53 Incredibly Popular & Affordable Gifts With 2-Day Shipping From Amazon

There are two things that can put a real damper on the gift-giving spirt: looking at your checking account when you're on a pretty tight budget, and checking the calendar when you need to buy a present ASAP. I'm here to help you solve dilemmas like those, which is why I'm presenting to you the affordable gifts on Amazon that are guaranteed to arrive on your doorstep in two days flat (without breaking the bank).

From cooking supplies to beauty and self-care products, you'll find it all here. In other words, you won't have to click around on a bunch of websites to find presents for everyone on your list. Plus, knowing that these selections will all arrive on time will majorly cut down on the shopping-induced stress. After all, ordering gifts that your friends and family members will love is a true joy — but having them delivered in a timely manner will make the process even better.

And if you haven't signed up for Amazon Prime yet (aka the program that makes extra-fast shipping possible) — there's no time like the present. Two-day shipping is available year-round, so you can always get what you need whenever you need it.


This Essential Oil Diffuser That Emits Soothing Light

Fill your home with the relaxing scent of lavender or the invigorating fragrance of lemongrass with this essential oil diffuser. The diffuser — which also emits a soothing light — boasts 14 LED color options and can be set on a timer to shut off after one, three, or six hours. The mist will also moisturize dry air, so the diffuser can double as a humidifier.


A Flexible Travel Pillow That Supports Your Head In Different Positions

This unique memory foam travel pillow can be configured into all kinds of angles so you can get a good night's sleep on the plane. Shape it into an "S" to lean your head against the window, put it behind your lower back for lumbar support, or simply wrap the pillow around your neck and snap the two ends together for classic neck support.


The Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket That Folds Up Like A Purse

Measuring in at 5-by-5 feet, this striped picnic blanket is big enough for several people — but it rolls up small when you're not using it. Even better: The throw uses Velcro to stay closed, and it features a carrying handle for easy portability. It's machine-washable and water-resistant, so it's perfect for beach outings and picnics in the park (even on wet grass).


This Kit That Helps You Make Your Own Hot Sauce At Home

For your friend who aways turns up the heat in the kitchen, there's this hot sauce-making kit. The package comes with all the ingredients needed to make seven bottles of hot sauce from various peppers, along with recipe cards, glass containers, and even pH strips. Apparently, all of the peppers are sourced from a family farm in Boulder, Colorado.


A Wraparound Ice Pack That Helps Relieve Headache Pain

A must-have for anyone who deals with migraines or tension headaches, this headache hat is filled with 24 individually wrapped ice cubes that deliver cooling relief to your entire head. The wraparound hat is made from soft and stretchy micro-fleece and spandex for a comfortable fit, and it even covers eyes to block out light.


This USB-Rechargeable Hand Warmer That Works For 6 Hours

I know: This looks like a computer mouse, but it's actually a USB-rechargeable hand warmer. The ergonomically-designed warmer fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and features five heat settings that provide warmth for up to six hours. It's perfect for outdoor adventurers and those who work in offices where the air conditioning is always on.


The Popcorn Popper With A Removable Butter-Melting Tray

Cue up the latest blockbuster and pour some kernels into this popcorn maker to cook up to 16 cups of popcorn with just the touch of a button. It uses hot air (instead of oil) to pop kernels, and there's a removable butter-melting tray on top so you can add some extra flavor after your snack is ready. Choose from three colors: white, red, and aqua.


This Color-Changing Light Bulb That Connects To Your Phone

Sync this smart lightbulb to a corresponding app on your phone, and you can turn the light on and off from anywhere you want. (It's great way to deter potential intruders while you're away.) You can also set the bulb on a schedule, adjust the color, or sync it to a smart home hub and use voice control to turn it on and off when you're in the room.


A Kettle That Adjusts Steeping Time Based On Which Tea You're Brewing

This electric kettle has a built-in infuser, and it features programmable settings that adjust the steeping time based on what type of tea you're making. (There's even a setting for French press coffee!) Made from stainless steel and heat-resistant glass, it boils up to six cups of water at a time and automatically shuts off after boiling.


