These ‘Bachelorette’ Couples Costumes Will Turn Any Halloween Party Into A Rose Ceremony

by Lia Beck

Halloween is coming right up, which means it time to rack your brain and try to remember that awesome costume idea you thought of back in February. But, if you don't have anything in mind for you and your Halloween partner, but you are a fan of TV's best dating show, you've come to the right place. The Bachelor couple's costume ideas listed here will let you and your loved one celebrate the greatness of reality television while looking pretty snazzy... or like a rose come to life.

While you could just dress as a Bachelor or Bachelorette and their final contestant, that's pretty boring and you might just look like you're going to prom. Plus, the Bachelor franchise has so much more to offer: Chris Harrison, Neil Lane, diamonds, roses, former contestants pretending to be bartenders at a Mexican resort. And all of these can make for exciting Halloween costumes.

Below are six Bachelor couples costume ideas. The items included are just suggestions and a starting point, because you can definitely use what you already have or thrift your costume. (Or, hey, you can splurge on a sequin dress if you think you'll wear it again. No one's stopping ya.) Also, while these costumes can work for couples, they can also work for friends if you are still on your own journey to find love.

1. Neil Lane & A Diamond

Blazer Slim Fit, $70, H&M

Parisian Petite Sequin Dress, $24, ASOS

Diamond Ring Bottle Opener, $3, Party City

Diamond Ring Headband, $4, Ziggos Party

It's easy. One of you needs a suit and the ability to keep a straight face while someone tells you they're going to spend the rest of their life with a person they met eight weeks ago, and one of you needs to be really sparkly. "Neil Lane" should also carry around a fake diamond ring.

2. Chris Harrison & Roses

Straight-cut Jacket, $35, H&M

Cotton Shirt, $13, H&M

Red Artificial Rose Heads, $4, Factory Direct Craft

Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt, $6, Target

Another simple one. One of you needs a suit and the ability to sound super serious while saying things like, "Gentlemen, the final rose of the night", and one of you needs to wear red and be straight up covered in roses. "Chris Harrison" should also carry around a champagne flute and a butter knife to clink on it.

3. The Bachelor/ette & Final Rose

Plus Size Open Shoulder Ruffle Dress, $38, Forever 21

Sequin Cowl Neck Maxi Dress, $38, Forever 21

Sleeveless Jersey Dress, $13, H&M

Adult Green Tights, $6, Party City

One of you will wear either a suit (see other costumes for options) OR a fancy dress, and one of you will be dressed as a rose. The rose can take their inspiration from Dee on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but really you just need to wear green on the bottom, red on top, and bring it all together with a rose headpiece or hair clip that you can buy or make yourself with tissue paper.

4. Final Two Contestants

Skinny Fit Suit Pants, $25, H&M

Easy-iron Shirt Slim Fit, $13, H&M

Racer Neck Midi Dress With Crochet Lace Skirt, $38, ASOS

Plus Size M-Slit Maxi Dress, $35, Forever 21

You both have to dress up in either suits or a fancy dresses, but only one of you gets to pin a rose to your lapel or carry around a stemmed rose all night. The other person just has to look really sad and talk about how they may never find love again.

5. Yuki & Wells

1 / 4

Slim-Fit Built-In Flex Everyday Shirt, $20, Old Navy

Women's Plus Size Woven Short Sleeve Top, $16.98, Target

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker, $8.54, Home Depot

On the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise, bartender Wells was joined by Yuki from the Japanese Bachelor and Bachelor Winter Games. To dress like these two you'll just need either two blue or two white button-up short-sleeve shirts, and a couple colorful cups or a cocktail shaker to carry around. You'll also need to write "Playa Escondida Sayulita" in red on a piece of paper and pin that onto the shirt, so you really look professional. (And more recognizable.) (At least for Bachelor fans.)

6. Live Tweets

This one is the easiest to pull off... if you have access to a printer. Just wear whatever (or for extra pizzazz, wear Twitter blue) and pin or tape a bunch of Bachelor tweets to yourself. You are Bachelor live tweets, the favorite pastime of Bachelor fans.

Now, go forth and have the most dramatic Halloween in the history of the holiday.