55 Best "International Self-Care Day" Tweets That Show Why Taking A Break Is So Important For Mental Health

In recent months, aka in Trump's America, there has been an increased focus on the importance of self-care. What you might not have known is, each year, an entire day is dedicated to this practice: July 24. International Self-Care Day stands as a chance to celebrate and embrace the power of self-care. It is also a time to remind yourself, and each other, of why you should continue to, or begin to, practice self-care. Twitter embraced the day in typical fashion with trending hashtag #InternationalSelfCareDay.

Falling on a Monday, it may feel especially difficult to find the energy or motivation to implement self-care into your life. Personally, I have made many attempts that have taken a wide variety of forms, some finding a way to stick and others failing miserably. To me, and I would assume to others, part of the problem is the inability to commit to doing anything else in my day. The truth is, for me, this is an excuse. I could wake up 10 minutes earlier to get a meditation session in and I am perfectly able to stay off my phone before I go to bed — but it's hard.

Breaking routine and actively doing something good for yourself can be scary. What if you take action and nothing changes? The key is to remember that everyone is different and the type of care you need varies. For me, I've noticed that if I spend my night reading instead of watching Netflix, I mentally feel significantly better. The hardest thing is starting but, before you know it, the change you've made becomes your new routine. Now I can't wait to get back to my latest book. Sure, there are plenty of times I turn to my computer instead, but any self-care is better than no self-care.

Find inspiration in the best hashtag #InternationalSelfCareDay tweets that will remind you how important taking care of your mind and body is.

1Determine What You're Called

2Take A Break

3Make Time For Yourself

4Love Yourself Unconditionally

5Always Be Good To You

6Pat Yourself On The Back

7Be Compassionate To Yourself

8Understand What Self-Care Is

9Use It When Life Gets Hard

10Unplug For Awhile

11Fill Up Your Cup

12Take Care Of Your Home

13Remember, Self-Care Is Not Selfish

14Be Responsible For Your Wellbeing

15Think About What You Need

16Practice Self-Care Every Day Of The Year

20Know Your Opinion Of Yourself Is All That Matters

21Take Good Care Of Every Part Of You

22Get To Know Yourself Better

23Stretch It Out

24Be On Your Own Side

25Discover What Makes It Important For You

26Always Take Care Of Yourself

27Practice Self-Care In Any Way You Can

28Sit Back And Unwind

29Get Some Distance

30Give Yourself The Respect You Give Others

31Decide That Everyday Is Your Day

32Find What Works For You

33Know That Self-Care Is Self Preservation

34Eat Some Great Food

35Spend Time With Your Pets

36Work Towards Feeling Better

37Don't Be Afraid To Say No

38Brush Your Troubles Away

39Remind Yourself Of How Great You're Doing

40Experience The Light That Self-Care Brings

41Take Control Of Your Happiness

42Go To Your Calming Place

43Start Somewhere

44Nourish Yourself

45Know That It's OK To Take Time For Yourself

46Take Simple Actions

47Actually Smell The Roses

48Ask For Help When You Need It

49Care For Yourself, Even When You Don't Want To

50Find Serenity

51Flourish In Your Own Way

52Take Time To Be Alone With Yourself

53Understand That You Are All Of These Things

54Treat Yourself Well

55Repeat Every Day You Can

Self-care is not selfish or weak, it's strong and necessary. Find any little ways you can to implement it into your life. You will thank yourself for it.