The Best Sustainable Swimwear Brands For Your August Bank Holiday Weekend

Deakin & Blue / GYKO / Finisterre

Swimwear season 2019 is well underway, and looking for the perfect bikini or trunks to purchase for beach breaks is always an important task. But now that environmentalism and sustainability are becoming topics at the forefronts of our minds (and rightly so), thinking where you buy your clothes, including swimwear, is so important. Luckily, some companies are making an effort to create eco-friendly swimwear, and below is my pick of the best.

Your average swimwear isn’t actually that sustainable. For the most part, swimming costumes are made from synthetic fibres such as nylon, which allow water to wick out of the fabric quicker and cling to the shape of the body. But these fibres aren’t great for the environment. A 2001 study found in the Guardian, reported that 85% of human-made debris found on the shore line globally were made of microfibres. Because the microfibres are so small they can be eaten by marine life, potentially destroying food chains, and even ending back up on our plates.

It feels a bit counterproductive to purchase swimwear that could contribute to polluting the sea you want to swim in, so here are brands that are making swimwear that's eco-friendly and very, very cute:


Gyko are making swimwear for people that are sick of having their bikini tops and matching bottoms not fitting quite right. You can mix and match any of the tops with their bottoms across the whole range. And sustainability is just as important as aesthetics. They use sustainable fabric made from regenerated plastic waste collected from the land and sea.


One of the leading swimer brands Zoggs now have an eco-friendly swimwear collection as a part of their sustainable product program. They use Ecolast™ fabric made from old nylon nets produced by ECONYL®. They also donate 10% of their Ecolast™ profits to eco initiative Healthy Seas.


Finisterre are all about making sustainable activewear. For their swimwear they use ECONYL® which is made out of recycled nylon. Unfortunately, nylon isn't biodegradable and manufacturing it is also polluting. So Finisterre use Econyl® which is made by collecting old nylon from landfills and oceans, and then turning it back into a fabric that can be used for products like swimming costumes.

Deakin & Blue

Deakin & Blue are committed to sustainability as well as making swimsuits for all body shapes. Their Hendricks range is specifically designed to fit fit F to HH cup busts. Their chosen Lycra® is "twice as resistant to chlorine, salt water and oils than standard Lycra" also with full UV protection. It's also made from ECONYL®.


BATOKO is an independent brand based on the North West coast of England that produces swimwear made from 100% recycled plastic waste that would have otherwise been headed for landfill and our oceans. They have eight different swimsuit designs, each one as fun and quirky as the last (think lobsters, leopard print, and dinosaurs). They also have a cute kids selection.


If you're looking to help the environment, why not buy second-hand swimsuits? Instead of contributing to more new swimsuits being made, you can grab a vintage one. Not only will they be a bit cheaper, but you’re less likely to see some 10 million other people in the exact same swimsuit as you. Vintage store Rokit, have an ever-changing roster of fun swimsuits and trunks .