These ‘Far From Home’ Reddit Theories Honestly Sound Plausible

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Spider-Man: Far From Home will officially close out Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it hits theaters on July 2. And with that great power comes great responsibility. Far From Home has to wrap up the grand, epic, Infinity Saga while also being a fun, standalone Spider-Man movie. Surely, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is dealing with a lot as it begins. He's lost his father figure, Tony Stark, he's coping with the fact that he spent five years in some kind of limbo after Thanos's snap and many of his friends are (or should be!) now in their 20s. Certainly the movie will also be full of surprises we don't see coming, like the rest of the MCU. These Reddit theories about Spider-Man: Far From Home try to anticipate those twists and turns though. And some of them may be right!

According to the movie's trailer, the Far From Home plot will find Peter trying to get back to normal by heading on a class trip to Europe. He's leaving his suit behind, trying to experience life as a regular teenager. So, of course, that's when Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) come calling. It's not 100% clear if Mysterio is going to be a good guy working with S.H.I.E.L.D. or the bad guy he is in the comics. It's also not clear whether the real villains of the movie will turn out to be the Elementals, god-like inter-dimentional beings who can wield power over the elements. And that's just to start.

Thankfully, plenty of Redditors have dug through the clues and come up with some viable theories about what's to come.


'Far From Home' Will Tie Up 'Endgame's Loose Ends

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Infinity War and Endgame were pretty huge movies with a zillion characters. But as comprehensive as they were, fans still have plenty of questions left after them. Reddit user Herpmancer theorizes that Far From Home is the final film of the MCU's Phase 3 so that it can serve as an epilogue to the whole Infinity Saga.

"It might be considered still in Phase 3 if it helps to tie up any additional loose ends that didn't make sense to put in Endgame," Herpmancer writes. "Phase 4 won't dwell on the events of Infinity War and Endgame, and will move on to entirely new content."


'Far From Home' Doesn't Just Mean A Trip To Europe

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Peter may be leaving Queens for a romp around Europe, but one Redditor, Griffsterometer, theorizes that the subtitle of the movie, Far From Home, has nothing to do with Peter's trip. They point out that Spidey's already been to space and other planets, so Europe isn't going to actually feel that far. Instead, they believe Far From Home means that Peter is going to be sent to another dimension.

Though the movie's trailer specifies that Mysterio is from another Earth, his trickster background makes his claim suspect. However, Griffsterometer writes, Mysterio's plot may be "sending Spider-Man back to Mysterio's home dimension," where he just might encounter another version of Tony Stark.


The Snap Permanently Changed The World

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It would be pretty naive to think that, if half of the population of the planet disappeared for five years and then reappeared out of nowhere, the world wouldn't have some serious issues. Redditor SpookySpaceKook1 believes that reality we see in Far From Home is going to be seriously different in many ways. Governments will have collapsed, countries may be at war, laws may have changed, and resources may be low.

World issues aside, personal lives will be forever changed based on where people were and what they were doing when the snap occurred. The poster asks, "What if you were in the middle of a road, like Fury? Could you just get ran over ? What if you were mid-sex when you got snapped? Do you just appear naked on your husband's bed where him and his new lover are? Good luck dealing with that." Others in the thread point out that The Battle of New York had huge ramifications, so it's safe to assume the snap would as well.


Mysterio Isn't Who He Says He Is

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Many fans of the Spider-Man comics have already pointed out that Mysterio, played in Far From Home by Jake Gyllenhaal, is a villain in the comic books. Some suspect that Mysterio isn't from another dimension, or multiverse, at all, rather he's creating the Elemental threats, as seen in the trailer, with special effects trickery as a way to make himself a hero.

Redditor Wildmansy takes his deception even further, however, suggesting that Mysterio, "Is not really Quentin Beck (as he is introduced by Fury) but is actually Victor Von Doom...Dr. Doom is not only a master inventor (capable of making giant robots) but a mystic who can rival Dr. Strange himself. Also the elementals they are fighting can represent Doom’s mortal enemies the Fantastic Four." Could the Fantastic Four be making a comeback in Phase 4?

Redditor Scrugulus has another theory: Mysterio is actually Loki. It's not clear if Loki's escape in the 2012 scenes of Endgame mean that he never ended up dying at the hands of Thanos in Infinity War. But Mysterio's trickster personality and Loki's mischief making do resemble one another. "Mysterio is not telling the truth; or that there is someone behind the scenes pulling his strings," Scrugulus writes. "Loki being an experienced shapeshifter and part-time sorcerer fits that theory."


Miles Morales Will Appear


Donald Glover played Aaron Davis, Miles Morales' uncle, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, leading to plenty of speculation that a live action version of Miles Morales would eventually join the MCU. There was even a deleted Homecoming scene in which Aaron spoke with Miles over the phone.

Redditor EDW1NYANG suggests that Miles wasn't one of the 50% of the population that was snapped, which would make him about 16 or 17 years old during Far From Home, and thus one of Peter Parker's new classmates.

"Also we see so many Spider suits [in the trailer] (Iron Spider, Original, Red and Black, Noir), so it makes sense if one of the suits wore by Miles," they write.


Robert Downey Jr. Will Make A Cameo

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Mysterio's possible deception rests on his ability to make sure that Nick Fury and Spider-Man absolutely believe that he is from another dimension. In order to do so, Redditor ImpulsiveBeetle suggests, he's going to conjure up a fake Tony Stark.

"[Mysterio] could turn on Peter and use the personal knowledge he’s gathered to make it appear as if he’s brought Tony Stark from his universe back to theirs," ImpulsiveBeetle writers. "We would get a RDJ cameo and then find out it's been a lie the whole time. Beck will then turn on Spider-Man while he’s now emotionally devastated, believing he just got Tony back. Peter will have to overcome this and move on from Tony’s death in order to save the day."

So do any of these theories have merit? All will be revealed with Spider-Man: Far From Home comes to theaters on July 2.