This Bluetooth Speaker With An Impressive 4.9-Star Rating

With an astonishingly high 4.9-star rating, reviewers have claimed that this Bluetooth speaker is a "masterpiece" and "the best Bluetooth speaker I've ever owned." It delivers powerful bass and high-fidelity, distortion-free sound (even at high volumes), and the 100-foot range means you can wander away with your phone without a pause in the music. The speaker also features a built-in microphone for answering calls and an auxiliary port, so you can listen to music with non-Bluetooth enabled devices.


These Padded Headphones With A High-Quality Speaker System

These studio-grade headphones are perfect for DJs or anyone else who places a premium on sound quality. The powerful 50-millimeter speaker delivers impressive music reproduction, and the padded ear cups can swivel 180 degrees. The pair is adaptor-free, and it can be folded up so you can easily travel with it.


The Touchscreen-Compatible Winter Gloves With Silicone Grips

Hefty winter gloves and mittens can significantly cut down on your dexterity, but these sleek-and-slim winter gloves can keep your hands warm while still giving your fingers a full range of movement. The windproof gloves are lined in fleece, and they feature silicone grips on the palms. There are even touchscreen-compatible tips on the thumbs and index fingers, so you can be on your phone while wearing them.


A Shiatsu Massager With Arm Slings To Keep It In Place

Slip your arms through the slings of this shiatsu massager to keep it in place while you rejuvenate your muscles. The massager is outfitted with eight bi-directional massage heads, three intensity settings, and a heat option. There's also a safety feature that automatically shuts the device off, and it's been approved by the FDA.


A Light-Up Makeup Mirror With 3 Levels Of Magnification

The soft LED lights framing this makeup mirror replicate natural daylight, so you can easily apply your makeup inside. The unit is brightness- and angle-adjustable, while the fold-out panels offer three different magnifications. You can buy the mirror in either black or rose gold, both of which can be powered by a USB cord or batteries.


This Set Of 24 Makeup Brushes That'll Have You Totally Covered

A full set of cruelty-free makeup brushes is the ultimate gift for the beauty expert in your life. This set comes with 24 brushes for eyeshadow, eyeliner, brows, and lashes. There are also brushes for applying and blending foundation, blush, powder, and bronzer. The synthetic bristles are soft and dense, so they can effortlessly apply makeup with minimal fallout (and without absorbing pigment).


This Waffle Maker That Lets You Dictate The Crispiness

Get the maple syrup out and put this waffle maker to work. The brushed stainless steel appliance features non-stick plates that make one large waffle with four fluffy sections. The maker is BPA-free — and the five browning settings let you choose just how golden and crisp you want your waffle to be.


An Unbreakable Wine Glass That's Made With Stainless Steel

Sip your sauvignon blanc from this double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel wine tumbler to keep it cool until the very last drop. The 12-ounce tumbler is virtually unbreakable — and it comes with a tight-fitting lid, so it's perfect for backyard or poolside drinking. Choose from colors like coral, silver, hot pink, and blue sparkle.


This Cozy Sweatshirt That Can Be Used As A Blanket

This oversized blanket sweatshirt — which is accurately called "THE COMFY" — is made from velvety microfiber, and it's lined with cozy polyester sherpa. The wearable blanket also features a hood to keep your head warm, along with a front kangaroo pocket for more storage. It's available in several colors and patterns like burgundy, black, teal, and leopard print — and customers have given it a 4.8-star rating.


A Handheld Frother To Help You Make Lattes At Home

Concoct your own lattes and cappuccinos at home with this handheld, battery-operated milk frother. The stainless steel spiral whisk is impressive, as it creates foam in just 15 to 20 seconds with the push of a button. You can also use the frother to blend cocktails or whip up fluffy scrambled eggs. The coffee accessory comes in three shades: black, red, and silver.


