58 Of The Coolest Things With Tons Of 5-Star Reviews On Amazon


Online shopping isn't as easy as it's made out to be. Sure, you get to stay in your pajamas and underwear as you scroll through the virtual shelves — but you don't always know what you're getting yourself into. Sometimes the product you order isn't the same as the one that arrives, or maybe those super-fashionable jeans just don't fit you the same as they fit on the model in the ad you saw online. Luckily, there are tons of Amazon products with near-perfect reviews — which is the evidence you need that you aren't wasting money on a lemon. Can hundreds or thousands of people be wrong? Not when they're raving about a product that they spent their hard-earned money on.

Not only are the products in this slideshow rated super-highly, but they've also got tons of written reviews that you can scour through to ensure that you're getting a quality product at a reasonable price. So whether you're in the market for a glass tumbler that comes with its own protective silicone sleeve, or a handy gadget that turns your old fruit into delicious soft serve, Amazon has the four- and five-star products that everyone and anyone can enjoy.


The Shelf That Conveniently Attaches To The Edge Of Your Bed

Made with a 3.1-inch clamp that can even fit larger beds, the BedShelfie original shelf is made from eco-friendly bamboo and has two wire slots for any charging or power cables. Able to hold up to 15 pounds (so you can easily store your laptop on it), this shelf requires zero tools to assemble and looks great with any existing decor.


A Family-Friendly Card Game Great For Parties And More

Made to be played with four to 10 players, this card game always feels different, no matter how many times you play it Players split up into teams of two and try to get four cards of a kind. Once you have all four cards, you try to covertly signal to your partner that you have a winning hand — if your partner figures it out you get a point, but if your opponent picks up on your signal, they get a point.


The Cold Brew Coffee That's Certified USDA Organic

Designed to be turned into cold brew, this Bizzy coffee is 100 percent USDA organic and made with Arabica beans sourced ethically from Peru and Nicaragua. The coarse grind on these coffee beans help ensure that the flavor is smooth and consistent, plus many Amazon reviewers noted how the flavor is "strong, but not bitter, and it does not wire me up or upset my stomach."


A Moisturizing Beauty Oil Made With Jojoba Seed

Great for giving dry skin or hair a boost of hydration, the Weleda beauty oil uses Jojoba seed as well as almond oil to quickly absorb and leave you feeling refreshed. This beauty oil has a light rose scent that isn't overpowering, and there are zero synthetic preservatives, fragrances, or colors in the formula.


The Device That Sanitizes Your Phone Using UV Light

While it's marketed as a way to rid your phone of germs, you can also use the Phonesoap cell phone sanitizer on anything that fits in the case — including jewelry, watches, and more. The powerful UV light eliminates 99.99 percent of germs and bacteria, plus there are two charging ports on the back so you can power your phone while it's being cleaned.


The Pan That Gives You A Crispy Edge On Every Brownie

The Baker's Edge brownie pan is covered in a non-stick coating for easy clean-up, and the heavy gauge cast aluminum construction makes it impressively durable as well. However, it's not just a sturdy pan — Able to fit an entire standard box mix without any adjustments, it adds two chewy edges to each brownie, and the entire design is one continuous chamber so that the batter distributes evenly throughout.


An Infinity Pillow Made With Soft Bamboo Fabric

Wrap it around yourself to help you sleep during a long flight, or use the Huzi infinity pillow to provide you with extra support when you're laying around at home. This pillow is made with 55 percent soft bamboo fabric — along with layers of plush microfiber — and it's also antibacterial as well as machine-washable. One reviewer writes: "Cool but yet warm, snuggly, adaptable in so many ways and positions! Oh, how I love this Infinity Pillow! I used it for 2 five and a half hour flights, just got home and don’t want to even try to sleep without it."


The Gadget That Lets You Make Homemade Juice In Seconds

With an 800-watt motor that can turn beets, carrots, kale, and more into smooth juice concoctions within seconds, the Hamilton Beach electric juicer has an extra-large pulp bin so you can make multiple batches at once. The removable parts in this juicer are also dishwasher-safe so that clean-up is easy, and the entire design is BPA-free. The large mouth also means less chopping and prepping for you.


The Camping Lantern With Four Different Lighting Modes

With four different lighting modes to choose from (including daylight white, warm white, and flashing), this lantern is great for outdoor activities — it's water-resistant and runs on three D batteries, so need to charge. The metal handle on the top makes it easy to transport this lantern wherever you go, and the 350-degree beam angle provides you with light from all angles.


