51 Clever & Useful Gifts With Extremely High Ratings On Amazon

When it’s time to go gift shopping, there’s little reason to go to the mall anymore — why would you, when you have 24/7/365 access to the bevy of choices that Amazon offers, like these clever gifts with tons of reviews.

Surely I’m not alone in having received a useful gift that I’ve gotten a lot of...well...use out of. Alternately, I've also received a gift that’s awesome but has zero function whatsoever, like that clever tchotchke that’s either an executive toy or a piece of coffee table décor — I’m not going to elucidate further here for fear of incriminating you well-intentioned gift-givers out there.

The real sweet spot lies in combining the best of form and function, like a Dutch oven from Amazon Basics that’s legit so pretty I leave it out on my counter all the time. It’s a dupe of a fancy French brand but costs about a quarter of the price. There’s a professional nail care kit that’s so fancy-looking it could totally live in South Beach. There's also a blanket that functions as a sweatshirt because this list has something for everyone.

Amazon reviewers just flat won't lead you astray. I'd invite you over and show you the proof, but you're gonna be too busy shopping for your friends and family in a few minutes. Let this list be your guide and get going.


The Pillowcases That Keep Hair And Skin Smooth

Available in 16 colors, these pillowcases are crafted from 100% polyester satin with a smooth finish that reduce friction to keep both hair and skin soft and smooth overnight. The unique envelope closure keeps the pillow inside the case so there's no wrestling around in the bed, and they're easy to get on and off. Durable and made to last, they're also machine-washable for easy care.


An Instant-Read Meat Thermometer For A Perfect Cook

Engineered with a stainless steel probe, this thermometer provides professional-quality precision for the home kitchen with a temperature range of -58 degrees to 572 Fahrenheit. It's suitable for use with everything from ice cream to meats to candy, and its accuracy is matched only by its ease of use. It's battery-operated for flexible use throughout the kitchen and outside while grilling, too.


A Frother For Coffee Or Cocktail Aficionados

Its handheld cordless operation makes this frother super-convenient to use, while its quiet-yet-efficient motor generates rich, thick foam whether it's for coffee or cocktails. Available in seven colors to match every kitchen or coffee bar décor, it's made from premium materials — including food-grade stainless steel in the dual spring spiral whisk to ensure that it's long-lasting and durable. This handy little appliance is great for shakes and smoothies, too.


This Bag Makes A Perfect Gift For The Green Living Enthusiast

You've given them silicone you're wondering where to go next. Get them this silicone storage bag that has a half-gallon capacity for food storage that's endlessly renewable and so much more Earth-friendly than the disposable alternatives. Also useful for sous vide, this BPA-, PVC-, and latex-free bag has a pinch-lock seal to keep all air out of food or whatever is inside.


These Good Old Thermoses Are Now Available In A Variety Of Sleek New Styles

Thermoses have been around for more than a century, but this cold-keeping version is so perfect for gift-giving because it looks so modern and futuristic. Available in 29 styles — including the cartoon-licensed versions you've loved forever as well as sleek monochromatic versions that are ideal for both work and play — it incorporates vacuum temperature retention to keep your water or other icy chilled drink cool. It incorporates a pop-up straw with a convenient carrying handle for use on-the-go.


These Gel Pillows Cradle Sleepers In Plush Comfort

Having good pillows is a real treat for anyone, and these pillows are deliciously comfortable, built as they are out of gel fiber that holds its shape even during active sleep. Queen-sized for extra space, they're chemical-free and hypoallergenic, resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites. The cover is crafted from 100% cotton and the entire pillow is washable for long-lasting use.


This Egg Cooker Makes Up To 6 Eggs In Minutes

Gadget lovers and anyone with a packed schedule will delight in this egg cooker that makes breakfast — and in fact, any egg dish — a snap. Its simple countertop design features one-button operation and a timer that permits the cooking of soft-, medium-, and hard-boiled eggs. This gadget can also whip up poached or scrambled eggs as well as individual omelets, and is available in five colors.


The Gadget That Keeps Your Tub Unplugged

The design of this gadget is what makes it fun — shaped like a mushroom, its function is to keep your tub clear of hair and other goop from the shower and the bath. An award-winning, patented design, it wraps hair around the "stem" of its fungus-like structure so that it can be easily removed. It works on any standard 1.5-inch bathtub drain, and can be used on sink drains, too.


