6 Creative Feminist Halloween 2018 Costumes To Fight The Patriarchy In While Eating Candy

Australians are relatively new to the whole Halloween thing, but I, like Cady in Mean Girls before me, believe firmly that it's an opportunity to dress as what truly terrifies you. Women face constant pressure to be 'cute', but for one night of the year we can be genuinely terrifying and powerful with zero consequences. And if you feel like taking your chance to be scary, here are some truly horrifying costumes to inspire chills in every feminist in town. These creative, feminist Halloween costumes are perfect for fighting the patriarchy in (spooky) style.

You might say that dressing up for Halloween isn't a great way to deal with the very real threats to gender equality in the United States and throughout the world right now, but that's actually what holidays like Halloween have always been for. Carnivals and similar events in European culture were about flipping taboos on their heads and bringing fears out into the open, if only for one day. And All Hallow's Eve in history seems to have emerged from Celtic traditions in which, for one day of the year, the boundary between the lands of the dead and the living became porous. For one night only, confront what really frightens you — and laugh about it. Here are six feminist Halloween costumes to scare the pants off the patriarchy.

The Gender Wage Gap

You Owe Me 21 Cents Tee, Spreadshirt, $24.95

Money Leggings, World Of Leggings, $15.95

Fake Money, Amazon, $11.45

Donation Box, Amazon, $8.99

Close that 21-cent gap with the donation box (and carry pamphlets in case anybody attempts to tell you it's "all a myth").

Planned Parenthood Fairy

PP Makes America Great cap, Planned Parenthood, $18.00

We Won't Go Back, Planned Parenthood, $20.00

I Stand with Planned Parenthood Buttons, Planned Parenthood, $4.00

Dushi Pink Wings, Amazon, $10.70

All the branded items in this costume donate directly to PP — and with your wings on, you can float around parties distributing badges so that other people can show their support too.


Actually Brooch, Shop Netty/Etsy, $10.00

I Think You'll Find Tee, Spreadshirt, $17.15

Black Metal Aviators, Claire's, $4.99

The key to this costume is to look as pretentious as possible and flourish your "well, actually" attitude everywhere.

The Contraceptive Pill

The Pill Pin, Etsy, $15.00

ASOS denim overall dress, ASOS, $56.00

Ornaments, Amazon, $8.99

The contraceptive pill needs to be honored, so break out your best pill packet-blue dress, cover it in baubles with the day of the month attached, and go out and cheer your right to reproductive freedom.

The News Cycle

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Adult Tornado Costume, Amazon, $59.99

Newspapers, from your nearest grocery store.

Toy Megaphone, Amazon, $9.59

Add some faux flames to turn this tornado of a news cycle into the garbage fire the last few years have been.

Captain Vote

Voting Is My Superpower Shirt, Etsy, $24.00

Postcards For The Vote, Etsy, $20.00

Glitter Masks, Etsy, $5.00

We need a hero, so why not be one for the night? Postcards and voting literature at the ready, disappearing into the shadows as quickly as you can say, "Check your voter registration!"

There's no doubt that things really suck right now, but a little well-placed humor (not to mention, a Halloween costume that does double-duty as a consciousness-raiser or a donation-solicitor) can brighten up your Halloween parties this fall. Just don't forget to keep up the good fight.