60 Dope Things On Amazon Prime That Have A Cult Following

It's hard to imagine that knife sets and hair brushes could inspire such fanatical enthusiasm, yet scroll through some of Amazon's highest-rated products with a cult following, and you'll be amazed at the thousands of people enthusiastically backing them up. Sure, there are indeed some genius products on Amazon — there are gadgets that de-pit avocados automatically (sold), yoga mats that give you a massage (yes, please), and pillows that run the length of your entire body (OK, get me one now). Still, you wouldn’t think these inanimate objects would inspire the kind of fandom that causes over 8,000 people to become so obsessed they write multi-paragraph reviews that span the full length of the page. But they do — and when they do, it’s worth taking note.

Then again, when you see some of the ingenuity behind these products, it begins to make sense. Some of the products are adored because they're made with exceptional quality. Others solve one of those small but consistently annoying nuisances in life. Others yet, just make your life better. I mean, a spring-loaded device that presses meat into instant hamburgers may sound a little weird, but can anyone argue it doesn't make your life better? For various reasons, each of these items have driven thousands of fans to express their undying devotion.

1. A Knife Set With Solid Blades Of Stainless Steel

Made with high-quality stainless steel, this 7-piece stainless steel knife set comes with all the basics. Each knife is rust and tarnish-resistant so it lasts a long time and stays sharp forever. They have ergonomic handles, so they’re easy to hold, and the set comes with a professional-grade knife sharpener.

2. A Miracle Face Cream Made From Snail Slime

Nothing sounds more appealing than some snail mucin on the face, right? Well, judge not, because over 1,300 rabid fans on Amazon have declared this the repair cream for most skin woes. The product is made from 92 percent snail mucin — which helps make skin bouncy and bright — with a splash of adenosine, peptides, and vitamins thrown in for good measure. The combination is said to regenerate skin, treat blemishes, and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. It's also great for sensitive skin, and has sold millions of units in Korea.

3. A Fiber Lash Mascara That Amplifies Your Lashes By 300 Times

With a fully waterproof, smudge-proof formula, this fiber lash mascara makes your lashes up to 300 times more voluminous in five quick minutes. The soft, green tea fibers are hypoallergenic and won’t irritate your or give you that watery, “I just poked my eye with the mascara wand” look. It’s easy to apply and lasts all day.

4. A Bag Of Air-Purifying Charcoal That Eliminates Unwanted Odors

This non-toxic and fragrance-free air purifying bag is packed with natural bamboo charcoal that naturally pulls moisture and unwanted odors out of the air. One bag, which is reusable for up to 2 years, can freshen spaces as large as 90 square feet, making it perfect for cars, closets, and bathrooms. In addition to fighting questionable smells, it also prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria and protects from allergens and pollutants in the air.

5. A Facial Brush That Deep Cleans Your Pores

Thousands of Amazon reviewers are impressed with how this facial cleansing brush works, saying it left their skin looking better than it ever had in a short amount of time. Unlike similar devices that only have one brush, this system comes with seven heads for different functions including an exfoliator, a makeup sponge, a crude polish accessory, a pumice applicator, and brushes with varying degrees of softness. These different brush heads help increase blood circulation, massage cleanser into the face to remove dirt, and clean pores. It's also safe to use in the shower.

6. A Peeling Mask That Leaves Your Feet Baby Soft

The perfect mask for anyone with dry, cracked heels, this beloved foot peeling mask — which is adored by over 1,700 Amazon customers — tackles your rough feet by sloughing off the outer layer of skin, leaving them feeling smooth and baby soft. With 17 invigorating extracts including grapefruit, sage, lemon, tea plant, apple, ivy, and watercress, the formula will remove calluses, treat bacteria, reduce odor, moisturize skin, and energize your whole foot. Wear the booties for an hour or so, then wait a few days for the dry skin to literally peel off. One reviewer writes: "This product is amazing! Watching the dead skin on your feet peel off in sheets is a bit disgusting, but the smooth results are totally worth it. It really works."

7. A Genius Automatic Fabric Defuzzer That Removes All The Lint From Your Clothes

Never again will you find your knit top covered with little balls of lint, courtesy of this amazingly genius fabric defuzzer. The clever contraption requires nothing more than two double AA batteries to almost instantly free your sweaters and stretch pants from fuzz, lint and pilings. The device features a large “shaving” head that works the magic to remove the unwanted lint while protecting your garment from any thinning or damage. It has a handy no-mess lint catcher to trap all the fuzz and offers three settings depending on how thick your lint pile-up is. Add to that a comfy ergonomic grip handle and this is the perfect laundry assistant.

