6 Stylish Gifts To Complete Your Trendiest Friend's Look

Courtesy of Nordstrom Rack

What do you get the most stylish person in your life? After all, they've spent the entire year fielding "what should I wear?" texts from friends and diligently serving as the resident stylist for the whole group, so they definitely deserve a little love and gratitude. For this friend, you'll want to find something as amazing and on-trend as they are. Given that they're usually the one updating you on what to buy next, this is a tough task. Plus, their closet is basically a department store — they waste no time buying themselves the latest kicks, scooping up the season's trendiest bag, or scoring the cutest tops.

But no worries! We've partnered with Nordstrom Rack to gather up a few clever gift ideas for the trendiest people you know. Whether their thing is layering accessories, nailing that "laidback luxe" look, or simply staying connected to the fashion world's pulse, we've got the perfect gift ideas for the trendsetter in your life.

Geode Phone Cases

Chances are your friend already has a few geode pendant necklaces and rings on deck — maybe even a loose crystal or two. Surprise them with a phone case that looks like a twinkling cave, so they can take that gorgeous faceted look with them anywhere they go.

Statement Earrings

A little drama never hurt an outfit, so upgrade your friend's look with a pair of beautiful statement earrings. Find a set that captures their personality, whether it's whimsical and playful or streamlined and elegant.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

The cat-eye shape is classic yet always on trend. Choose a pair of oversized frames with a fresh lens color (think: pink, blue, red, or yellow) to elevate any look.

Cutout Sweaters

Certain pieces — overalls, bodycon dresses — aren't for everyone. But have you ever met someone who didn't like to throw on a cute, comfy sweater? Once the temps dip, your trendiest friend will appreciate a piece that transitions smoothly into the colder months. Choose an oversized style with cute cutouts for a laid-back but luxe vibe.

Stackable Ring Sets

Stack 'em up! Layering accessories has never been easier. With a ring set, your friend can rock a few, wear them all at once, or mix and match with the pieces they already have. Style + versatility = a gifting victory.

Pretty Power Banks

Staying on top of the best style trends means being on your phone 24/7 — and that also means charging your phone 24/7. What could be more perfect for your well-connected friend than a power bank that looks like its own accessory? Yes, please.

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Design: Mary Blount/Bustle.