6 Gifts Under $25 For The Friend Who Needs A Little Something

Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack

Each year when the holidays roll around, gift-givers everywhere get ready to spend their cash on presents. Shiny displays and beautiful packaging make it very easy to spend a month's rent on products, but there are plenty of incredible gifts that don't require a down payment. In fact, you can find lots of great gifts under $25 that are both practical and thoughtful.

We've collaborated with Nordstrom Rack to bring you a gift guide that won't break the bank. You'll thank us in January when you're not celebrating Ramen-Three-Meals-A-Day Month. Here are our favorite gifts for the friend who deserves a little something nice this year.

Feminist Gear

"Women Will Save The World." "Femme." "Girls Can Do Anything." There's a very clear trend in graphic clothing, and it's all about feminist messaging. Get your friend some empowering gear, whether it's a soft tee, cozy sweats, or a warm hoodie.

A Cool Notebook

This gift is perfect for all the brilliant ideas your friend has. Give them an inspiring place to write and store all their thoughts, and make sure they dedicate their breakout novel to you in a few years.

Trendy Beanies

If your friend has been eyeing winter accessories lately, surprise them with a cute knit beanie. A hat with a fun poof on top will keep them warm while also looking playful and trendy.

A Citrusy Candle

If your friend is always dreaming of a sunny vacation, bring the beach to them with a tropical-scented candle. All they have to do is light the wick, close their eyes, take in the fresh aroma, and they're there.

Matching Sleep Set

Remember the sleepover days? You and your friend would binge on potato chips and movies until 3 a.m. and it was so awesome. Gifting a cute matching sleep set is a nostalgic nod to an era of school nights and gossip-fests.

Personalized Sign

First of all, how cool is this? And it's less than $25! If you can resist keeping it for yourself, give your friend this cool light-up sign so they can personalize whatever space they choose.

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