6 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Travel Companions

by Brittany Bennett

With the spring equinox on the horizon, you might feel the urge to spring towards your suitcase. Dig it out from underneath the heaping mountain of winter jackets and fill it with your top travel essentials. Search for the travel deals sprouting up like budding blooms and gather a friend or two for an adventure. Hard to pick a travel buddy? Their sign might help you decide who to book a trip with. Luckily there are a few zodiac signs that make the best travel companions.

When you choose to tour a locale with a friend it helps to be on the same page of what exactly you want to accomplish. Everyone has their own travel style. While you might want to traverse across the land, collecting adventures, someone else might want to nap on the beach for 6 straight hours, collecting Instagrams. But someone's contrasting style could be a good thing for you. Especially if you have a hard time letting yourself drift to a snooze on a beach.

Traveling with a friend can boost the overall experience of a vacation and the bond of a friendship. Call your Taurus, Gemini, or Virgo best friend and see if they're free for your blocked out travel dates. And then get ready for one of the most memorable trips no matter the destination.


If you're into glitz and glamour, you're going to want to buddy up with your Taurus bud. The bull of the zodiac has an affinity for all that is pretty in this world. Your aesthetic will be Pinterest worthy from the thread count of your posh crashing pad — I mean, palace, probably — to the chairs your lounge on for lunch. Luxury is valued when a Taurus travels. If it's artfully plated salmon roe you're craving, Taurus will have you reaching for the Michelin stars.


Gemini bounces around. With all those personalities, there's never enough of the world to absorb. Traveling with the twins of the zodiac means committing to constant adventure. You'll cover a hefty portion of the map but also enjoy a few moments of rest and relaxation as the whole twin personality thing means Gemini will probably need a day at the spa in addition to that sunrise hike they're begging you to join them on. It'll be one whirlwind trip but you won't be bored for a minute.


Queen of itineraries, you won't be late for one reservation. On a vacation it's nice to have someone stay organized. Someone has to keep all the things you talked about doing moving right along. Virgo has that power. While most vacations are about letting go and throwing caution to the sea breeze, Virgo is the reasoning voice courtesy of their careful nature.


You're ready for full fledged adventure 24/7? Book a trip with your Sagittarius pal. This zodiac sign is known for their magnetic energy. You'll be climbing mountains and dancing until the lights come on or the sun rises. Just bring an eye mask for those few hours in which you can squeeze in some sleep. Get ready to accept a lot of friend requests from all the new friends you and your Sagittarius friend will ~naturally~ make.


Aquarians are independent. And sometimes when you're traveling with a friend, it doesn't hurt to do ~your own thing~ for a little while — and Aquarians will be more than happy to agree to some alone time. But don't get that twisted: An Aquarius knows how to have a fun time with friends in a social setting. You'll probably stay up all light talking about deep things that will fill your travel journal with revelations you were desperate to uncover on this trip that has now turned into some sort of unexpected spiritual journey.


Ready to get cultured? Pisces are emotional, empathetic, and artistic. It's likely that traveling with a Pisces will introduce you to a literal world of museums and concerts and galleries you'd otherwise never wander into. You'll learn about artists they never taught you about in college and have daily heart to hearts with your Pisces bestie. Don't be surprised if you arrive back home with a few one of a kind handmade souvenirs that will help you remember this trip forever.