8. A Variety Of Sheet Masks To Address Every Skin Concern

You'll find a sheet mask to solve every one of your skin dilemmas in this pack of 16 Korean beauty masks. From charcoal masks that unclog pores and prevent blackheads to hydrating cucumber and soothing green tea masks, your every skin goal will be met and your skin will look and feel more radiant and clean.

9. An Aromatherapy Mist That Uses Lavender & Chamomile To Relax Your Mind

If you struggle to fall asleep at night, spritz this premium aromatherapy mist in your bedroom and feel the calming effects of chamomile and lavender essential oils. Dubbed the “pillow potion,” its comforting aroma has a sedating effect to relax your body and mind. The mist, which doubles as a toner, is made from distilled water, essential oils, jojoba oil, witch hazel, rosemary extract and aloe vera. It's also hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and alcohol-free.

10. A Ridiculously Popular Flat Iron That Can Straighten And Curl Your Hair

This hair straightener has over 30,000 reviews on Amazon — and for good reason. Not only are the durable ceramic plates infused with tourmaline that produces silkier, shiner results, but they allow for more even heat distribution, which means less damage in the long run. As if that wasn't enough, the plates can flip, curl, or straighten, and since they have curved edges, they won't snag your hair.

11. A Personal Water Filter For Clean Water When You're On The Go

Clean and healthy drinking water is important, but it isn't always attainable, especially if you travel or go hiking and camping. This personal water filter removes 99.9 percent of bacteria from water and can provide up to 1,000 gallons of clean drinking water. The best part is it doesn't require batteries or electric — just tote it along with you and it serves as insurance that you'll always have healthy water.

12. A Bluetooth Car Radio That Works In Place Of An AUX Cable

If you're driving an older car model and lack an AUX cable to play your music. This highly-rated Bluetooth car kit is the perfect solution. The radio allows you to connect your phone to the dashboard on a bendy adapter that plays music and lets you make hands-free calls. The sounds quality is crystal clear, and the large LCD display shows you exactly what's playing and which calls are coming in.

13. A Towel That Reduces Blow Drying Time By 50 Percent

A hair towel that cuts down blow drying time by one half is the kind of claim that would be hard to believe if there weren't nearly 2,000 people raving about it, ensuring us of its magic. Using specially designed microfibers, the towel soaks up moisture while reducing frizz, allowing you to dry your hair for a faster air dry, or get it most of the way there and finish off with a blow dryer. Either way, it greatly reduces the amount of frizz, dryness, and breakage that comes with using regular towels. One reviewer said: "Cut hair drying time down to 8 minutes. BLESS THIS PRODUCT."

14. A Classic Men's T-Shirt That's Super High-Quality

This classic T-shirt comes in a variety of colors, and is comfortable AF to wear — it's got a tagless neck, a straight hem, and short sleeves — and is constructed from breathable 100 percent cotton. Reviewers love that they don't wrinkle, they don't pill, and they're great to wear alone or as a piece for layering.

15. A Gadget That De-Pits Avocados In An Instant

The genius of a kitchen gadget that slices through your avocado rind, instantly de-pits it, and then cuts it into seven evenly sliced pieces in one fell swoop can't be overstated. This dishwasher-safe, 3-in-1 avocado slicer features a stainless steel pitter and a comfortable, no-grip handle. It is slim and compact so you can easily fit it into your utensil drawer without it catching all the time. If you're someone who eats lots of avocados, this will be your BFF.

16. A Shampoo Brush That Massages Your Scalp

This luxurious massaging brush works by teaming up with your regular shampoo to exfoliate your scalp while you're washing your hair. The soft and flexible rubber tips, combined with the tool's gentle vibration, increase blood flow to the scalp, reducing dryness and dandruff. It also claims that the vibrations may stimulate hair growth. The water-resistant device — which provides relaxation in addition to its extra cleansing benefits — is available in black, white, green, and purple.

17. A Sweet-Smelling Shampoo That Can Make Your Hair Grow Thicker

Made from a blend of rosemary, green tea, mulberry, argan, primrose oil, this shampoo can help promote hair growth and smells delightful, too. Formulated with biotin, the extra strength b-complex shampoo slows hair shedding and stimulates the follicles, resulting in thicker, more voluminous hair. It also removes DHT buildup — a culprit in hair shedding — as well as B5 zinc coconut oil which helps clean aways dandruff flakes and scales. “I have thinning hair,” said one happy Amazon user. “This is by far the best volumizer and scalp stimulating shampoo I have tried in years.”