An Exfoliating Scrub Made With Real Salt From The Himalayas

Not only does it exfoliate away dead skin cells, but the M3 Naturals Himalayan salt scrub is also chock-full of antioxidants as well as vitamin C, which help detoxify your pores while hydrating your complexion. You can use this scrub all over your body (including your face), and the infused Lychee and almond oils gives this scrub a soft, delicate scent.


The Dryer That's Designed For Your Shoes

The DryGuy air boot dryer dries up to four boots, gloves, or any other garment that'll fit over the drying tubes — and can heat up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit to help eliminate odors, as well as reduce any bacteria or mold growth in your clothes. Each order comes with two removable extension tubes so that you can also dry boots that are up to 16 inches tall, and the rotary blower operates at a whisper-like volume.


An Overnight Lip Mask Made With Moisturizing Shea Butter

All you have to do is apply it before you go to bed, and the ARITAUM overnight lip mask will help smooth and hydrate dry, cracked lips. The shea butter, beeswax, and murumuru butter help lock-in the moisture on your lips so they don't easily get dehydrated, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that badly-chapped lips "were soft and healed overnight!"


The Set Of Produce Bags That Is Completely Biodegradable

Made with natural unbleached cotton that's completely biodegradable, the Colony Co. reusable produce bags are machine-washable and have durable, double-stitched seams to ensure they can handle heavy items. Every bag has a tag that says the tare weight, so that measuring at the grocery store is easy, and each order comes with nine bags: three large, three medium, and three small.


An LED Light That Conveniently Hangs Around Your Neck

Whether you're out jogging in the dark or reading in dim lighting, the MINGER neck light is right up your alley. This convenient LED light is flexible so that you can adjust the angle of the beam however you need, and it can also last for up to 10 hours when fully charged. Each light has three brightness modes to choose from, and the LED bulbs never need to be replaced.


The Essential Oil Diffuser That Runs Almost Completely Silently

Featuring a soft blue LED illumination to help you set the mood in any room, the InstaNatural essential oil diffuser runs almost completely silent, and can operate for up to five hours. Great for your office, bedroom, bathroom, or even a home gym, this diffuser can hold up to 100 milliliters of water and is completely BPA-free.


A Sunscreen Oil That Leaves Your Skin Hydrated And Glowing

Whereas other oils will leave you feeling greasy, the Supergoop! sunscreen oil doesn't leave a slimy residue on your skin, and also delivers a nourishing boost of moisture so you're left looking refreshed even in the heat — all while protecting you against UV rays. The formula absorbs easily into your skin, and the added Meadowfoam is full of skin-healthy antioxidants.


The Handheld Device That Froths Your Milk In Seconds

Keep it at the office for your morning coffee break, or keep the PowerLix handheld milk frother in your backpack so you can enjoy frothy milk at any time. It creates a cup of creamy froth in just 20 seconds, the mixer on this device is made with rust-resistant stainless steel, and the handle is ergonomically -designed to feel soft and comfortable while you grip it.


A Bar Of Soap With Real Money Inside

It's not a gimmick — the Money Soap bar really has anywhere between $1 and $50 embedded into the center of each bar! Great as a little gift — or even just to pamper yourself with — many Amazon reviewers noted how they enjoyed the fresh scent, and one even raved that she found $20 in hers.


The Laundry Balls That Are Made With 100 Percent Wool

Not only are they hypoallergenic, but the Grateful House laundry balls allow you to naturally soften your clothes without using any chemicals — plus, they even help reduce the time it takes for a load to dry. These balls are also reusable so that you wind up saving money over time, and each one lasts for up to 10,000 wash cycles.


A Handy Tool That Lets You Easily Create Stuffed Burger Patties

Great for stuffed burgers, sliders, and plain ole patties, the Cuisinart stuffed burger press can fit patties up to a 3/4-pound, and has a non-stick coating so your meat won't rip when you take it out. It's also safe to just toss it into the dishwasher for easy clean-up, and it'll create a uniform look to your burgers for your next grilling session.


The Remote That Works With Your TV And Home Theater System

Designed to be universally compatible with any system, the Caavo universal home theater hub can connect to up to four home theater devices to one family-friendly remote that's easy for people of all ages to use. It pairs Google voice, Amazon's Alexa, and other smart home assistants so that you can operate it using your voice — but this hub also works with Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and more.


