6 Plus Size Ring Brands Any Minimal Jewelry Lover With Thick Fingers Will Adore

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You wouldn’t know it from a quick glance, but if you thought plus size clothes were hard to find, plus size ring brands are even harder. Fashion, as far as clothing goes, has been progressing with its more inclusive sizing, but the jewelry industry is still playing catchup. Rings, in particular, are so small that the everyday person might not take immediate notice to the size discrepancies in ring selections, but they are most certainly there.

Despite what many retailers might have you think, rings aren’t one-size-fits-all. Currently, many fast fashion brands don't offer enough varying ring as many brands' rings range between size 5 through 8 (any higher and you've found a gem). Plus size rings and plus size ring brands are hard to come across, but they're not impossible to find. Some fashion and jewelry brands even make it their mission to design rings for bigger fingers.

Jewelry trends change alongside fashion to complement one another. And since a lot of styles from the ‘90s trends have made their way back into the 2010s, that a lot more minimalist jewelry has come onto the scene. However, ring size ranges haven't completely accompanied the progress that plus size fashion has already made.

So where can a ring lover with thick fingers find plus size ring brands? A bunch of places. The world is a more inclusive place today where rings are not only available in more sizes, but there are fashion brands who dedicate themselves to designing rings for bigger fingers.

Here are 6 plus-size ring brands you should know about to show off those thick digits.


You can shop for rings at Torrid both online and in-store. Plus, the selection of rings is fairly extensive. Most of what ring shoppers can find on the store's site are ring sets, so that you can stack them (and just have a ton of rings on hand). Also, you can rest easy on whether or not they'll fit since ring sizes range from 9 to 12.


ASOS is a brand that is consistent in offering products for different sized customers whether it be width in shoes, plus sizes in clothes, or even plus size jewelry. The online retailer offers plus size rings in S/19 mm (size 9) to XL/22 mm (size 12).

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is already known for providing lingerie, apparel, and athleisure wear for sizes 10 to 32, and the brand's ring size range doesn't fall short of its inclusive initiative (offers sizes 8 to 11). While the clothing brand isn't widely known for its jewelry options, shoppers can find cute statement rings like this bejeweled watermelon or even minimalist ring sets.

Atomic Gold

Automic Gold is something of a game-changing brand with its ring size range hitting the size 16 bracket. The queer-owned brand not only recognizes the need for plus size jewelry, but also universal jewelry for anyone of any body type to wear. Not to mention, all the items are sustainable and reclaimed jewelry designed in the most minimalist of ways.


Another brand committed to designing luxury rings for bigger sized hands is Poirier. This brand is also pushing the boundaries of the jewelry industry in providing even more cute everyday wearable "demi-fine" jewelry pieces that offer ring sizes up to a 13.

Addition Elle

Many plus size shoppers know Addition Elle for its saucy, yet simple lingerie. But if you're in the market for more minimalist, decorative, and statement rings, Addition Elle is also a great place to shop plus size rings. You can shop rings between $10 and $50, so don't feel too bad for splurging on a couple of pieces.

There's still a huge market for plus size jewelry as even a quick internet search will show the options — or lack thereof — for plus size jewelry. But the fact that brands are taking notice and advocating for plus size representation in all facets of fashion is a dope first step in thinking bigger.

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