6 Meditations For All Zodiac Signs To Practice During This Month’s New Moon

Carsten Koall/Getty Images News/Getty Images

With the excitement of the new year winding down, and with January's lunar cycle behind us, we have the February 4, 2019 new moon in front of us — bringing forth a very different energy. January's lunar cycle was all about making big changes, confronting ourselves boldly, and mapping out new paths, but February's lunar cycle is different. Before you get overwhelmed, rest assured that I'm here providing you with mediations for the February 2019 new moon, so you'll be fully armed with tools and resources to handle whatever shifts or challenges arise. That said, February's new moon (which rises at 4:03 p.m. ET on Mon. Feb. 4) won't shake you if you know how to anticipate it.

Because January was all about self reflection and resolution, not just astrologically, but socially, there was a lot of momentum. We had energy coming from the universe, ourselves and our peers, all propelling us to look for truth and be progressive. By February, the excitement quells and people are set in their ways again. There's not this constant flood of energy that inspires you to look inside of yourself. Quite the opposite, February actually inspires you to close up and power forward. It becomes easier to lie to yourself and sit with unhealthy behaviors and elements rather than fight against them as you would have in January.

To ensure that February's new moon is a reflective and honest experience, you'll have to make some additional efforts to open yourself back up to the universe. If you don't take the time to look at yourself and your life and the choices you're making for yourself, you might risk overlooking toxins that are no longer serving you. To help you see clearly during the February new moon, I've put together a list of meditations that will open up your mind, inspire you to take a good look at yourself, and help you to see as clearly as possible.

A Meditation To Move Forward

This video includes a chart reading for the February new moon in Aquarius. While it's not a guided meditation, it is a soft-spoken guide through what we can expect to experience astrologically under the new moon. So, instead of using it to get you to a meditative state, it can act an an enlightening prompt if you chose to listen to it prior to meditation.

Calming New Moon Meditation

This guided meditation will quiet your mind, steady your breathing and help you visualize a light that will inspire you to move forward with your objectives in the new year. Listen closely and allow the light to shine truth on your current state of being and face yourself in this mediation.

Meditation For Honest Thinking

Consider this meditation to be an opportunity to be honest with yourself when you might not have the energy or interest to be. Trust that facing yourself under the new moon is an important part of your human experience during the lunar cycle, and without the authentic self reflection, you put yourself in harm.

Meditation For Letting Go

Once you've put your finger on what isn't serving you, you might need some help finding the energy or strength to let it go. This meditation will help you "empty your trash" mentally, letting go of whatever is in the trash pile before bed. Let this meditation help you fall asleep with a clear mind and mental desktop.

If you have been moving forward at a fast pace since the new year, and not taking the time to scan your body for aches pains, and attachments that are no longer serving you, it's crucial that you stop and take a minute to do so. This meditation will help you comb your body for soreness and give you the space and energy to explore and evaluate it.

Mediation For Release

Whether you need to rid yourself of negative energy or attachments, or simply need a bit of mental breathing room, this meditation will help you find it. Take a 15 minute break and listen to this guided meditation and shed some weight so that you can face the rest of your day with more room and energy.