58 Dope Things On Amazon Prime That Have A Cult Following

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It's hard to imagine that knife sets and hair brushes could inspire such fanatical enthusiasm, yet scroll through some of Amazon's highest-rated products with a cult following, and you'll be amazed at the thousands of people enthusiastically backing them up. Sure, there are indeed some genius products on Amazon — there are gadgets that de-pit avocados automatically (sold), yoga mats that give you a massage (yes, please), and pillows that run the length of your entire body (OK, get me one now). Still, you wouldn’t think these inanimate objects would inspire the kind of fandom that causes over 8,000 people to become so obsessed they write multi-paragraph reviews that span the full length of the page. But they do — and when they do, it’s worth taking note.

Then again, when you see some of the ingenuity behind these products, it begins to make sense. Some of the products are adored because they're made with exceptional quality. Others solve one of those small but consistently annoying nuisances in life. Others yet, just make your life better. I mean, a spring-loaded device that presses meat into instant hamburgers may sound a little weird, but can anyone argue it doesn't make your life better? For various reasons, each of these items have driven thousands of fans to express their undying devotion.

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