The Plentiful Pockets In This Organizer Make It A Versatile Hit

Designed to accommodate shoes, this organizer features 24 sturdy see-through pockets. It's fitted with four stainless steel grommets and hooks that will fit over any standard-size door to display the contents for easy access. While obviously it will house all but the largest shoes, it's also ideal for organizing snacks or spices on the back of a pantry door, keeping them in easy reach of little — and larger — hands, as well as straightening up craft and office accessories, and much, much more.


This Knife Sharpener Has Two Stages To Hone All Kinds Of Blades

Compact for easy use in the smallest of galley kitchens or project spaces or even for use at the campsite, this knife sharpener features two edges to accommodate every sharpening task necessary. Carbide blades lay down coarse strokes, while ceramic roads finely detail for precision cutting, and the two can be used separately or in combination. It's fitted with a non-slip base for safety while in use.


I Am So In Love With This Dutch Oven And It's Perfect For Gifts

As an exact dupe for the fancy French brand that's less than a quarter of the cost, this Dutch oven would be a winner even if it were only meh. But it's so, so much more: Not only is it gorgeous, but its heavy-duty cast iron performs just like its lofty look-alike. Available in four hues and three sizes, this one is truly a win for the cook on your list.


These Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Are Chic Almost By Accident

Okay, so these mixing bowls are very much the definition of utility players. Their spare lines and construction from stainless steel that's not only ultra-durable and functional — but they're also downright gorgeous with a brushed finish that makes them statement pieces in any kitchen. There's no end to the superlatives: These staples have all the bells and whistles like flat bases and measurement markings, and they'll last next to forever and are good for almost every task.


The Unique Sweatshirt-Blanket Hybrid That Suits Everyone

Crafted from plush microfiber that's faced with sheepy "sherpa" fabric, this unique garment that's half blanket, half sweatshirt is a must-have for anyone who gets cold (or likes to be cozy). Its one-size-fits-most design takes the guesswork out of buying, and it's crafted just like your favorite high school hoodie, complete with a kangaroo front pocket for keeping those hands warm. Available in 18 colors and styles so there's one right for everyone, it's machine-washable for easy cleaning.


This Knife Set Covers All The Bases

With five knives featuring stainless steel blades for the ultimate in carving precision, this knife set is full-featured for every chore around the kitchen. Encompassing everything from a paring knife to a chef's knife and everything in between, the knives are laser-finished and come with an acrylic stand for easy and safe storage. Also accompanying the set is a dual-blade sharpener to ensure that the knives stay in top shape on an ongoing basis.


A Full-Featured Bakeware Set For Every Home Cook's Needs

It's impossible to have too much bakeware, especially when it's as good-looking and full-featured as this 4-piece set crafted from heavy gauge steel. Designed by beloved kitchen icon Rachael Ray, finishing touches include rolled edges and heat-resistant silicone grips for easy retrieval from a hot oven. The pans come in a stylish brown/green color combo and are completely non-stick inside and out for easy cleaning.


An Instant Breakfast Sandwich Maker That's Sure To Be A Hit

There's no need to fire up the stove or dirty a bunch of pots and pans to make breakfast with this convenient appliance on hand. It has the capacity to cook an entire egg, meat, and cheese sandwich all at once — complete with the user's choice of carb — in just five minutes. Available in a double version as well, it lends itself to customization — add veggies, salsa, other toppings — and is the perfect addition for small kitchens and hassled families.


This Cold Brew Pot Is Ideal For Coffee Lovers

Behind the clean, modern lines of this cold brew coffee maker is an ultra-efficient brewing system thoughtfully crafted from shatterproof borosilicate glass and finished with an airtight lid and a silicone handle for easy pouring. With its 1-quart capacity, the BPA-free carafe is also equipped an ultra-fine stainless steel filter for the smoothest of brews. It's dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, too.


Soups, Purées, Baby Food — Gift Them All With This Immersion Blender

With nearly 1,400 reviews on Amazon totaling 4.3-stars, this handheld blender has clearly become a superstar in a lot of kitchens. The reasons why are obvious: It features an 8-inch blending arm equipped with an S-shaped stainless steel blade, and the rotor is powered by a two-speed motor that churns out everything from chunky salsa to silky smooth baby food with ease. The arm is removable for easy cleaning, and the unit is accompanied by a BPA-free blending cup that makes smoothies and shakes just that much easier.


