6 Gel Socks To Pamper Your Feet Until Your Next Pedicure

Sirinarth Mekvorawuth / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Gel socks are the new way to pamper yourself and your feet in between pedicures. And the best part is, they will moisturize your skin without any need for down time like with Baby Foot or other alternatives that turn you into a peeling mess until the job is done.

The secret to gel socks is all in the lining. Alongside a soft exterior, the inside of each pair includes a gel lining with oils like vitamin E, aloe, and jojoba. You can slip them on right before bed and remove them when you wake up. If you're into self care during the day time, why not slip them on for a few hours during all those at-home Zoom calls when your co-workers can’t see past your waist anyway?

Stick your gel socks in the fridge before putting them on to give you that cooling sensation that makes them all the more satisfying. Once a couple hours have passed, you’ll peel them off your toes and instantly feel more moisturized — just think about how you’ll feel days or even weeks after beginning this self-care routine.

Ahead, find the best gel socks out there that you can click-to-buy and give yourself that soft, supple, pedicured skin you've been craving.

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Get not one, but two pairs of gel socks with this convenient pack. They're both infused with essential oils like jojoba, grape seed, and olive.

This pair of socks is constructed from a cozy terry cloth that's comfy inside and out.

These socks have a moisture-release technology that will keep your feet hydrated all night long.

Make sure each and every one of your toes is just as moisturized as the rest of your feet with these 5-toe socks.

Not only do these gel socks come in a fun, bright pink color, they feature grips on the bottom so you can avoid slipping and sliding.

This pair of gel socks comes lined with Vitamin E oil alongside a trifecta of jojoba, grape seed, and olive oil.