All The iPhone 11 Deals You Need To Know About Right Now

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With the iPhone 11 officially available for pre-order, you may be thinking about buying a new phone for yourself. The newest iPhone 11 will have a better camera and improved battery life, so I can't blame you for wanting it right this second. But new iPhones aren't exactly cheap, with prices starting at $699 for a 64-gigabyte iPhone 11 and going all the way up to $1,449 for a 512-gigabyte iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you want to save money when you buy, several retailers are offering iPhone 11 deals you won't want to miss.

That being said, if you have an older iPhone that's in good condition, you should definitely check out Apple's trade-in program. You can get up to $600 toward a new device, which makes the iPhone 11 a little easier on your wallet. If you don't want to trade your phone in through Apple, though, or you don't think you'll get enough money for your phone to make it worth it, other retailers are offering pretty sweet deals on the iPhone 11. Heads up: Some of the cellular carriers that are offering deals require you to leave your current provider, so always keep the fine print in mind as you hunt for bargains.



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T-Mobile customers can get 50% off the iPhone 11 with a qualifying trade-in. The deal is valid for older models of the iPhone including the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which makes it a pretty good discount regardless of which iPhone you currently have. Similarly, you can get 50% off the iPhone 11 Pro if you trade in an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. However, you'll miss out on the deal unless you agree to a 24-month service plan with T-Mobile.



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Walmart's iPhone 11 deal is worth looking at if you're an AT&T or Verizon customer and want to upgrade online. You could get $100 off an iPhone 11 if you buy it before Nov. 27. You can read the fine print here.



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If you need more than one new phone and don't want to pay for an iPhone 11 outright, AT&T's special is definitely worth a look. The company is offering a BOGO deal if you buy two iPhones on an AT&T unlimited installment plan, and you'll receive the discounts via credits on your bill. There are some limitations on the free phone — only the following are included:

  • 64-gigabyte iPhone 8
  • 64-gigabyte iPhone 8 Plus
  • 64- and 128-gigabyte iPhone XR
  • 64-gigabyte iPhone 11



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If you want to lease your new iPhone instead of buying it and aren't already a Sprint customer, this discount might catch your eye. Trade in an eligible phone and you can get a 64 gigabyte iPhone 11 for free on an 18-month lease. Because you're leasing the phone, you won't own it, and you have to set up a new line.



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If you switch to an unlimited Verizon plan and trade in a qualifying phone, you can get $500 credited back to you from Verizon over a two year period when you buy a new iPhone 11. You can read the additional details here.


Sam's Club

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If you preorder the new iPhone by Sept. 15 and activate it by Sept. 22, you'll get a $200 Sam's Club gift card. This probably isn't worth it if you don't already shop at Sam's Club, but if you like buying things in bulk, you might be tempted by the Sam's Club iPhone deal.

You could always wait until Apple releases the next generation iPhone and the price of the iPhone 11 inevitably drops, but there's not much fun in that. Don't let the price tag of the iPhone 11 scare you — if you're willing to shop around, you could get it for way less than Apple's advertised price.

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