This Appliance Makes Shakes And Smoothies Simple

With its high-powered 600-watt motor and refined nutrient-extraction blades, this blender set is just what the fitness enthusiast needs in the kitchen for all those protein drinks, shakes, and smoothies. It has all the accoutrements, including a 24-ounce cup, an 18-ounce cup, a handled cup, and two resealable cup lids, which together permit the ultimate in flexibility for blending, consumption on-the-go, and storage. All plastic is BPA-free for safety, and everything except the motor and the rotor blades are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


This Cordless Vacuum Is So Easy To Use For Quick Clean-Up

With a lithium ion battery that holds a charge for up to 18 months, this cordless vacuum remains in always-ready mode, always available and so easy to use for quick clean-up. It has plenty of suction power for all but the largest challenges and a robust storage capacity of greater than 20 ounces, so it's both capable and versatile. A bagless dirt receptacle makes it easy to monitor and to empty.


This Air Purifier Is Whisper-Quiet

With ultra-quiet operation that allows even children to sleep peacefully at night, this air purifier is an asset in any home and is equipped with a HEPA filter that removes not just odors but even the smallest allergens and particulate matter from the air so families can breathe easy. The night light feature provides an extra level of comfort and also enables the unit to be seen in a dark room for overnight adjustment. It has three wind speeds to enable customized filtering — depending on the environment and user need.


A High-Volume Humidifier Keeps Skin And Lungs Moist During Dry Winter Months

Perfect for use throughout the house, this humidifier is ideally suited for use during the winter months when drying heat is on throughout the house. Its large, 2.4-liter capacity means it can run uninterrupted for up to 24 hours, and it's BPA-free and operates very quietly, so it's right at home in the nursery, too. An optional blue night light casts a soothing watery glow.


This Stylish Travel Pillow Is Made From Memory Foam

Almost reminiscent of boxing or baseball gloves, this travel pillow is crafted from memory foam and engineered with a smart, ergonomic design that cradles the head and neck in comfort in a variety of ways. It's fitted with a sliding rope lock that ensures it stays put how it's positioned for optimum relaxation. A soft fabric cover that's machine-washable makes keeping this accessory good as new a simple task.


24.The Gadget That's So Versatile For A Variety Of Food Prep Chores

Avid cooks will love this device that comes equipped with seven inserts including not only with two chopping blades but also two spiralizer blades, a juicer, an egg separator, and a slicer. Heck, this unit even comes with a handheld peeler to prep your fruits and veg before they're ready to go in this little wonder. The BPA-free plastic base has a robust capacity that will even allow for dishes like salsa to be made right inside without a single other piece of equipment needed.


The Spray That Eliminates Bathroom Odors When And Before They Hit The Water

Put an end to objectionable odors in the bathroom with this spray that isolates the bacteria that cause the stink and encapsulates them both above and below the water's surface. This citrusy fragrance features a blend of natural botanicals including lemon, bergamot and lemongrass natural essential oils to dissolve the smell the natural way. Its all-natural formula is terrific throughout the home, like in diaper pails or to disguise pet or cooking odors.


These Sheets Got Raves From An Eye-Popping 63K Reviewers

With 4.4-stars from more than 62,500 reviewers, these sheets easily top the leaderboard for the most highly-reviewed product on Amazon — that I've ever seen anyway. What makes them special? Made from brushed microfiber, the consensus seems to be their softness: So soft, in fact, that "...your sheets GIVE YOU A HUG all through the night," wrote one reviewer. Available in 41 colors and styles, with this many reviews, you just about can't go wrong.


For The Stiletto Lover Or The Athlete In Your Life, There's This Foot Balm

Whether they're an inveterate wearer of high heels and always complaining about the pain their latest skyscraperish acquisition is causing their feet, or an elite athlete running, jogging, or walking their way to glory, this foot balm makes a great treat. Incorporating vitamin A and C to nourish and restore dry, irritated skin, this preparation is made from plant-based ingredients to minimize inflammation. Its long-lasting formula provides a non-greasy barrier that will help them stay on their feet a little longer.


