54 Amazing Things You Can Get On Amazon For Under $15

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Things that cost $15 or less: one movie ticket, one fancy cocktail, a chopped salad at the cafe around the corner from your office, and — lucky you — every single one of these Amazon products that are under $15. And unlike movies, drinks, or lunches, these products won't disappear before your very eyes. You'll actually be able to use them again and again, which means you're getting a lot more bang for your 15 bucks than you might've otherwise.

Are you worried that spending less than $15 on a product means you're getting a subpar item? Good, you're a smart shopper. But so am I, which is why I've scoured though the hundreds and thousands of affordable products on Amazon to come up with the very best options for you. These selections are all well-reviewed, inventive, and endlessly practical — because who wants to spend money on something that they won't actually use?

I've included products in every category — beauty, tech, cooking, and self care (aka my personal favorite) — so you're sure to find something here that floats your boat. So what are you waiting for? If you have $15 in your pocket, go ahead and spend it well.

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