The July 31 New Moon Will Affect These Zodiac Signs The Most

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On July 31, July's night sky will host its second new moon, making it a Black Moon. This rare event only happens about once every 29 months when there are two new moons in one calendar month, so consider July lucky for giving us two opportunities to be confronted with revelatory information. The zodiac signs that the new moon on July 31 will affect the most are actually fortunate, because although they're in for an emotional ride, it's a progressive one. With Mercury moving out of retrograde on the same night, it will be a rewarding experience for some signs to have a some clarity when it comes to their emotional center.

During the new moon phase, the moon becomes invisible and the other stars and planets in the sky appear to shine brighter. This same phenomenon happens to us on an emotional level. For some zodiac signs, the absence of the moon's glow will bring forth a collection of other factors that are otherwise unnoticeable. What ever issues or feelings that have been neatly tucked away in your subconscious are going to be brought swiftly into the light and into the undeniable conscious during July's new moon. Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about which signs he predicts will experience this emotional confrontation. According to Thomas, our zodiac personalities can influence the level to which we are affected by astrological events, and these are the signs that will be most reactive to July's second new moon:



No pressure, but according to Thomas, this is the most important new moon of the entire year for you, Leo. "Make sure that you’re taking big steps in the 10 days that follow it to create the life of your dreams — this is the universe opening a door to you and this one is in your sign," meaning you're most likely to manifest your desires and goals during this time.



This new moon is going to hit you hard, but don't worry, it's all in the name of love. "Your heart is aflame after the new moon because this is the only pure opening to new love or deeper love in 2019, Aries," Thomas explains. So, make sure that you put yourself out there if you are single, make sure that you try something new if you're in a relationship — and if you're an artist, make sure you're near your canvas, as inspiration might flood you during this time, according to Thomas.



"Ring the bells and update that resume because your professional life is going to be making tracks after this new moon," Thomas predicts. Make sure you have an updated portfolio on hand, as you might meet someone during this time that can really open a door for you. Be ready for it!



Thomas tells Bustle that "improved partnerships can be yours when the cosmos open a door that hasn’t been opened since last year, Aquarius." So whether it's in business or love, be sure to put some energy during this time into the relationships in your life, there might be more there than you think.



All of that creative energy you've been harvesting over this summer is about to burst into the world. Now is the time to share your ideas and learn new skills, your mind is active and hungry, according to Thomas. Reconnecting with siblings and close friends can also be really fulfilling during this time for you and help to nurture your vulnerable creative efforts.



Your social calendar is about to get pretty exciting, Libra. "No one can work a crowd quite like you, so stack your calendar with as many events as possible," Thomas encourages. "If you use the power of this new moon, you’ll be filling your year with closer pals and unique adventures," so say yes to all the parties and put a little extra effort into social interactions, they'll be more fruitful than you can imagine!