18. A Pair Of Stretchy, Sweat-Wicking, Anti-Chafe Leggings That Come In A Huge Range Of Colors

If you’ve been searching for a pair of leggings to buy online, look no further: These stretchy yoga pants have a near-perfect rating, so they’re a no-brainer. They come in a huge variety of colors, too, and you can even get them in three-packs if you’re looking for a value. Made of a four-way stretch fabric that wicks away sweat, these cropped leggings have a wide waistband that sits just below the belly button and hidden pocket where you can stash your keys.

19. A Roller That Slices Pizza Without Destroying The Toppings

Calling all pizza lovers: this spectacular pizza cutter wheel is going to change your life. With a mega-sharp blade, you'll never again have to cut back and forth on your pizza, disheveling your toppings and sending cheese and pepperoni flying all over the place. It also has an easy-grip, ergonomic handle, dishwasher-safe materials, and a protective blade guard to keep your fingers safe while slicing.

20. A Shoe Deodorizer Made With Essential Oils

Not only does this all-natural odor eliminator spray neutralize scents, but the antifungal formula also kills the bacteria that cause foot odor. It’s crafted from four essential oils and has a fresh citrus scent.

21. A Relaxing Foot Massager That Also Treats Pain

This high-quality foot massager is made from polished Theaceae wood that's incredibly sturdy, resulting in a foot massage that relieves tired feet, circulates blood flow, and refreshes. Its comfortable design fits any foot size, and it'll stay put as you move both feet on it. One reviewer talks about the longterm benefits of this highly-reviewed foot massager: "Over years of working on my feet, I have developed chronic foot pain. After using approximately half a hour daily for a month, pain almost completely gone."

22. A Party Game That Generates Ridiculously Funny Memes

This fairly raucous and very on-trend party game 435-card deck is chock-full of hilarious photos and NSFW caption cards that make you compete against your friends to try and come up with the funniest memes — it has 360 caption cards and 75 photo cards to make the most ridiculous ones you can come up with. According to some reviewers, it's more fun than Cards Against Humanity, and just as unsavory.

23. A Fitness Tracker That Doesn't Cost Hundreds Of Dollars

Teslasz Bluetooth Fitness Tracker, $17, Amazon

This Bluetooth fitness tracker monitors steps, counts distance, tracks sleep, sends alerts, and offers call reminders — all for under twenty bucks. This particular model connects to the VeryFit 2.0 app, precisely calculating how many steps you take daily. It's also water-resistant, has an alarm function, and reviewers say it's not only good for the price, but even better than other, more expensive versions.


24. A Makeup Tool That Creates The Perfect Cat Eye Every Time

WingLiner by Vogue Effects Black, $13, Amazon

If you love a good cat eye, but have trouble creating ones that are symmetrical, this nifty makeup tool is for you. This water-proof, smudge-proof pen has two ends: one with a stamp, and one with a traditional pointed eyeliner. It has over 1,300 rave reviews with a 4.5-star rating, so you know it really works. Choose from two sizes: classic and petite.


25. A Multi-Tool That Actually Fits In Your Wallet

Wallet Ninja, $13, Amazon

How many multi-tools can you think of that are so slim they'll lay flat in your wallet like a credit card? Probably none, which is why this wallet multi-tool has acquired such a cult following. Made with heat-treated black steel, this tiny gadget has 18 different functions including a bottle opener, six hex wrenches, a can opener, a cell phone stand, a Phillips screwdriver, a flathead, and two eyeglass screwdrivers. It's also guaranteed to not bend or rust for as long as you own it.


26. A Stretching Strap That Increases Flexibility And Enhances Muscle Recovery

OPTP Original Stretch Out Strap, $16, Amazon

This 76-inch stretching strap was the first ever stretcher on the market and continues to get rave reviews 25 years later. The woven nylon strap has 10 individual loops that make it versatile enough for a variety of heights and flexibility levels. Designed and recommended by physical therapists, the band is ideal for warming up, cooling down, or exercising. Just use the durable strap to go through exercises in the included instruction booklet to not only give yourself greater flexibility and better muscle recovery, but to also reduce the risk of injury.


27. A Stretchy Silicone Lid Cover That’s An Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Plastic Wrap

Orblue Silicone Stretch Lids (pack of 6), $12, Amazon

These awesome silicone lid covers can stretch to fit over odd-shaped mugs, bowls, and cups, so you can finally ditch plastic wrap once and for all. The BPA-free product is heat resistant up to 450 degrees, letting you quickly heat up your leftovers in the microwave and oven without worry. Sold in a set of six with a variety of sizes, the lids are leak-proof and air-tight to keep your food fresh and safe on the way to your next picnic. And once you get home, just pop them in the dishwasher and recognize why over 1,300 reviewers adore this product.


