Bustle takes the Bachelor franchise pretty seriously. That’s why we created the Bachelor Nation Class of 2018 — like high school superlatives, but Bachelor edition. Read on to see who of your faves were awarded — and what they have to say about their new titles.

Alexis Waters

Worst Shark

"I want to thank all of the girls on my season for accepting my crazy ass! Also, Walmart, for providing me my 'dolphin' costume. And tequila, for getting me through Night One and the rest of the season."

Eric Bigger

Most Genuinely Inspirational

"I want to say thank you for acknowledging me as “Genuinely Inspirational.” It’s amazing because my intention every day is to provide impact and inspire/motivate the masses. I guess being genuine and inspirational has its way. Thank you again! #ItsMiracleSeason"

Ashley Iaconetti

Most Likely To Become A Kardashian

"Most likely to be a Kardashian, huh? I'll take it! I feel like Marikh from Arie's season should have won this award. She's so Kim circa Kris Humphries era. Anyway, I'm really honored that you guys feel like I could be part of this beautiful, family-oriented, business savvy group. I hope as part of the family, my butt will grow rounder, my hair will get longer and thicker, and my sense of humor will get Khloe-r. Thank you!"

Wells Adams

Most Likely To Be The Next Chris Harrison

"The fact that Bachelor Nation thinks that I’m competent enough to let a bunch of people know that there is only one rose left is a huge honor. However, joke's on you BN... 'cause I can't count."

Kendall Long

Most Impressive Conflict Resolution

"I’d like to thank my brother Colton and sister Kylie for always keeping me on my toes with conflict resolution growing up. Also, thank you to my parents who have taught me that being true to myself and standing up for what I believe in will always guide me to happiness."

Danielle Maltby

Most Likely To Save The World

"Dear Friends at Bustle! I am so freaking flattered! No one nominated me for anything in my actual high school yearbook. I am speechless and my heart is happy. I’ll try and do my best!"

Alex Bordyukov

Best Dressed

"I'm honored, humbled, and overwhelmed to win this award for Best Dressed. I'd like to thank Amazon for continually making bold suggestions for my wardrobe, at reasonable prices. Thank you!"

Carly Waddell & Evan Bass

Most Likely To Be A Cute AF Old Couple

"We would like to thank the Academy of Bustle Bachelor Superlatives for this esteemed recognition. We humbly accept the 'AF' designation but forbid our kids from using slang like this because it’s inappropriate. There’s not enough time for us to thank everyone but we do want to extend a special thank you to the staff at the Mexican hospital where we first had a good time together. And to Jorge for doling out enough tequila to ensure we stayed in love."

Caila Quinn

Most Likely To Be In A Shampoo Commercial

"Such an honor! Curling my hair at this moment to celebrate. Couldn’t have done it without my 1 1/4 inch curling iron — that proves length does matter. And I’d like to thank 'The Bachelor' interns for always making sure there was a fan to blow wind in my hair on the show!"

Raven Gates

Future Fashion Mogul

"I would like to thank all of the bad choices — outfit and make-up included — that brought me to where I am today. Without them, I wouldn’t be accepting this award. Remember the good comes with the bad!"