How To Get Free Pepperoni Pizza This Thursday For National Pepperoni Pizza Day

Shannon O'Hara/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Good news: Sept. 20 is National Pepperoni Pizza Day (because plain old "pizza day" is just way too vague, of course)! Everyone knows that pepperoni deserves its own holiday, so I'm glad that justice is being served. To celebrate, obviously you'll want to know about all of the National Pepperoni Pizza Day 2018 deals and freebies, because cheap and free pizza is the most delicious pizza there is. If pepperoni pizza is always there to make you feel loved and warm and gooey inside, show it some appreciation by declaring your love for it on this special day.

Get together with your friends and cash in on some pepperoni pizza deals, as there is always strength in numbers when a deal is on the table! The more people that you can rally, the more deals that you can take advantage of, so you might want to consider scheduling your monthly bestie dinner party for Sep. 20. Get the gang together and order those large pies and enjoy being well fed for less. (And obviously don't forget to post an epic cheese-pull Boomerang on Instagram — because if you didn't post it, did it even happen?)

Happy National Pepperoni Pizza Day to you and yours, wishing your the cheesiest, meatiest day.

Pizza Hut

Buy one get one free alert! Go to Pizza Hut on National Pepperoni Pizza Day and buy a large pizza and get a medium pepperoni pizza for just $1. All you have to do is use the code PEPPERONI2018 at checkout.


Domino's is offering a large pizza with two toppings for $5.99, now through Sept. 23. They just had to go out and make their Pepperoni Pizza Day more epic than everyone else's by stretch it out over a few days.

Cici's Pizza

OK, they're not technically doing anything for National Pepperoni Day in particular, but if you refer a friend to their reward program, you get free admission to their pizza buffet. All you need is to refer a friend, so you and your bestie should sign up and take advantage of this deal for the sake of the holiday.

Auntie Anne's

Not sure if you knew this, but Auntie Anne’s makes a pepperoni pretzel that's pretty amazing. Sign up to their Pretzel Perks program and get a free pretzel reward immediately on National Pepperoni Pizza Day.

Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese isn't doing anything special for National Pepperoni Pizza Day specifically... but they are always offering a free personal pizza with one topping to anyone who signs up to be a reward member. Plus, every three visits will get you a $10 coupon when you spend $20 or more.

Russo's New York Pizza

This classic Italian pizzeria is offering large pepperoni pizzas for only $10 to celebrate the National Pepperoni Pizza Day. The special is limited to one per customer, and you have to dine-in to cash in on the deal. Pepperoni is free, but if you want additional toppings, you'll have to pay extra.