6 Surprising Hacks For Cleaning Out Your Closet That Totally Work

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Honestly, there's no better time to set your sights on tackling the chore of cleaning out your closet than right now. Marie Kondo, the reigning queen of decluttering, just released her new show on Netflix, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, and it's inspiring what seems like everyone to simplify their space.

It can be hard to let go of items that you've had forever — like that sweatshirt with sentimental value that has pizza stains, or the dress you've never worn, but you swear you will someday. I get it. However, embracing minimalism to some degree, and getting rid of non-essentials in your closet, packs health benefits. As fellow Bustler Carolyn Steber explained, research has revealed decluttering can improve concentration, boost creativity, and help you stay focused on your goals in the future, rather than the past. On top of that, the Mayo Clinic also reported that less clutter equals more restful sleep.

Though it will probably take several days (or maybe weeks, TBH) to get your closet as clean as you want it to be, the process doesn't have to be super stressful. Here are six weird hacks that you can use to clear out your closet — and keep it clean for good.


Plan Beforehand

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It may seem silly, but coming up with a plan beforehand for effectively decluttering your closet may help you feel less overwhelmed. "Dividing shirts, dresses, jeans, etc. bring a sense of order and saves time. Solving your biggest problem will motivate you to create the closet of your dreams," wrote Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore in an article for HGTV.


"The Closet Trick"

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"The Closet Trick" is a unique hack that can help you clear out clothing. Basically, you turn all your hangers around so the hooks face out. If you wear something, you hang the clothing back up with the hooks facing in. After a designated period of time — six months or a year is typically recommended — if the hooks are still facing outwards, that's your cue to toss or donate it.


Go To A Clothing Swap

Ann Bingley Gallops, a professional organizer and team member at The Organized Life, told Reader's Digest that one useful trick is to "get together a group of friends to bring clothes they are not using, and certainly don’t want to discard." Of course, if you go to a clothing swap, try to leave with way fewer items than you originally brought.


Go With Your Gut

When getting rid of items in your closet, don't second guess yourself. Meaning, if you're gut reaction is to give something away or throw it out, just do it. Marie Kondo's term for this is "spark joy" — aka, if something doesn't stir some kind of emotion in you, that's a strong cue to get rid of it.


Enlist The Help Of A Friend

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Enlisting the help of a friend who is impartial and unattached to the items in your closet may make the whole cleaning process more productive. You might have to bribe them with food (or first dibs on your donate pile), but it's totally worth it to have someone ask, "Do you really need that?"


Set A Limit

Unless you have a huge walk-in closet, setting a limit on how much you own of each type of clothing can lead to less closet clutter. Making a list of with your top twenty shirts, or five pairs of jeans, can help you determine what to donate.

Cleaning out your closet can be a large undertaking, but these weird hacks may help big time. Here's to decluttering that closet once and for all.