3 Things You Should NOT Decide On During This Month's Mercury Retrograde

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Leo is going to have a change of mind during Scorpio season.

Mercury retrograde can be a pretty frustrating time for anyone, what with its tendency to cause communication and technological difficulties during its nearly month-long transit. But navigating this period can be as simple as following a few suggestions for what you should and shouldn't do during Mercury's retrograde. Though you can't control what other people do, you can make some assurances for yourself. Avoiding certain decisions that can be easily influenced by the Mercurial planet can give you a little bit of security, while making other decisions could put you in a risky position.

Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about the kinds of choices we want to steer clear of and the kinds of choices that are not only safe to make, but encouraged. Yes, there are definitely benefits to Mercury's retrograde, it's all about riding the event like a wave and doing things that Mercury is in favor of and skipping things that work against its energy. Here's Thomas' suggestions for what to do and what not to do during thing astrologically temperamental time. If you manage to ride the wave of Mercury's retrograde, you'll find yourself in a powerful standing for Leo season, so lean into these ideas:

Do: Focus On Yourself


Thomas tells Bustle that now is the time for you to listen to your intuition and follow your gut. "With Mercury in Leo we are passionate, we must contain that passion to better understand how we can create the world around us that we desire," Thomas explains. Meditation is a good way to harness that inward energy and help sow the seeds to do something productive with it. "Later, when it returns to Cancer, we must listen to our hearts and natural rhythms," Thomas say, reminding us that at that point we can listen to ourselves and trust that we've put enough thought into it to take action.

Don't: Launch New Projects


Though all the chaos of this period might have you itching for something new, Thomas says that you should really instead "focus on what you created or felt before because you missed some of the details." How can you go over your work and make it better? How can you expand or enrich it? Is there anything you missed? Comb through your work and find new ways to make it shine.

Do: Return "Home"


"Home" doesn't necessarily mean the place you grew up in, it can just be a place that you feel safe and comfortable in. A place that gives you pause and security. Thomas tells Bustle that right now, the "past can be a refuge if you let it be," so it's OK to learn into that urge. You might get the comfort you didn't know you needed by returning to a familiar place or person for support.

Don't: Sign Binding Contracts


"Mercury rules negotiations, written and verbal, and will not be happy if you sign that dotted line," Thomas warns, and reminds us that even agreeing to things verbally or over text can count. If you can avoid signing anything binding, simply wait until August to be safe. And if there's a way for you to include a clause for flexibility or insurance, do that.

Do: Reassess, Redesign, Redo, Repair


According to Thomas, "anything with a 're' is favored now because it means you’re revisiting it," and that's kind of the theme of Mercury in retrograde. "During this sacred time, you can make wonderful adjustments that’ll improve everything around you and help you live a happier life," Thomas says. So think about what that means to you: do you need to reorganize your home, do you need to revamp a social situation, do you need to think twice about a responsibility you've signed up for?

Don't: Shell Out A Ton Of Money


When you're feeling stressed as a result of the chaos of Mercury in retrograde, and the struggle of maintaining your professional life during a month that has you craving beach time, you might be tempted to shop. Thomas warns against big purchases during this time as you're likely not buying it from the right frame of mind. If you really want it, wait until August to buy it. If you still want it then, you can indulge. If you feel like you literally can't wait, then you're coming from a manic mindset and that's not a great place to part ways with your finances.