6 Best True Crime Podcasts On Spotify, Because The Genre Has Never Been Easier To Listen To

CBC News / Youtube

It's fair to say that the popularity of true crime-related content is at an all time high, and audience interest in the genre seems to have gone into overdrive following the release of TV dramas such as American Crime Story and various streaming success stories including Making a Murderer. Real-life crime stories have managed to capture the attention of millions worldwide, many of which have been retold throughout gripping dramatisations, in-depth documentaries, and highly addictive podcasts. But which are the best true crime podcasts available on Spotify? Well, after some research, I've taken it upon myself to compile the ultimate podcast list for all true crime stans — you're very welcome.

The streaming platform's current range of true crime offerings touch upon subjects including brutal murders, kidnappings, mysterious disappearances, organised crimes, and much more. However, making your way through Spotify's vast amount of content in this genre is somewhat of a drag — and landing on the right podcast for you can be very difficult. Luckily, I've put in the groundwork for you and dug out the cream of crop. So, sit back, turn up your volume, and prepare to dive into some of the most intriguing true crime stories currently available on Spotify.