Astrologers Say This Sign Should Watch Out For Their Exes During This Month's Mercury Retrograde

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Y'all holdin' up OK through this astrologically-charged summer? Mercury retrograde summer 2019 officially went into action on Jul. 7, and it's raging on through Jul. 31 — much to the deep, dark dismay of every detail-oriented, schedule-addicted Virgo in existence. But don't get it twisted: Mercury retrograde affects every zodiac sign. When the planet of communication, technology, and intellect takes one of its approximately tri-annual backspins, we all feel the affects when it comes to the Mercury-ruled areas of our lives. That said, Virgos — our zodiac's resident organization freaks — might feel particularly put out by a Mercury retrograde for a number of reasons. And this summer's backspin is no exception.

You see, in astrology, every sign has a ruling planet assigned to it. Virgo happens to be ruled by none other than Mercury itself. And when you think about Mercury's astrological jurisdiction, it makes sense: Mercury rules over things like timing, schedules, and getting from place to place, and those are some of the things that make a Virgo tick. Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, but as an air sign, Gems take on more of the communication and intellect oriented qualities of the planet, while earth sign Virgo takes on more of the logistical, schedule oriented traits.

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Being an earth sign, Virgos are practical and rational by nature. Of all the signs, they're likely the most naturally organized, they thrive on a clean, thoroughly-planned itinerary, and they have an impeccable eye for detail. Virgo energy is what you want to call on when cleaning up your Google calendar or Marie Kondo-ing the heck out of your apartment.

That all said, as you can imagine, when Mercury goes retrograde, a Mercury-ruled Virgo is bound to really feel it. When schedules go awry, appointment times get confused, and everyone starts showing up late to everything for beyond-our-control reasons, it can really get under a Virgo's skin — since for them, being on top of things like this is generally a pleasant task (not to mention a walk in the park).

With all that Mercury influence on them, Virgos might need a lil' extra personal guidance through this month's oh-so-pesky retrograde, as it's definitely hitting them hard. Bustle chatted with astrologer Lisa Stardust to get the dish on some Mercury retrograde summer 2019 Virgo predictions, so Virgo babies, gather round. Read on to find out what's in store for you through the rest of this retrograde and how to roll with the astrological punches without totally exhausting yourself.

Make Sure To Get Enough Rest


You love a jam-packed, highly efficient schedule more than anyone, Virgo, but during this retrograde you might find the universe asking you to chill. "You’re extra tired these days, so give yourself more sleepy time and allow extra nap time in your day," advises Stardust. "Don’t push your energy." Instead of reaching for that extra cup of coffee late in the day, think through your priorities and see if you can't squeeze in a nap instead.

Feeling Overly Paranoid? Don't Let It Get You Down

OK, so communication has officially gone fully haywire now that we're knee deep in this summer's Mercury retrograde — and because of the high likelihood of typos, minced words, and misconstrued social signals, you might find yourself second guessing other people's intentions more, and feeling extra sensitive. "Being ruled by chatty Mercury, who is rolling backwards, may make you feel paranoid and as if people are taking about you behind your back," explained Stardust in an interview with Bustle. Remember that it's more than likely nothing but a misunderstanding.

You'll Probably Be In The Mood For Romance


"You’re in the mood to love," shares Stardust with Bustle. It's true: You might find yourself feeling more romantically open and yearning to connect. And it makes sense: When all the things that typically make you feel in control are currently out of control, you're craving that extra bit of comfort, security, and sweetness that a romantic prospect can bring. Keep in mind that if you start up a fling during Mercury retrograde, it's not going to be likely to last — if you can hang with that, then snuggle up.

That Said, Be Selective About Who Gets In Your Heart Right Now

Now, you're right, I did say to go ahead and warm your Mercury-retrograde-shaken heart with a lil' bit of romance. But that said, keep your very Virgo diligence and wit about you and be wary of falling head over heels during this transit. "[M]ake sure the person you are giving your heart to is worth it," warns Stardust. Keeping a little lock n' key around your heart — even if it's just during the retrograde period — is going to be helpful if you want to avoid a fallout later on.

Tread Lightly With Exes


Like clockwork, Mercury retrograde always seems to prompt a DM or out-of-the-blue "I miss you" text from an ex-lover — or perhaps you're the ex-lover doing the dirty work this time around! So long as you're aware of this transit's penchant for drudging up the past and making you feel a lil' nostalgic, you can roll with it. "You may be inclined to flirt with an ex," explains Stardust, "which is fine as long as you keep the convo light." Again, lock and key around the heart — you got this.

Remember The Real MVP In Your Life: You!

Don't underestimate Mercury retrograde's power to exhaust us, Virgo — and don't forget that we're only just coming off a seriously heavy eclipse season, too! With all these bumps in the road and cosmic changes afoot, prioritizing self-care and you time is going to be an absolute must. "It’s time to rest up and reconnect with your inner self," shared Stardust in an interview with Bustle. "Take time away to reassess your feelings." There's a lot being dropped on your lap astrologically, so give yourself the time and space you need to process it all effectively.