This Naturally-Occurring Lava Stone Provides Gentle Exfoliation For Dry, Cracked Skin

For gentle yet efficient exfoliation of dry, cracked heels and smoothing away calluses, this pumice crafted from natural lava stone is a time-honored solution. Though we traditionally think of a pumice stone's use as being strictly for feet, it's also useful when elbows get to that dry, cracked point — as well as when used gently on weatherbeaten hands. In fact, used all over, it leaves skin fresh and rosy. It's a great all-purpose treat.


The Foot-Peeling Mask That Gives Baby-Soft Results In Just 2 Weeks

Beauty lovers will really kick up their heels for this foot treat: It's a pair of foot masks loaded into plastic booties that — after a 60 to 90-minute treatment — reset the user's feet into baby soft over a period of one to two weeks during a period of skin sloughing that's intensive but well worth it. Made with fruit acids, this peel is much less irritating than its competitors, and can be used every two months or so for a touch up.


Hyaluronic Acid Is The Featured Ingredient In These K-Beauty Face Masks

Made with hyaluronic acid to flood the skin with rejuvenating hydration, these masks from K-beauty brand Ebanel are sure to be a hit with the discerning beauty maven. The masks are also packed with stem cell plant extracts, peptides, and collagen to enliven the complexion while improving skin's texture and elasticity. They're paraben-, sulfate-, oil-, and alcohol-free so you can be sensitive to loved ones' skin, and they're cruelty-free so you can be sensitive to our animal friends, too.


A Stylish Beanie That Keeps The Warmth In When It's Cold

Crafted from premium acrylic yarn into a chunky cable knit that keeps out the chill in all but the coldest winter months, this beanie has that trademark stylish slouch they'll love. Popular and fashionable for both everyday wear and bundling up to go outdoors, this hat is one size fits most to accommodate just about all adult heads and comes in 21 colors and styles to go with just about everything. Reviewers rave that it's breathable, not itchy, and doesn't even cause hat hair.


An Aesthetically-Pleasing Foot File

While the laser plating on this file ensures that it's both water- and corrosion-proof, don't you think it also makes its golden color look glamorous as heck? Buy one to gift in an upmarket pedicure kit: It's ideal for soothing ravaged soles, with its double-sided grater and ergonomic handle.


With Five Heat Levels, This Straightening Brush Styles And Smooths At The Same Time

Suitable for all types of hair thanks to its five heat levels that range from 266 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, this straightening brush is a double threat, providing even warmth to smooth hair while styling. A ceramic heating component delivers damage-free styling and helps seal the cuticle of the hair to leave it manageable and shiny. With a 360-degree swivel cord, it's easy to use, and it heats quickly to get the user out the door quickly.


This Rich Hand Cream Works So Well When Skin Is Parched

Crafted with 20% shea butter, this hand cream provides the ultimate in soothing relief from L'Occitane, a trusted name in hand and body care since 1976. The shea butter is blended with honey, almond extract, and coconut oil to make a rich and nourishing blend that moisturizes dry skin and leaves hands protected without greasy residue.


This Foot Soak Is Thoroughly Revitalizing

Great for athletes and anyone who works on their feet, this foot soak is built around a base of epsom salt which draws out the body's toxins and helps relax overtired muscles and tendons to assist in relaxation. Epsom and sea salts are blended with eucalyptus, peppermint, cajuput camphor, rosemary, lavender, and tea tree essential oils to deodorize and revitalize the feet and provide a deeply therapeutic treatment. In addition to being great for overall renewal and rejuvenation, this soak can help heal many common foot ailments.


The Nail Care Kit That's Both Stylish And Full-Featured

With 12 pieces that come in a convenient zip-up case, this nail kit is so full-featured it would be at home in any professional manicurist's bag. The rose gold case is ultra-stylish both for home and travel use, and it's small enough to throw in a purse or a backpack — or a stocking. Crafted from high-quality steel, these tools are meant to last.


This Mask Uses Mineral-Packed Mud From The Sea

Full of skin-renewing minerals like sodium and magnesium, this mask is formulated with 100% natural mud, along with aloe vera, chamomile extract, and sunflower seed and jojoba oils. It provides a nourishing and exfoliating treatment as it cleanses and soothes the skin. The result is a radiant complexion that's left smooth and glowing.