28. A Hair Straightener That Comes With A Full Styling Kit

MiroPure Hair Straightener, $41, Amazon

The magic in this hair straightener is that it brushes and detangles hair while it straightens, saving plenty of time in the process. It has 16 different heat settings, meaning you can use it to effectively straighten any hair type or texture. The double-iconic generator delivers smooth style without any frizz, and the iron heats evenly in under a minute, resulting in perfectly styled hair in a shorter amount of time. It even comes with a glove to protect your hand from burns as you brush it through.


29. A Scrub That Whitens Your Teeth With Charcoal

Tuxedo Teeth Whitener, $21, Amazon

Whitening your teeth with charcoal sounds a little bit crazy but Amazon users are utterly obsessed with it. This teeth whitening kit from Tuxedo is one of the top-ranked dental whitening products on Amazon, with almost 2,000 reviews and tons of amazing before-and-after photos. The product uses an antibacterial, anti-fungal powder with activated coconut charcoal to skip the chemicals and deliver a natural whitening formula to brighten teeth and remove stains almost instantly. It's perfect for anyone who drinks a lot of coffee or wine and has the yellow smile to prove it.


30. A Book That Empowers You Not To Give A F*ck

The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck, $15, Amazon

This book — The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck is a cult classic anywhere you go, whether you're reading reviews on Amazon or participating in pop culture at large. It's part of what launched Mark Manson's blog to fame and basically says that no f*cks given is the key to life — and will lead to a more productive, happier existence. It's sold over two million copies and been a number one New York Times bestseller.


31. A Simple Phone Stand With Over 5,000 Reviews

Lamicall Cell Phone Stand, $10, Amazon

There's something to be said for simple elegance, and this cell phone stand fully encapsulates that. With black aluminum alloy and a sleek, minimalist design, the lightweight contraption is compatible with most iPhones and Androids. On top of that, it has a secondary cult following because, perhaps unbeknownst to the maker, it fits the hooks for the Nintendo Switch fit, as well as the height, with perfect precision. It's also a great height for Facetiming or watching YouTube videos, and the convenient hole in the back makes charging while watching easy.


32. A Day Planner That Teaches You How To Crush Goals

Panda Planner, $25, Amazon

If procrastination is an issue for you, the Panda Planner will change your life. The organizational day planner is structured around a handful of scientifically-backed strategies for setting goals and following through. In addition to providing a place to hash out your schedule, the planner comes with seven e-books and a mini video course that teach you productivity skills.


33. A Tub Drainer That Makes Cleanup Easy

TubShroom Drainer, $13, Amazon

When 11,000 people are excited about a tub drainer, it must be something pretty exceptional. The TubShroom is the easy way to prevent clogged drains in the shower from hair and random build-up — the mushroom-like shape lets more water flow, gathering hair around the bottom lip where you can't see it. When you're ready to clean it out, rather than using a gross, soggy tissue to mop up the hairs you just pop it out and wipe with one clean swipe.


34. Comfy No-Show Socks That Prevent Blisters

Eedor Thin Casual No-Show Socks, $9-17 (3 to 8 Pack), Amazon

You probably have more than one pair of shoes kicking around that don't look good with socks, but can cause blisters if you wear them without some layer of protection. These no-show socks are perfect for those shoes (and all shoes) — they're thin, breathable, and truly cut low enough to stay hidden in shoes. At the same time, they provide a barrier that prevents friction and blisters.


35. An Oil Diffuser That Has Rotating LED Lights

URPOWER Oil Diffuser, $19, Amazon

An attractive way to disperse delightful smelling aromas throughout your home, this 130-milliliter oil diffuser is another fan favorite. On top of emitting a mist of heavenly essential oil-based smells, it has a color-changing LED mood light that goes from blue to pink to purple to red to yellow to green to orange. Coated in wood grain, it looks good in your house in addition to being functional.


36. A Vacuum That Gets Rid Of Pet Hair

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum, $30, Amazon

This handheld vacuum has a rubber nozzle that is designed specifically to clean up pet hair. The nozzle pulls hair and dirt out of upholstery and pretty much any other surface. It’s also compact, which makes it easy to vacuum tight spaces including stairs and pet beds. The vacuum comes with two nozzles to choose from and a 16-foot power cord for bonus flexibility. Of course, you can use it for regular, non-pet messes, too.


