51 Things That Are Genius AF On Amazon

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The definition of "genius" is always going to differ from shopper to shopper. For instance, a techie or a chef may not appreciate the newest innovations in beauty or self-care, and vice versa — but the most genius AF products on Amazon all have one thing in common: No matter your favorite shopping subcategory, they're all designed to make your life significantly easier.

Think about all the products you already own that you couldn't live without: If you use and appreciate them on a daily basis, they're likely made for practicality above all else. (You probably wouldn't call a product "genius" if it sat on your shelf and didn't do anything — no matter how pretty it was to look at.)

For the most part, Amazon reviewers think similarly; when something streamlines their routine, enhances their quality of life, or genuinely improves their living space, they're the most likely to refer to it one of the most brilliant products they own.

So whether you're in the market for life-changing household essentials, the newest, coolest technology, or the current front-runners in health and beauty, reviewers say these 52 products are some of the most brilliant buys — all because they genuinely improve their lives on a regular basis.

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