A Pair Of Gloves You Can Use When Flipping Food On The Grill

Heat-resistant up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use these oven gloves to flip food directly on the grill, or simply wear them to keep yourself safe from the high temperatures. The five-finger grip allows for more dexterity and flexibility while working with ingredients, and the non-slip design helps prevent you from dropping whatever you're holding.


The Lamp Made With Real Himalayan Salt

Made with 100 percent high-quality Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan, the LEVOIT Himalayan salt lamp makes a great gift, or even just an easy way to set the ambience in any room. This lamp has a safe-touch dimmer button that allows you to adjust the brightness, and the power cord is 5.3 feet long so you're not limited when finding an available power outlet.


A Dry Body Brush That Exfoliates Away Dead Skin Cells

Not only is it great for exfoliating and increasing circulation, but the ZEN ME dry body brush also helps prevent clogged pores, ingrown hair, and even calluses. The bristles on this one are contoured and durable so that you get the best exfoliation results, and each kit comes with a charcoal Konjac sponge, one pumice foot stone, as well as a pair of shower gloves.


The Set Of Colanders That Collapse To Save You Space

Not only do they collapse so that it's easy to store them when they're not being used, but each order of the Comfify collapsible colanders come in two sizes: one 8-inch, and one 9.5-inch colander. The handles are soft and rubberized so that they don't transfer heat to your hands, and you can even submerge these colanders into boiling water to blanch vegetables and more!


A Pair Of Face Scrubbers Made From Durable Silicone

Made from durable silicone, the AOMUU face scrubber has four different bristle sizes — so that you have options when cleansing dirt and makeup from your face — but they're all gentle and good for sensitive skin. Use these scrubbers to remove blackheads and exfoliate away dead skin, and they're even great for helping improve the blood circulation in your face.


The Pet Food Bowl That Forces Your Pets To Eat Slowly

Eating too quickly can leave your pets with digestion problems (or just make them throw it right back up), which is why the Martha Stewart slow feeder pet bowl is designed to force your pet to eat at a slower pace, helping prevent any indigestion, vomiting, or bloating. Made from FDA-approved plastic with a non-slip base, this bowl is great for both wet and dry food.


A Light That Installs Under Your Cabinets With Two Sensor Modes

With an anti-glare panel that won't impede your view on screens or televisions, the LOFTER under cabinet light automatically turns on when you're up to 10 feet away, then turns off after 18 seconds after you're gone. Each order also comes with a magnetic adhesive strip — so installation is simple — and the LED bulb has a lifetime of 10,000 hours or more.


The Glass Tumbler With A Protective Silicone Sleeve

Made with completely BPA-free materials, the Ello glass tumbler is dishwasher-safe, and the silicone sleeve helps protect it from scratches and damage while in transit. The mouth on this tumbler is wide enough so that you can easily put ice cubes into it, and the real wood accent is totally cute.


A Gadget That Charges Your Devices Wirelessly

Designed to be compact so it's easy to take with you while traveling, the iOttie wireless mini fast charger is wrapped in soft, feathered fabric that'll look great with any existing decor in your home. This charger provides 7.5 watts of charging power for your iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Note 8, and all other QI-enabled devices — plus, the status indicator lets you know if your phone is charging effectively.


The Wireless Headphones That Are Water And Sweat-proof

Designed to be sweat- and waterproof so that you won't have to worry about them shorting out while you exercise, the Optimum Bluetooth headphones have a built-in microphone with voice notification for whenever you get a call, and they can even last for up to eight hours of playtime when fully charged. There are also buttons so that you can easily skip, play, and pause your music without needing to access your phone, and you can even connect two devices simultaneously.


A Weighted Blanket That Helps You Fall Into Deep Sleep

Whether you have insomnia, anxiety, or any sensory issues that hamper your sleep quality, the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket sets itself apart from other weighted blankets by incorporating nano-ceramic bead technology that keeps the filling distributed evenly throughout the entire blanket. One Amazon reviewer even wrote: "The material is so soft and comfy, and I easily enjoy the pressure from the weight!"


The Delicious Condiment That Goes Great On Practically Everything

Use it on ice cream, salads, fruits, cheese, pizza, chicken, or practically any food that could use a sweet and spicy kick, the Mike's Hot Honey condiment is incredibly versatile. It's made with wildflower honey harvested from hives in both New York and New Jersey — and you can even put it into teas, lattes, margaritas, and other cocktails.


