6 Slice Masks To Shop For The Trendiest Facial Ever

Skin care is a very serious matter, especially during the summer months. You're going to want to find a way to make sure your skin stays hydrated so you have the most glowing complexion all season long. Meeting all of your skin goals involves choosing the right facials to give your skin a break from the sand and sun, so be sure to shop these slice masks to get in on the most recent facial trend just in time for summer.

These masks really couldn't be gaining in popularity at a better time. Considering these are just regular sheet masks cut into circles resembling cucumbers, lemons and more, you're about to have a whole new way to enjoy fruit this season. This fruity way of cleansing practically screams "summer," and that's precisely why you're going to want to get these slices on your face, immediately.

According to Glamour, these Korean Beauty products have become the latest Instagram-worthy skin care trend, but honestly these seem pretty tame in comparison to some of the other popular peel-off or rubber face products, which make them perfect candidates for your "must-try" list. I'd recommend popping these into the refrigerator and then placing them on your face for a nice little treat while warm weather lasts!

Street Love on YouTube

As you can see, it's very easy to apply these slices to your face, and given that they take up such a small space, you're able to mix and match different slices to target certain areas of your face to treat different needs.

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The reviews are in, and beauty vloggers seem to love the latest take on the sheet mask. This video points out how much more wearable these are considering they stick to your face much easier than the full versions.

1. Tomato Slice Mask

Courtesy Urban Outfitters

Kocostar Slice Sheet Mask, $5, Urban Outfitters

According to the product description, this blends cucumber, lemon, rose and tomato to create a moisturizing facial that will boost skin's radiance. This sounds like pretty much everything you could hope for from a face mask, all rolled into adorable "tomato" slices.

2. Pineapple Slice Mask

Courtesy ASOS

Kocostar Pineapple Slice Mask, $6.50, ASOS

Hold on. This is shaped like actual pineapple rings? I can't. Pack it in your suitcase and go on vacation, stat!

3. Watermelon Slice Mask

Courtesy Amazon

A'PIEU Watermelon Slice Mask, $5, Amazon

Watermelon and honey extracts combine to deliver a boost of vitamin B to the skin for a soothing and moisturizing effect.

4. Fruit Slice Eye Mask

Courtesy Amazon

Fruit Slice Eye Mask, $2, Amazon

OK, so these are for your eyes specifically, and they're definitely on-trend. Besides, if you wear these eye masks with some of the slices on your face, you're in for the ultimate pampering session. So, you might as well add these to your cart while you're at it.

5. Slice Mask Assortment

Courtesy Amazon

Nature Republic Sliced Masks, $30, Amazon

You can get cucumber, lemon and watermelon options when you shop this set from Amazon. The coolest thing about these Nature Republic sets is that they have a special slice for your nose area so you get the best coverage possible.

6. Slice Mask Pack

Courtesy Forever 21

Kocostar Sliced Mask Set, $19, Forever 21

Looking to get the most slice sheet action as possible? Get this pack of four for just $19 at Forever 21. According to the product write-up, these are great for your neck, face and arms, so you could apply a different type to each part of your body for some major multi-masking.

Cuteness and skin care combined? I don't know about you, but I'm willing to give this trend a try.