These Zodiac Signs Will Have More Luck In Love Thanks To Virgo Season

by Kaitlyn Wylde
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On August 23, the sun will transition into Virgo territory in the sky and we will embark on a highly detailed journey, ending on September 22. Yes, Virgo season is on the horizon, the sweeper sign that shoos the summer away — every last bit of sand and confetti left over from Leo season, to be exact. The zodiac signs Virgo season 2019 will affect the most are going to notice an immediate and serious shift of energy. Though to some extent we will all feel Virgo's influence in the air, there are a few signs that are extra sensitive to the hard-working, highly organized, uber efficiency that is the Virgo energy.

For some, Virgo season is actually going to be the best season of the year. The energy is aligned in a way that allows us to be in harmony with our professional and personal lives. This balance creates even more room for opportunities and new beginnings, so while it might be sad to kiss the summer goodbye over the course of Virgo season, we're getting a pretty good trade off. Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about which signs are going to be most affected by Virgo season. Spoiler alert: the effects are positive, exciting, and will create fulfilling chances that will last you the rest of the year.



"Your heart is about to be lit on fire in such a deep way that you may have never experienced or seen before," Thomas tells Bustle — aka, lucky you, Taurus, the summer of love has only just begun! According to Thomas, the planets are aligned in a way that leaves a door wipe open for you in the house of love. If you're single, Thomas says to get out there. If you're in a relationship, Thomas says expect big changes and commitments. And, if you're not looking for love right now, Thomas says you can channel this romantic way in a very fulfilling creative way.



If you've put off shopping all summer, get ready to have a little too much fun shopping for your fall wardrobe. "Your income is exploding, Leo, as long as you assert yourself and continue to build your kingdom." In other words, you're doing really well, but you have to keep the momentum going. Instead of relaxing and spending your riches, Thomas suggests that you "consider ways to monetize more." So spend a little, and then get back to work and keep adding money to your savings while the energy around you supports your financial growth.



It's your birthday month, Virgo, so obviously you're going to be feeling the energy a bit more than everyone else. "You’re in the spotlight now as most of the planets are behind you to create the life of your hopes and dreams — you will have more courage, drive, and energy at this time, as well as more magnetism, charm, and beauty," Thomas tells Bustle. Essentially, now is the time to reach for whatever you want in life, you have all of the stars aligned for you be successful.



According to Thomas, now is the time of year that you’ll be thinking a great deal about your hopes, dreams, and longterm plans. If there's something you want to try, now is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and reach for it. The best use of your energy though, according to Thomas, is to connect with a community. Whether it's where you live, where you work out, the people who enjoy similar hobbies or interests — those are going to be the people that you're going to want to connect with the most during this time, and having them in your life will really enrich it. Aka, network in all areas of your life.



Sags are going to get some relief in their professional lives. "Your career is lighting up in ways you may have never seen before, Sagittarius, and it’s about time — you’ve been pushing to reach new heights with hiccups happening here and there," Thomas tells Bustle, letting Sags know that snag-free time is on the horizon. "The universe is clearing out the work blockages and allowing the winds of change to come. Consider how you can rise higher in your industry or become crowned with achievements," Thomas goes on to say, so don't limit yourself this season, and fake it until you make it if you have to. You deserve to be in the industry that you've chosen.



Just a bit ahead of cuffing seasons, Pisces is going to feel some extreme romantic energy that's going to change the course of their entire lives. "You’re the most blessed of all when it comes to partnership, commitments, and marriage at this time, and you’re going to feel like you finally have a better vision of what you need in a relationship," Thomas tells Bustle. "You may have already found your one and only, or perhaps you’re still looking. The stars are truly aligned for you to connect with a soulmate who completes you, so be sure to go out there," he goes on to say. If you're not interested in love at this time, put some of that harmonious energy into your work life and see if it improves your relationships with co-workers. Kindness and passion isn't only for romantic love.