A Set Of Bath Bombs Made With Vegan Essential Oils

Made with vegan and organic essential oils including peppermint, sweet orange, rose, and lavender, each ball in the Anjou bath bombs gift set weighs 4 ounces — almost double the size of your average bath bomb. Great for softening your skin while nourishing the rest of your body with relaxing aromatherapy, this gift set is great for any special occasion.


The Water Flosser That Removes Up To 99.99 Percent Of Plaque

With seven flossing tips as well as one tongue cleaner and one dental plaque tip, the ELLESYE water flosser makes it easy to remove up to 99.99 percent of plaque and food debris from in-between your teeth. There are 10 different water pressures to choose from, and the 600-milliliter reservoir provides 90 seconds of uninterrupted flossing.


A Serum That Stops You From Biting Your Nails

Safe for children and adults of all ages, the MAVALA stop nail biting serum has a bitter taste that makes sticking your fingers into your mouth unpleasant — helping you to finally break the habit. The brush-on applicator makes it easy to apply the appropriate amount to your hands, and the formula also helps keep your nails healthy and strong.


The Hair Brush That's Resistant To High Temperatures

Great for both wet and dry hair, the Wet Brush pro brush is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so that your hair dryer and hot tools won't impact its detangling performance. The bristles won't pull or tug your hair even when you're brushing, and one Amazon reviewer wrote: "I don't know how this brush manages to glide through my hair so easily and break apart the knots, but it definitely does!"


A Handy Tool That Prevents Items From Falling Between Your Car Seats

Losing items down between your car seats is frustrating, so try using the Drop Stop original car seat gap filler. This handy tool is sized to fit most vehicles, and the high-quality neoprene casing allows it to expand or contract to fit — and each order comes with two drop stops.


The Smartphone Car Mount With Over 13,000 Positive Reviews

Not only is it compatible with the iPhone 5S and newer, but the Mpow car phone mount is made with three sturdy side grips that securely grip your phone to prevent it from shaking loose. It rotates a full 360-degrees so you can adjust it to whatever angle is best for you, and this model is large enough that it can even hold your phone without needing to take the case off.


An Airtight Container That Keeps Your Guacamole Fresh For Days

The Progressive International guacamole keeper can hold up to 4 cups of dip, and has an airtight seal that keeps your guacamole looking green for days at a time. Great for salsa, queso, and soups as well, this container has a wide mouth that makes it optimal for serving food as well as storing it.


The Refrigerator Liners That Extend The Life Of Your Vegetables And Fruit

By enhancing the air circulation in your fridge as well as providing insulation against mold, the Any Kitchen Stuff veggie life extender pads keep your fruits and other produce fresher for longer, helping you save money on groceries over time. It also helps keep your drawers a lot cleaner.


A Dish Rack That Sits Over Your Sink To Save You Space

It's large enough to fit over almost any sink, and the UpGood over-the-sink dish drying rack is great for anyone trying to save space in their kitchen. This rack is made from durable stainless steel that won't rust or corrode over time, and you can even use it as a large trivet when serving hot items.


The Drawer Organizer Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Not only is the eco-friendly bamboo design water-resistant, but the Artisware drawer organizer can also expand from 14 to 18.9 inches wide, giving you loads of storage space (between seven and nine compartments) for your kitchen utensils. One Amazon reviewer even raved about how convenient it is that "when you expand it, you can still grab it and lift it out of your drawer in one piece!"


An Earbud Case That Prevents Tangles In Your Cables

Designed for standard-sized earbuds, the Budley earbud case is lightweight and compact so that it can easily fit into your bag or pocket, plus the wrap-around design prevents your earbud cords from getting knotted or tangled. This case is made from premium silicone that's both easy-to-clean as well as durable — plus, the flip-to-close design helps keep them secure.


The Hot Cereal Made Without Any Grains

With 7 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber per serving, the Wildway hot cereal is the perfect grain-free way to keep yourself full between meals: It's made with nuts, coconut, flaxseed, and dates. Vegan as well as paleo-friendly, this hot cereal is certified gluten-free (which makes it a great alternative to oatmeal), and since all you have to do is mix in hot water, it's also incredibly simple to prepare.


A Keychain That Lets You Carry Around Hot Sauce Wherever You Go

While it doesn't come pre-filled with hot sauce, you can fill the Sriracha Mini hot sauce keychain with your favorite condiment so that you have it with you no matter where you go. BPA-free and made with a stainless steel carabiner, this keychain has a leak-proof cap to prevent spills, and the wide mouth makes it easy to refill.