These Phone Camera Lenses That'll Make You Feel Like A Pro Photographer

Upgrade your phone photography game with this set of phone camera lenses. The package comes with two telephoto lenses, a fisheye lens, a macro lens, a wide-angle lens, a lens clip, a tripod, and a Bluetooth-compatible shutter remote. Each lens can clip directly onto your phone — and they're all compatible with iPhone, Android, and Samsung smartphones devices.


The Karaoke Microphone With Its Own Built-In Speaker

This Bluetooth karaoke microphone syncs to a karaoke app and features a built-in speaker that amplifies the music and your voice as you belt out your favorite tunes. Use the control panel to play or pause songs, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and control the echo. The microphone is available in colors like gold, rose gold, space gray, and purple.


A Totally Adjustable Laptop Stand That You Can Use In Bed

Five height settings and angle adjustability make this laptop stand one of the most versatile out there. The stand features a soft wrist rest, clips that secure your laptop in place, and legs that fold down for easy storage. It works well on tables and desks, but it's also sturdy enough to use when you're sitting on the couch or relaxing in bed.


This Knit Beanie With Built-In Bluetooth Headphones

Keep your ears warm while you listen to your favorite podcast with this Bluetooth beanie. The knit hat features built-in speakers, a microphone, and a control panel so you can play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust the volume. It has a 33-foot Bluetooth range and provides four hours of sound on one charge.


A Mug Warmer That Keeps Your Coffee And Tea Hot

If you know someone who's too busy to get to that cup of coffee before it gets cold, there's this ingenious mug warmer. It plugs right into the wall and features a heating plate that keeps coffee piping hot until the last sip. You can also use it to keep tea, cocoa, and soup warm.


This Laptop Backpack That Keeps Your Electronics Safe

Keep your computer safe while you trek around town with this vintage-inspired laptop backpack. The fold-over flap buckles closed to deter potential pickpockets, while the built-in USB charging port lets you power up on-the-go. The backpack also has a roomy main compartment and smaller zippered pockets for notebooks, pens, keys, and your wallet.


A Spy-Themed Word Game That's "Loads Of Fun," According To Reviewers

Reviewers have written that this super highly-rated party game is "loads of fun" and "packed full of laughs, inside jokes and challenges." To win the spy-themed game, your team has to make contact with all your secret agents by correctly guessing the words on the board that are most closely associated with the clue your spymaster gives you, all while managing to outwit the other team.


This Amber Lightbulb Filled With Himalayan Salt Crystals

This totally unique lightbulb is filled with natural Himalayan salt crystals that give off a warm amber glow when illuminated. The indoor LED bulb is compatible with any light fixture, but I recommend going lampshade-free to show it off.


The Inverted Umbrella That Keeps You Drier Than A Regular One

Keep yourself dry while walking inside from the rain with this brilliant inverted umbrella that folds up instead of down to avoid drips and splashes. It opens and closes automatically at the push of a button, and the C-shaped handle can be looped around your wrist to free up your hands. Choose from dozens of patterns and color combinations.


This S'mores Maker For Tabletop Marshmallow Roasting

Thanks to this s'mores maker, you don't have to rely on a campfire or fireplace to roast marshmallows. Just put all your s'mores making supplies in the surrounding compartments, activate the heat, and then place the roasting screen on top to protect your hands (and marshmallows) from the flame. It even comes with two roasting forks so you're not left searching for one.


A Cocktail Kit So You Can Make An Old Fashioned Anywhere

Make the perfect old fashioned on airplanes, in hotel rooms, and on camping trips with this portable cocktail kit. Minus the whiskey, the small tin comes with all the ingredients needed to make six old fashioned mixed drinks: orange zest, sugar cubes, bitters, a mixing spoon, and linen coasters. This is a great gift for any cocktail-loving frequent flyer.


This Set Of Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives In Sleek Matte Black

Give the cook in your life this gorgeous kitchen knife set in matte black. It comes with five knives made from scratch-proof, laser-finished stainless steel: a chef's knife, a bread knife, a carving knife, a utility knife, and a paring knife. The set also comes with a dual sharpener and a clear acrylic stand for storage.