A Body Oil Made With Vitamin E

Formulated specifically for use by mothers to gently moisturize irritated and stretched skin during pregnancy, this soothing oil is a blend of almond and lemon oils and vitamin E to deeply hydrate and deliver relief. Not only does it deliver emollient moisture, but it also locks it in to the skin for continued soothing and smoothing over subsequent hours. It's free from phthalates, parabens, and petrolatum, too.


This Blowdryer Is Fantastic For Smooth, Shiny Tresses

Generating negative ions to make hair smooth and shiny while drying, this hair dryer is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a new one that's both powerful and dependable. Its sleek black matte finish encloses a professional salon-strength motor with five settings, including two cold settings to give that French girl polish at the end of the styling routine. Plus, it comes with a diffuser, a concentrator, and a comb, for true styling versatility while drying.


A Scalp Gadget That Gives A Truly Delightful Massage

Available in four colors, this massager is made with soft silicone bristles to administer a soothing yet invigorating treatment to the scalp, mimicking the one you get from your stylist at the salon. It's so delightful, though, that users might just decide to branch out and use it all over, and its design that promotes increased circulation and assuages itchiness can be used to exfoliate and invigorate the skin all over.


A Brilliant Eyeliner Pen For Perfect Wings

This water- and smudge-proof eyeliner is double-sided for the perfect application — the felt tip end is perfect for lining the eyes, and the stamp on the other side (one pen is included for the left eye and one for the right) gives you an easy wing without all the guesswork. This pen is a hit with novices and experts alike.


A Primer That Upgrades Your Regular Mascara

For extra-glam lashes without falsies, try out this primer: swipe it on before applying your favorite mascara for thicker lashes. One reviewer wrote: "This voluminous primer works! A MUST BUY FOR MASCARA USERS!!!!"


A Facial Steamer That Turns Your Bathroom Into A Spa

This nano steamer takes only 30 seconds to get working — and when it does, it turns water into nano-particles that provide a continuous mist to your face for 10 minutes. It helps dry skin get in some more hydration, opens up pores for more effective serum and mask application, and increases circulation. It'll shut off automatically when it runs out of water, so no worries about this overheating.


A Cleansing Tool That Relies On Sonic Vibrations

This sonic cleansing brush has four vibrating modes for an incredibly deep clean and is made from silicone, so you'll never have to worry about bacteria lingering on the brush. The magnetic base makes for easy charging — but you can use it up to 80 times before it needs to be recharged. Use it on the face or body for everything from a regular cleanse to a massage-like exfoliation.


A Mirror With Lights And Magnification

This mirror has three lighting modes and 10x magnification — use it for easy makeup application, tweezing, or getting those contact lenses in. It comes with a suction cup for easy mounting in a bathroom, and has a 360-degree rotating base so you can adjust it to your exact liking.


The Brush Set That Does It All

This highly-reviewed, beloved brush set has 16 different brushes — and they cover everything from foundation, contour, eyeliner, and even a mascara comb. They're synthetic fibers, so they work with cream, liquid, or powder products. Thousands of reviewers wrote these are a great buy.


A Measuring Cup And Spoon Set That's Collapsible

This eight-piece set of measuring cups and spoons have your typical measurements (from 1-tablespoon to 1-cup) but have a truly awesome feature — they collapse flat. This can help you save major space in your kitchen drawers, and also helps get those stickier ingredients like honey out with ease.


The Perfect Gift For The Avid Runner

If you or someone you're giving a gift to is an avid runner, cyclist, or hiker, they might love this hydration backpack: it weights only 1-pound, holds 2 liters of water that'll stay cold for four hours (and is easily accessible by the included straw), and is extremely durable. The extra pockets make holding your essentials a breeze.


These Egg Poaching Cups For Easy Dinner Parties

Make poached eggs with ease — perfect for a brunch party — in these silicone egg cups. Just crack an egg inside them, add to boiling water, and you're good to go. Use it to steam vegetables or make chocolate molds, too.


A Dish Drying Rack That Goes Over The Sink

If you have a small kitchen, you know how dish racks can take up way too much space — solve this issue with this drying rack. It fits right over the sink and because it's heat-resistant, you can use it for a number of other uses: try it as a trivet, a cooling rack for baked goods, or as a colander.

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