The Portable Speaker Shaped Like A Fun Nut

Measuring in at only 2.5 ounces in weight and 2.3 inches tall, the JSAUX portable speaker is a fun way to play music wherever you go. The short sling makes it easy to attach it to your jacket, bag, backpack, or purse, and it's also incredibly simple to use since there's only one button for pairing —everything else (skip, volume, track selection, etc.) is controlled by your device.


A Plug That's Compatible With Amazon's Alexa

Not only is it compatible with Amazon's Alexa, but this smart plug lets you schedule lights, fans, and appliances to turn on and off remotely when you aren't home — plus, you can control whatever is plugged into it with voice commands when you're in the room. No smart home hub required, the compact design of this plug also conveniently keeps your second outlet free.


The Gadget That Repurposes Old Fruit Into Delicious Soft Serve

Instead of throwing out old fruit, turn it into delicious soft serve with the Yonanas fruit soft serve maker. This gadget churns frozen fruits into healthy desserts without adding any sugar or cream, or you can add extras like chocolate for a little kick. All the removable parts are safe to toss in the dishwasher to clean, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "I actually find the end product to be more like ice cream than some of the low-fat ice creams you buy in the store!"


An Infusion Iced Tea Pitcher That's Completely Shatterproof

Not only is it BPA-free, but this infusion iced tea pitcher is shatterproof, scratch- and stain-resistant — and heat-resistant, too. The pitcher has three inserts that allow you to steep full-leaf loose teas, infuse water with fruit, or just chill tea with a core full of ice. Able to hold up to 2.9 quarts, it makes for a great gift no matter what the occasion.


The Yoga Pants With Over 900 Four- And Five-Star Reviews

Whereas most yoga pants become see-through when stretched, the Baleaf high-waisted yoga pants won't become translucent, are moisture-wicking, and they're also breathable and stretchy to boot. There's even a hidden pocket where you can store your keys or cards.


A Set Of Ankle Weights That Won't Chafe Your Skin

Whereas competing weights can wind up chafing your skin, the Nordic Lifting ankle weights have reinforced stitching with neoprene padding so that your skin won't become irritated when you wear them. The large Velcro pad makes it easy to take these weights on and off, plus, there's even a reflective trim to keep you safe when wearing them in the dark — and each order comes with two weights, one carrying case, and an instruction manual.


The Natural Clay That Detoxifies Your Pores

You can use this Aztec Secret Indian healing clay anywhere — think face, hair, and body — and it's a great way to pull all the dirt, grime, and toxins out of your pores. Safe for sensitive skin (although you should only wear it for up to 10 minutes as opposed to between 15 and 20), this mask is made with 100 percent natural bentonite clay.


A Toilet Light With 16 Different Rotating Colors

With 16 different colors to choose from, you can set the LumiLux toilet light to a rotating carousel mode — or simply choose your favorite color to enjoy every time you use the bathroom. This light also has a built-in motion and light sensor so it won't turn on when you aren't in the room or when it's already bright enough, and the flexible arm can be bent to attach it to almost any sized toilet bowl.


The Wine Tumbler That's Vacuum-Insulated

Able to hold up to 12 ounces of your favorite beverage (I'm talking about wine, of course), the MASCOTKING wine tumbler is vacuum-insulated so your rosé will stay chilled for longer. The stainless steel construction is also rust- and corrosion-resistant, and the screw-top lid helps prevent any accidental spills or pours.


A Handy Gadget That Extends Your Outlets With Three Plugs And Two USB Ports

Regular power strips can look unappealing, so try using the TESSAN outlet extender instead. This handy gadget plugs into one outlet, but gives you three outlets and two USB ports to use instead. There's also a built-in night light that automatically turns on when the room is dark enough, and since there's no surge protection, it's also approved for cruise ships.


The Personal Blender That Lets You Drink Right From The Jar

It holds up to 14 ounces of your favorite beverage, and the Hamilton Beach personal blender comes with a travel lid that lets you go straight from blending to sipping, all from the same jar. Great for blended coffees, smoothies, shakes, and more, this blender even helps save you storage space since the jar stores upside-down, and has a groove where the cord can wrap around the base.


A Pair Of Socks That Help Improve Your Blood Circulation

Not only does the compression fit help improve the blood circulation in your legs and feet, but the SB SOX compression socks also have a reinforced heel and toe support to help keep your feet comfortable all day long. These socks are also made with anti-odor as well as anti-static fabric that prevents bacteria from growing, and the moisture-wicking design also keeps your feet from sweating.

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