A Ring That Holds Your Nail Polish Bottle For Home Manicures

Paint your nails anywhere with this nail polish bottle holder ring that stabilizes the bottle while you paint. The double ring loops are open on the bottom, so you can lift the holder directly up and place it on the other hand without ruining your fresh manicure. Made from flexible silicone, the holder is compatible with polish bottles of all shapes and sizes. It also comes in fun colors like peach fuzz, pastel taffy, and sea glass blue.


This Hot Dog Toaster That Even Warms Up The Bread

Make hot dogs without firing up the grill with this pop-up hot dog toaster. It makes up to two hot dogs at once and features adjustable toasting settings, a drip tray, and tongs so you don't burn your fingers while removing the snacks. The toaster comes in two colors: aqua and red.


The Portable Charger That Detects Which Device You're Using

Never leave home without this miniature portable charger that can power up your phone whenever you need extra battery. It can deliver a full charge to your cell, and it'll automatically detect which device you have to optimize the charging speed. Choose from bright colors like rose red, green, and blue.


A Fitness Tracker That Can Also Find Your Phone

Strap this fitness tracker onto your wrist and keep track of your steps, heart rate, and even sleep quality. You can also use the smart watch to control music, set alarms, and receive incoming call notifications. My favorite feature, though, is the "Find Phone" function, which can help you locate your cell whenever you misplace it.


This Scrubbing Pad That Deeply Exfoliates Your Feet

Suction this foot scrubber to your shower floor, apply a little bit of liquid soap, and then run your feet back and forth across the 1,500 flexible bristles to deep-clean and exfoliate your soles. It's a great way to keep your skin soft and smooth — but it's also the perfect way to relax your tired feet after a long day.


The Whimsical Throw Blanket That's Shaped Like A Mermaid Tail

Cozy up in this mermaid blanket to channel your inner Ariel while you watch TV. The crocheted blanket will reach all the way up to your shoulders, and it features wave-like stitching patterns for a nautical look. There's even a bottom fin that fans out to accommodate cold feet. Choose from four colors: mint green, mint blue, peacock blue, and beige with pastel stitching.


An Acupressure Mat That Reduces Stress And Relieves Pain

This acupressure mat is a lot more affordable than daily acupuncture sessions, but it still offers many of the same benefits. Lying on the mat for 20 minutes each day can reduce stress, promote relaxation, and quickly relieve pain caused by headaches, tight muscles, pinched nerves, and sciatica. The mat comes with an accompanying neck pillow for a full body treatment.


This Fluffy Comforter That's Filled With Down Alternative

One reviewer wrote that this comforter is "so soft & silky that I think it's made from fairy dust." The all-season blanket is filled with down alternative and lined with brushed microfiber, complete with quilted box patterns and piped edges. It's also reversible, hypoallergenic, and machine-washable. Plus, the comforter is outfitted with duvet loops at each corner, so you can use it on its own or as an insert. Choose from four color options.


These Colorful Bath Bombs That Leave You With Soft Skin

These moisturizing bath bombs can leave your skin soft and hydrated after a warm soak. Infused with essential oils, the globes can also color your tub water and make it smell like aromatherapeutic fragrances including lavender, black raspberry vanilla, and lemongrass green tea. Each set comes with 12 handcrafted bath bombs that are already set in a gift box.


This Herb-Growing Kit With Organic, Non-GMO Seeds

Aspiring chefs, green thumbs, and dedicated DIYers will love this herb garden kit that helps you grow your own herbs at home. The kit comes with five biodegradable growing pots, soil mix, markers, and seed packets for parsley, thyme, sage, basil, and cilantro. The herbs can be grown either inside or outside, and the seeds are all organic and non-GMO.


