Where To Go On The Fourth Of July If Fireworks & Crowds Aren't Your Thing


The Fourth of July is almost here, and you know what that means: All of your friends will be posting blurry pictures of fireworks and sparklers on Instagram — YES! If fireworks aren't your jam for any reason (totes understandable, because they can be kind of loud and startling) and you want something a little more quiet to do, we're rounding up six places to visit for the Fourth of July that will be practically empty. Introverts, rejoice.

It's not like you "hate" the Fourth of July. On the contrary, you might pretty much love it because your neighbor is the grill master and always has a BBQ, so you typically invite yourself over for a hot dog before all the guests arrive.

But maybe hectic parties and fireworks just don't tickle your pickle, and that's okay. (FWIW, dogs don't seem to be huge fans either.) There are plenty of other things to do for those of us who want to go someplace a little less... people-y.

Worry not — you can still get some peace and quiet even on the loudest holiday of the year. Here are six places to go on the Fourth of July that might very well be empty, so that you can celebrate in your own unique way.

1. Head For The Most Scenic Hiking Trail

Take your family and friends and visit a scenic hiking trail inside your city or the nearest state park. The ideal place will have a body of water nearby, so you can conclude an exhilarating hike with a swim to cool off. Remember your bug spray.

True, you might still see fireworks off in the distance (that'll be one heck of a view), but you'll be someplace more chill and secluded, where nobody can find you. It either sounds amazing or like the beginning of every horror film.

2. Catch A Movie At The Theater


If you aren’t in the mood for the outdoors, then head to a dark movie theater with a box of Milk Duds. Everyone will be so busy partying it up that you'll probably have the place to yourself, which means you get VIP seating. #Win

And yes, you absolutely do need extra butter on your popcorn. Is there any other way to eat popcorn? (Rhetorical question, obvi.)

3. Belt Out Tunes At A Karaoke Bar

Love to sing? Head out to a karaoke bar with your friends to enjoy an evening of songs and cocktails. Don't worry — nobody's going to judge you if you can't hold a tune. In fact, that's even better. Make sure somebody gets it on camera.

4. Visit Your Neighborhood Zoo

Yes, some zoos have fireworks displays. Others will be dead as a doornail, which means no screaming children or long lines. If your local zoo is open, plan to spend the day there, watching the tigers and talking to sea turtles.

5. Find A Quiet Spot On The Beach

Fireworks on the beach? Don't go there. Go further down. No, further down. Even further! I guarantee you'll eventually find a spot that's completely deserted so you can lounge naked and catch up on your book.

Bring plenty of snacks and beverages, and maybe even build a bonfire at night so you can roast some 'mallows. Nothing will cap the night off better than gooey s'mores.

6. Pick A Destination Out-Of-Town

Jacob Lund/Shutterstock

If you really want peace and quiet, get the eff out of town and go someplace where nobody knows your name. Check into a luxurious hotel in a neighboring city, get pampered at the spa, lounge at the pool, and go wild at your room's mini bar.

Don't forget that you can easily take a quick trip even on a tight budget. Find someplace within a reasonable driving distance, and if funds are a bit tight for a hotel, check out what will be available through Airbnb. The nightly rates can be cheaper.

You can still live it up on the Fourth of July even if you don't want to do it the "traditional" way. What will you be doing for the holiday?