6 Mother's Day Presents That'll Bring Happiness To More People Than Just Your Mum

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If you weren't already aware, UK Mother's day 2020 is fast approaching (March 22) so it's high time you got to thinking about you might get for the most special lady in your life. Considering the huge array of options out there why not try and get your mum a Mother's Day gift that gives back.

Making purchases more consciously is something we all need to try and do more of, and choosing to buy gifts from brands which are kind to the environment, ethical, and/or give to charity is a bit of a must. Even better if these companies are all of the above.

Mother's Day is one of those annual events that has become eye-rollingly corporate and an excuse for companies to drain your already struggling bank account (see Valentine's Day, Christmas, etc). As a matter of fact it was predicted in a study by Global Data in 2019 that Mother's Day spending would top 1.6 billon in the UK alone. That's a heck of a lot but on the plus side, even more opportunity to contribute to causes with more meaning attached than last-minute chocolates.

So here's your run down of Mother's Day gifts with meaning that your special lady will love.


Stripey Socks

How many pairs of socks has your mum bought you in your lifetime? As a matter of fact have you ever bought your own socks? Well, here's your chance to give back and show gratitude not just to your mum, but also to a company which has been a leader in fair trade fashion since 1991. People Tree endeavours to be fair to those who make their products but are also kind to our environment too. Available in sizes 35-38 and 39-42.


A Frida Kahlo Cushion

You know what mums love? Cushions. I swear down every time I go home trying to sit on the sofa is like the princess and the flipping pea. So why not get your mum one of these super stylish and ethically made cushions with feminist icon Frida Kahlo emblazoned on the front?


Patterned Notebooks

Ethically made in the UK and stylish AF, these are an ideal addition to any home/bag/desk. Available in multiple prints, your mum will be taking some seriously stylish notes in no time.


A Skincare Set

Skin Sapiens is a brand which not only prides itself on having products that are "good for the skin and good for the planet."

They're also a part of 1% For The Planet, a global movement committing one percent of every sale to charities fighting climate change. Glowing skin that genuinely makes a difference? Yes please.


A Water Bottle That Gives Back

Chilly's has become synonymous with the finest quality water bottles and better still no plastic to ruin the flavour of your water or the planet. Sales of this special edition bottle donate £10 to City Of The Sea's Refill campaign. A campaign that aims to encourage people to refill their bottles as opposed to going for plastic bottles, thus reducing the use of single use plastics and hopefully reducing plastic pollution in our seas.


A Bunch Of Flowers With A Difference

Special occasions are often marked with a bunch of flowers and for many, that's their go-to gift for their loved ones. The Guardian reported back in 2019 that a stonking £865 million was spent on stems in the previous year. That's a heck of a lot of dough that could be making a difference if spent wisely.

Bunches is a florist that cares, donating a minimum of 10% of its profits to charities in the UK or around the world.


Make Mother's Day 2020 a celebration worthy of not only your mum, but the greater good too.