A Reusable Notebook That Digitizes Notes And Drawings

Digitize handwritten notes and drawings with this brilliant digital notebook, which is filled with 32 reusable, wipe-clean pages. After writing in the notebook with the included Pilot Frixion pen, scan the pages and send digital versions to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, and more. (You can even send them straight to your email.) Choose from colors like scarlet, black, teal, and midnight blue.


These Seasoning Blends That Add Flavor To Your Grilling Game

Fire up the grill and season burgers, steaks, chicken, fish, and veggies with these flavor-packed grilling spices. Each set comes with five spice blends: Peppered Habanero, Fresh Bay, Grill Master, Smoky Southwest, and Citrus Pepper. The spices are all made with organic, non-GMO ingredients — and Amazon customers have given them 4.6 stars.


These Skincare Products Formulated For Men With Sensitive Skin

This men's toiletry kit from Nivea is stocked with a collection of skincare products formulated with nourishing ingredients to soothe sensitive skin. The kit comes with shave gel, post-shave balm, face wash, body wash, and protective lotion — and each product is conveniently packaged within a travel toiletry bag.


This Multitool That's The Size Of A Credit Card

For the person who always likes to be prepared, there's this multitool that's compact enough to fit inside a wallet. About the size of a credit card, the tool is outfitted with a can opener, a bottle opener, a toothpick, a tiny compass, tweezers, and a sharp serrated knife that can be secured and locked inside the tool for safe keeping.


The French Salt Sampler For Extra Flavor In The Kitchen

Calling all Julia Child wannabes: This salt set lets you sample some of the finest French salts, such as Fleur de Sel, French Grey, French Provencal, and two other blends. The package even comes with a tiny wooden spoon for serving.

Want to explore salt beyond France? There are also options for samplers of Himalayan salts, smoky salts, and spicy salts.


A Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle In Museum-Worthy Marble

This marbleized water bottle is vacuum-insulated to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours. The 20-ounce stainless steel container is outfitted with a leakproof lid, so don't worry about spills. There's also a soft carrying strap so you can take it along on hikes. The chic bottle is also available in colors like blue slate and merlot.


This Spice Carousel With Exact Measurement Dispensers

Twist the dial on any of the compartments of this spice carousel to dispense the perfect measurement of cinnamon, nutmeg, or any other spice. The spinning unit comes with 12 removable canisters — and since they're stackable, you can order several and store up to 48 different spices.


A Popcorn Popper Made With Silicone And Heat-Resistant Glass

Forego the use of standard popcorn bags and use this convenient microwave popcorn popper instead. It's made from heat-resistant glass and silicone, and it's outfitted with a lid that doubles as a measuring cup for kernels. The container itself can make a large portion of popcorn in just three minutes without the use of oil (but you can add butter). The popper is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


This Strong Coffee With Notes Of Cherries And Chocolate

This coffee billed as "The World's Strongest" is made from a blend of organic and fair trade Arabica and Robusta beans that are slow-roasted for a caffeinated brew (without the acidity or bitterness). The dark, fresh-roasted coffee has subtle notes of cherry and chocolate for a delicious mug that'll get you going every morning.


A Bamboo Cheese Board With A Secret Drawer For Utensils

This clever cheese board features grooves around the perimeter for crackers, olives, and other accoutrements, along with a secret built-in drawer that houses four stainless steel utensils (including three cheese knives and a fork). The board is made from 100% natural, organically-grown bamboo — and the entire unit has been approved by the FDA.


This Ice Roller That Helps Relieve Headaches

This versatile ice roller can be used for so many things. Glide it over your temples and forehead to relieve headache pain, or roll it over your skin to relieve cooking burns. You can even use it on your complexion to soothe irritation, minimize the appearance of your pores, and reduce under-eye puffiness. Store it inside your freezer and take it out whenever you need some chilly relief.


This Variety Pack Of Korean Sheet Masks With Different Uses

Cover all your skincare bases with this set of Korean sheet masks. Each one is soaked in various powerhouse ingredients that target different skincare needs. There's antioxidant-rich green tea, skin-brightening vitamin C, detoxifying charcoal, and — wait for it — hydrating snail slime.

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