6 Personality Traits Your Dog Can Inherit From You

Dogs, they're just like us. More accurately, you and your dog might share similar traits that your pup developed by being in your company, similar to how children learn to navigate the world by watching their parents. And, there are actually some personality traits your dog can inherit from you — not genetically, of course, by as a result of sharing your space. Case-in-point: Although my dog BiBi is a hardcore extrovert who gets excited about absolutely everything — which is not like me at all — she's also extremely stubborn, and suspicious by nature, just like me... which might not be a coincidence. A study published in the Public Library of Science found that pups pick up traits from their owners like coping and social skills.

What's more, dogs' cortisol levels actually fluctuate along with the cortisol levels of their humans during times of stress. "Neuroticism is linked to low expectations that social support will be forthcoming when needed, to major depression, and to anxiety. Dogs are sensitive to their owners' emotional states and emotional contagion between owners and dogs is possible," the study found. "Thus, dogs may mirror the anxiety and negative expectations of neuroticistic owners in their cortisol variability." So, if you're an anxious person, it's likely that you'll in turn have an anxious dog. If you're more of a go-with-the-flow type, your dog is likely pretty chill as well. Intrigued? These are some other personality traits you and your dog might share.