hooked or hung in place, this stays put thanks to powerful magnets, so it's actually incredibly easy to install and shockingly powerful — and it means you won't forget your keys anymore.


This Clever Device For Making Homemade Salad Dressing

Put a fun twist on salad dressing and make a recipe all your own using the Prepara Dressing Whiz, which comes with an easy-to-fill container that has a total capacity of about 8 ounces. For you, that means you can make lots of different types of dressings, marinades, or vinaigrettes — all with the push of a button. This also comes with a non-drip spout and tight cap, so everything seals well in place.


A Cushion For Better Lumbar Support

The benefits of a good cushion that delivers lumbar support are vast, and this one is a fantastically affordable option. That's because it's ergonomically-designed and made with ultra-breathable mesh, which helps to keep sweat and moisture away. It comes with a flexible strap that helps to keep the cushion secure, even as you move around. Another advantage to using this contoured cushion? It's specially designed to help alleviate chronic and acute pain from muscle aches and general discomfort.


A Way To Give Relief To Sore And Knotted Muscles

If you're struggling with sore muscles and you just can't get any relief, these therapy massage balls can help hit all those hard to reach spots. Reviewers say these balls can be a great investment for those with plantar fasciitis and chronic muscle pain, and since it also comes with a mesh bag, they're super easy to transport.


This Wireless Charger For Your Smartphone

Compatible with most Android and iPhone models — including the iPhone X — this wireless charger can be incredibly useful to have, especially if you're traveling. It's designed with indicator lights that show when it's in use, as well as temperature control technology, so your phone won't overheat while charging.


A Potato Masher That Folds Away For Better Storage

"My favorite of this masher is that it folds down so it doesn't take up lots of drawer space," wrote one reviewer of this folding potato masher. Thanks to its stainless steel shaft and locking collar, it stays in place when in use. When you're all done, this nylon masher can be adjusted for better, more compact storage, which is a big reason why reviewers love it so much.


This Expandable Trivet To Keep Hot Dishes Off Counters

Got a hot dish? Putting it on a bare counter or tabletop could — unless you have a silicone trivet like this, that is. It's also resistant to heat up to 464 degrees Fahrenheit and folds away easily for better storage.

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