The 6 Best Wooden Spoons

If you're looking for a new wooden spoon to add to your kitchen arsenal, you probably already know why this time-tested utensil is still beloved by chefs (and grandmas) the world over. Wooden spoons aren't going to scratch your pots or leach chemicals, and of course, they're the tool for doing the old "coat the back of a spoon" test for sauces. The best wooden spoons are kind of like an old friend — they're reliable, comfortable, and long-lasting.

But with so many types of wooden spoons out there, from a flat-edged beech wood to a handcrafted olive wood, how do you know what's best? First off, it's helpful to decide whether you need a single spoon or a set of them, and also what your budget is. After all, a high-quality Le Creuset spoon can cost the same as an entire bamboo 6-piece set.

From there, it's time to talk wood. A cheap wooden spoon is likely to be made of pine, but the best quality wooden spoons are made of either olive wood, bamboo, beech or maple. Since they're harder woods, they're less likely to crack.

Last but not least, it's important to consider the kitchen task you're looking to accomplish. If you're getting an entire set, you'll have the spoon options you'll need to stir soup, fold batter, or scrape risotto. But if you're in the market for a single spoon, then you definitely need the right tool for the job. Will you primarily be using it to stir, sample, or scrape? A round-bottomed spoon will be great for stirring but not for scrapping off bits from the pan, and conversely, a spoon with a straight edge will be good for scraping but not necessarily tasting.

With that in mind, it's time to find the wooden spoon(s) of your dreams. The ones below are all highly rated on Amazon, with tons of glowing customer reviews.

The Best Wooden Spoon Sets

If you're just starting to build up your kitchen, investing in a high-quality wooden spoon set is the way to go. You'll get everything from the traditional slotted spoon to a "spatula" spoon for flipping. Some sets even come with a way to hang or organize the utensils to avoid clutter.

  • An Organic Bamboo 6-Piece Set with a Holder:

This eco-friendly bamboo spoon set has it all going on. The spoons are handcrafted with 100 percent organic bamboo, which means they're durable, long-lasting and naturally anti-bacterial, not to mention stain and odor-resistant. They're heat resistant to over 700 degrees Fahrenheit, and feature one-piece construction (i.e. no glues or binders). With a 4.4-star Amazon rating, and more than 900 customer reviews, it's easy to see why those who love cooking love this versatile set.

The set includes five spoons — a spoon, spork, flat spatula spoon, slotted spoon, and a slotted spatula —plus a utensil organizer.

What reviewers are saying: "I bought this item as a I was seeking an addition to the kitchen, but wanted something sustainable and modern looking. I was impressed by the durability and non-staining quality, as any colors from cooking washed off right away. I LOVED the compact tube the utensils fit into, which saves space, and for me that was really important. Totally worth it and exactly as described."

  • A Non-Stick Beech Set With Colorful Ergonomic Handles

Whether you're looking for utensils that are Instagram-worthy or simply want spoons with a comfortable grip, this colorful beech set from Riveira with an impressive 4.8-star rating is the way to go. The spoons are made from eco-friendly beech wood, and their long, ergonomic, BPA-free silicone handles provide an easy grip for flipping, stirring, and serving, while the built-in rests lift the spoons off of dirty stoves and counters. The nonstick finish means the spoons are not only easy to rinse off, but also odor and stain-proof. Plus, if you lack drawer space, the utensils have handle holes for a colorful wall display.

The 5-piece set includes a standard spoon, slotted spoon, pasta spoon, spatula, and fork.

What reviewers are saying: "These are the best. I was surprised at the weight and quality of this set for the price; they're heavy and well finished and while I"m not a color-nut, the vibrant colors really stand out and add some fun to an otherwise small, utilitarian kitchen. They work great, feel good in the hand and like they may well last a lifetime. I'd buy again in an instant."

  • An Elegant Scandinavian-Designed Olive Wood Set

This gorgeous olive wood 3-piece spoon set, designed by Scanwood of Denmark, is as beautiful as it is functional. The spoons are handcrafted from durable and sustainably sourced Italian olive wood. They feature a beautiful natural grain pattern and one-piece construction. The set includes a spatula, spoon and ladle for scraping, stirring, tasting, and serving. With a 4.4-star rating and more than 240 Amazon reviews, this is an affordable utensil set that looks and feels much more expensive.

What reviewers are saying: "Great olive wood utensils! Best ever. Beautiful and solidly crafted into just one piece with no glues or chemicals used. Like those you'd find at a fine art fair but without the very high price. Wood grains are artful and elegant. I've shopped in specialty cooking stores and no spoons there have compared to these by way of thickness, looks and strength. The spoons are comfortable to hold, stir and cook with."

The Best Wooden Spoons For Cooking

If you already have a well-appointed kitchen, you're probably only looking to add a single wooden spoon. The highly rated ones below are all made from high-quality hardwood and feature different shapes for your desired task.

  • A Wooden Corner Spoon With More Than 1,700 Amazon Reviews

Oxo, a trusted name in kitchen products, tends to turn customers into loyalists, and this wooden corner spoon will do just that. In fact, 71 percent of Amazon reviewers gave it 5 stars. It's made of solid one-piece beech wood and features a natural oil finish that protects the wood, and a large comfortable handle for easy stirring. The distinctive corner shape makes it ideal for reaching along walls and in corners of cookware, and also for juicing (many fans raved about its ability to get the most juice out of a lemon).

If you end up loving this spoon, you can add to your collection with one of Oxo's other wooden utensils, which include large, medium and small spoons, a slotted spoon, a sauté paddle, and a turner.

What reviewers are saying: "This has become my go-to tool in the kitchen. I have been using silicone spatulas, but I often find that they are not stiff enough. This is a good, sturdy, easy to handle, relatively inexpensive solution. It's a very versatile size, easy for all sizes of skillets."

  • A Handcrafted Italian Olive Wood Rounded Spoon

If you're looking for a handmade wooden spoon, look no further than this stunning olive wood one from Eddington. Made in Europe, using only the finest southern Italian olive wood, the spoon is beautifully handcrafted, lightweight and strong. It features a 12-inch handle, and its rounded bottom shape makes it ideal for both cooking and baking.

What reviewers are saying: "The wood is beautiful. The spoon is lightweight, though very sturdy. The wood remains unstained no matter what I use it on! I bought a Calphalon at the same time for a fraction of the cost and it has already split. Spend the extra money and get a wonderful product that lasts and lasts."

  • A Premium, Slip-Free Flat-Edged Spoon

This Le Creuset scraping spoon is a real chef's spoon. J. Kenji López-Alt, the chief culinary consultant of Serious Eats, called it "perfectly designed, top to bottom." Its elliptical-shaped handle provides a comfortable, slip-free grip and the blunt edge is perfect for scraping ingredients from the bottom of the pan, especially sautéed veggies and thicker sauces. It's made with durable beech wood and is resistant to odor and flavor absorption. Plus, it washes easily by hand and has a hanging eyelet for storage.

What reviewers are saying: "This spoon has the perfect shape. It can reach into the corners of pots. It can hold a decent amount in its cup. Its a little more expensive than I wish, but ultimately worth it if you want a spoon of this shape. Just don't put it in the dishwasher."

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