6 Hilarious Hun Meme Accounts That Are So LOL You'll Drop Your G&T

by Aoife Hanna
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U OK hun? No, me neither. But guys don't worry — you're not alone. Being a hun means you're part of a community of absolute huns who will be your ride or dies. Whether you're indulging in dark sartorial memories, unbelievable haircuts hair, french manicures, funny headlines, or a whole lot of "live, laugh, love," we are one HUNdred percent here for all our huns (sorry). Luckily, to streamline your hun-ning, there are lots of hun accounts to follow on Instagram to keep you entertained.

Yes guys, the main reason the internet was invented was entirely to distract you from your work or to busy your mind during bathroom breaks. Keep scrollin scrollin scrollin. You can do it. And, TBH, like that famous tube of potato snacks: once you pop, you just can't stop. Is there such a thing as, "Hey I think you have looked at too many Footballers Wives screen grabs today"? Hell no. And if anyone ever even tries that with them, respond with "no way hun."

These people worked so hard on their tans. Some even called photographers to take "candid" photos of them conveniently around the time they intend to release a workout video. Don't do them a disservice by not celebrating them as huns. Get following all of these accounts right now hun x.


Love Of Huns

This account shares not only amazing pics, but also some pretty accurate captions that will make your heart actually soar. One for fans of real talk, observations on this crazy life, and hilarious moments in popular culture.

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Huns Of The World

Similar to other hun accounts, Huns Of The World is an excellent showcase of Z list celebrities acting wild after a few too many Proseccos. However, IMO their special niche is news coverage. They provide the primo coverage from the exact sort of publications you expect. So you don't have to buy them. Cheers hun x!

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Huns At Home

Have you ever been bought a framed "Live, Laugh, Love" poster? Or a pillow declaring your love for rosé? Or perhaps a sign indicating which way the Prosecco is? Well, if you have, Huns At Home is your mothership. Celebrate your hun status in the best way possible and get plenty of home decor inspo. Win win.

So, celebrate fonts you avoid in Word. Preach those sayings that make your toes curl. And dance like there's nobody watching (or whatever).

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Hunsnet is definitely the most racy of the lot, with a heck of a lot of swearing and NSFW content. I know right, that is right up my alley too hun.

Excellent for queer content and rude references to make you blush and shout "Oh no you didn't hun!x"

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Yeah Hun You

This is your one for the very best of video content but they also totally slay with their meme content. Especially after a few cheeky gins am I right hun x?

A fabulous one for fans of beloved Kim Woodburn and the one and only GC.

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The Hun Life

Another prime example of explaining daily life via the medium of memes. This account is as hun-derful as they come.

From soap stars to back when Katie Price was Jorda to the last time cowboy hats were in. Feast on this top quality hun content.

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Once you have followed all of the above, go get yourself a bottle of pink alcohol, take heaps of selfies, stick on your slogan tee, and remember, we're not all mad in here, but it helps! x

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