8 Meditations For The December 2018 New Moon That Will Help All Zodiac Signs Feel At Ease


On Dec. 7, you might notice a lack of light in the sky. This is because a new moon will be rising, the beginning of a fresh lunar cycle and maybe something new for you as well. When there is a new moon, the Earth, moon, and Sun are positioned in a line, which means we can't see the moon at the time because the Sun is shining on a part of it that isn't visible to us. A new moon has spiritual meanings as well. It is a powerful phase that symbolizes new beginnings for us as well, and you'll want to use that energy to start something exciting, reflect back on old goals, and set new ones. It's also an ideal time to meditate to really figure out what you want and need, and there are some meditations for the December new moon you should definitely try out.

A new moon is all about manifesting your dreams and desires, setting intentions, initiating new relationships, and reflecting on your goals. There are plenty of meditations out there that will help you do all of that on another, more powerful level. They'll help you get into the right frame of mind, and keep you calm, centered, and focused so that you can actually get what you want done. There are so many times where we feel ready to do something new, it's just getting there that's the issue - and the right meditation can help push you along so that you're feeling more motivated without feeling more overwhelmed.

A meditation can also be a great part of a new moon ritual, which Wishing Moon says is important in order to "fulfill our visions and make our desires come true." A ritual should be relaxing, quiet, and calming, and it's best to do them in the beginning of a new moon, a few hours before it rises.

Balance For Life says that during a new moon meditation, "You begin to create for yourself a ‘new’ beginning, purpose, intention and direction. You look at new ways of thinking, being and acting to move you out of a ‘rut’. You take action as you plant positive ideas in your subconscious mind. You are able to begin new projects. You are able to pray for new beginnings, hope and a youthful outlook. You transform doubt, worry and anxiety into hope, strength, courage and peace." Below are a few meditations that work well with the energy surrounding the new moon.