8 UK Charity Christmas 2018 Gifts, Because These Presents Make A Real Difference


How many shopping days are left until Christmas? Nope, don't think about it, it will frighten you. However, it is worth having a wee think about like, how many bits you have to get, what people like, and maybe have a think about the message you want to give to the receiver. Yes, you have got to at least try and be ethical this Christmas, and with the amount of incredibly lovely gifts on the market, picking the best charity gifts in 2018 is hard work. What's not super hard though, is putting your hard earned cash into good causes. Thank you, Internet. Love you.

It is easy to be distracted by the cheaper and more easily accessible gifts available, but nowadays, buying gifts that support charitable endeavours is easier and easier.

The old saying goes, "Charity starts at home". While that's probably not what it meant back in the told days, now it's super applicable to online shopping. Yes babe, you can do a good deed from the comfort of your bed, and in doing so, realise how lucky you are to have a comfy bed, people to buy presents for, and a bit of spare cash to do your bit (no matter how small) help make the world a better place.

Lush Charity Pot



So guys, what's nicer than a super gorgie lotion that keeps you moisturised AF, but also supports good causes? Nothing. 100% of the proceeds, minus taxes, goes towards supporting grass roots charities that reflect Lush's ethics and environmentally-friendly stance.

Thomas St Lime And Basil Candle



A super yummy scented candle, with 40 hours burning time, a cute tin, and in aid of a very important charity. All profits from this candle are donated to Save The Children, helping change the lives of children across the world.

African Sauce Trio



This is definitely one for the hot and spicy person in your life. Anyway, enough about me. Kidding, but seriously as a chilli-lover this looks SO good. And with all profits going to Oxfam, it's a win win y'all.

Reserve A Place At Crisis This Christmas



For less than £30 quid you can pay to help someone out of homelessness. This small sum will cover three hot meals, a bed if needed, access to a shower and clean clothes, mental health and physical health services, advising on work/benefits/housing, and most importantly —"A way out of homelessness for good through Crisis’ year-round training, education and support". You can buy as many places as you want, so snap them up.

Ecoffee Cups


Amnesty International

OK, so we all know reusable cups are important, especially as most coffee cups are not recyclable. IKR? Madness. Anyhow, if like me you are a bit put off by the super plastic-y flavour some reusable cups can cause, this is one is perfect. It's made using organic bamboo fibre and non-GMO corn starch so it doesn't affect the flavour of your coffee. Available in lots of different colours, and with all profits going to Amnesty International it's absolutely ideal for the coffee-lover in your life.

Help Refugees Choose Love Organic Cotton Rainbow Print T-shirt



Not only is this T-shirt gorgie AF, but 100% of profits go towards raising funds and awareness for people caught up in the refugee crisis. I'll take five.

CLF Royal Blue Hoodie


Clara Lionel Foundation

Drop everything, this is Rihanna's charity. Named after her grandparents, the singer's foundation helps support education, health, and emergency response programs all around the world. This hoodie is, as one would expect from bad gal Riri, super stylish. 100% of profits go to the charity.

#IWANNABEASPICEGIRL Limited Edition Charity Tee


Comic Relief

My favourite band are being angels as per with this limited edition top. All profits go amazing charities tackling women’s issues via Comic Relief’s Gender Justice initiative. So basically, girl power changing the world. Available for a limited time, get yours now and zigazig-aaaaaah

This Christmas, make sure your gift can make more than just one person happy.