Aldi Is Offering UK Alcohol Delivery During Lockdown

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Panic shopping is sweeping not only the UK but the whole planet and in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, people are considering what's most important ahead of this period of self isolation. Despite constant assertions from the UK Government and retailers, many are irresponsibly stockpiling food meaning there's not enough to go around. However, when it comes to social distancing with no end date in sight, there's one thing you can stock up on pretty much guilt-free. Yep, there are UK alcohol delivery companies prepped, ready, and waiting to help you create a grown-up drinks cabinet.

What do I mean by grown up? Well like, not just two cans of left over party beer and a bottle of corner shop white wine that's been open since you don't know when. Now's the time to have a stash you won't snarf in about five minutes.

As #StaySafeStayHome, a plea from NHS workers to avoid contracting coronavirus, is trending on Twitter, pubs in London are set to close and it's likely that businesses across the UK will follow suit — chances are the only place you'll be getting the bevs in for the foreseeable future is your very own home. So here's how to make sure you don't run dry.


Your Local Beer/Wine Shops/Pubs

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Small businesses are taking a serious hit during these tough times. Why not check if your local bottle shop or pub is doing contactless deliveries?

Apps like Taphunter help you find the best spots near you and you can check their social media or just give them a call to find out if they're able to help.


Your Local Breweries/Wineries

Again, another bunch of local businesses that we must keep open. Go direct to your local alcohol producers and see if they're out and about with deliveries as we speak.

Use this brewery finder from the Society Of Independent Brewers to find your local stash.


Majestic Wines

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Majestic is working tirelessly to ensure that you stay well-stocked with wines. Staff at the company get extra bonus points as, it was revealed this week that when they were given a welfare fund from management, they requested instead to have the money donated to food local banks. OK Majestic hats off to you.

Check out their selection here


The Bottle Club

Maybe all of this isolation is making you feel boujee AF and you're all "I think it's time I started drinking single malt." Well you guys, great news is that the Bottle Club are here with all of your VIP and limited edition alcohol needs.

Get your gargle on here



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Deliveroo is an excellent option for those eager to support local small businesses and for those who aren't quite sure what they actually want. The only downsides are that it's not nationwide and will only work for smaller deliveries.

Check here to see if Deliveroo deliver to you area here



OMG, stop the lights, this is huge. Purveyors of affordable yet excellent booze Aldi are delivering booze right to your door.

Delivery is free for orders of over £20 and although there's a limit of 12 bottles per person to deal with demand — you're not going to do better in terms of high quality products at reasonable prices.

Orders are, understandably, taking longer than usual. Check here to see what you can fill your liquor cabinet with.

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