These 6 Zodiac Signs Will Be Least Affected By The Upcoming New Moon

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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July's new moon will offer a brief period of peaceful reflection and revelatory thoughts — but not for everyone. Some signs will barely feel the astrological significance of the new moon while other signs will be lit up with the effects of it. This is not to say that the zodiac signs the new moon on July 31, 2019 will affect the least are totally exempt from it — it just makes that instead surfing the wave of epic emotions the new moon will bring, they will be paddleboarding over it. In fact, of the more contemplative signs will be having a low-key awakening during July's second new moon.

With a night sky that's darker than usual, and less going on around them than usual, it will prove to be the perfect moment to turn their attention inward and focus on self care. Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about the signs that are least affected by the new moon and what they can expect to feel in lieu of epic happenings. According to Thomas, "least affected" is a subjective term, because while their public lives might be pretty low-key during this time, their personal lives will be emotionally charged. Aka, we're all affected by the new moon, just not to the same degree and in the same way. So, instead, here are the signs that can expect ~internal~ affects:



Nothing epic is going to happen for you Virgo, so it's the perfect time to recharge. And according to Thomas, you really need a bit of peace. "This new moon is your only one of 2019 that is about relaxation," Thomas says. "You’re always on that grind and you love a routine, but how much self-love are you prioritizing? Take a spa day or mini retreat if you can and listen to the inner song within you," Thomas suggests.



"Karma in your relationships will definitely be bubbling up after the new moon because you’re again focusing on what you give and receive in your partnerships," Thomas tells Bustle of Cap's new moon experience. During this time, Thomas suggests Caps ask themselves: are you truly happy with the balance or do things need to be shifted? "Thankfully for you," Thomas says, "if things have been out of line, you can adjust things for the better since this is an open door to change."



While you won't experience any epic physical effects of July's second new moon, you will be feeling more emotional than usual. According to Thomas, this new moon is going to make you feel nostalgic, conjuring memories of old friends and family. All of that reminiscing will actually lead you towards an evaluation of your current status and whether or not you're happy with the life you're building for yourself. Lean into the memories, sometimes looking back can help you see more clearly when you look forward again.



"This new moon is the only one that falls in your values and income sector for 2019," Thomas explains, "so you’ll be thinking about what you own and possess and what it brings to your life." Aka, it's time to Marie Kondo your life and let go of things that no longer serve you. This will make room for new things to enter your life, new things that you'll definitely want space for.



According to Thomas, the imbalance in your work life balance is going to be felt during this time. "It may be time to make sure that things shift in your favor rather than grinding just to a burn out," Thomas goes on to say that "you have an open door after the new moon to improve your health, get on a holistic wellness plan, or even just find a similar job that doesn’t drain you," so make sure you allot the time to consider these big ideas and make a goal list for yourself under the new moon, as you'll be more likely to stick to it and achieve it during this time.



Thomas tells Bustle that Sags will be craving new horizons during this time, but that "for many of you, that’ll start within your mind and spirit." Aka, while other signs are feeling physically inspired and affected by the new moon, you're going to feel it internally. "Find ways to inspire yourself — whether that’s through meditation, taking a new course, reading, or even travel," Thomas suggests.