37. A Super Soft Eye Mask Made From 100 Percent Silk

Jersey Slumber Silk Sleep Mask, $9, Amazon

You can sleep anywhere at any time by slipping on this 100 percent silk eye mask that completely blocks out light without suffocating your skin. Breathable and super soft, it’s designed for minimal rubbing so it won’t bother your eyes or crush your lashes. It’s also built with a pain-free, adjustable strap that keeps the mask in place while you sleep. Plus, say goodbye to those pesky lines that often come with wearing a sleep mask, because since this one’s made from silk, it won’t leave any marks.


38. These Essential Oils That Are 100 Percent Natural

ArtNaturals Essential Oils Set Of 16, $20, Amazon

ArtNaturals uses the latest steam-pressing techniques to create their high-quality essential oils sold in an 16-pack of their top scents including orange, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender. The allergen-free oils can be combined with a carrier oil for use in your skincare routine or popped into a diffuser or vaporizer for gentle aromatherapy. They come in 10-milliliter bottles and are both paraben and cruelty free.


39. An Ultra-Popular Eye Gel That Uses Hyaluronic Acid To Treat Puffy Eyes

Baebody Eye Gel, $24, Amazon

If you want to wake up bright eyed and fresh, this eye gel is the all-in-one solution to hydrating, soothing, and plumping the delicate tissue around your eyes while you sleep. The gel is composed of hyaluronic acid, plant stem cells, and vitamin E to target dark circles while both toning and moisturizing. But if you need see the results to believe it, dozens of the 10,000 Amazon reviewers, left before and after pictures that back-up their rave reviews.


40. An Eyebrow Shaper That Has A Built-In Skin Guard For Your Safety

Schick Silk Touch-Up Eyebrow Shaper & Facial Hair Razor (3-Pack), $7, Amazon

Shape your eyebrows like a pro with these mini eyebrow shapers. The tiny razors painlessly trim and groom your brows for precise lines through the tip. Small enough to fit into your purse or wallet, it comes with a built-in skin guard to protect against cuts and slips. Delicate enough to use on the rest of your face or bikini line, it’s no wonder almost 1,000 reviewers love these shavers and their super low price tag.


41. No-Tie Laces That Turn Any Pair Of Shoes Into Slip-Ons

Xpand No-Tie Shoelaces System, $10, Amazon

Whether you’re an avid runner or simply don’t want to go through the hassle of tying your shoes every morning, these no-tie shoelaces are a major convenience. One simple “installation” turns your favorite pair of lace-up shoes or boots into slip-ons. They come in a ton of colors and stay in place no matter the climate or activity. Also perfect for young kids, the elderly, or anyone who has trouble tying their shoes, these no-tie laces will take the frustration out of rushing out the door.


42. A Journal That’s Designed To Record One Memory A Day For Five Years

One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book, $12, Amazon

If you’ve always wanted to keep a journal but felt overwhelmed by empty pages, this five-year memory book was created for you. It has 365 pages divided into five lines so you can easily jot down one sentence about your day and read annual comparisons of your life. The light blue journal is loved by reviewers— it has over 700 five-star reviewers— who write the “quality is excellent” and that it “has held up beautifully to the wear and tear of handling it for five years.”


43. A Hypoallergenic Pillow With Over 10,000 Reviews On Amazon

Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow, $50, Amazon

Apparently the perfect pillow just might exist — judging by its 10,000 reviews and near-perfect rating on Amazon. Made from a cool-touch bamboo exterior with a breathable, shredded memory foam interior, this hypoallergenic pillow is completely customizable thanks to a external zipper that lets you adjust the amount of filling. Designed to never lay flat, it’s easy to wash and works great for back, stomach, side, and pregnant sleepers alike.


44. A Shower Curtain That Has Mesh Pockets To Hold Shampoos

MAYTEX Shower Curtain, $13, Amazon

It's a mystery how it is that no one thought to put pockets on shower curtains before this brilliant bathroom accessory came along. The polyethylene-vinyl-acetate shower curtain is chloride-free and features nine mesh pockets all over the interior side so you can store your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, bath sponges, and other personal care items in convenient little pockets, freeing up space on the tub and in the shower. It can easily be washed with a damp cloth, and the pockets have little holes to drain the water from them to prevent mold.


45. A Handheld Steamer That Gets Wrinkles Out Of Clothing

PurSteam Elite Powerful Steamer, $25, Amazon

No iron? No problem. This portable powerful garment steamer can be used anywhere — just add water, plug it in and it heats up in 90 seconds, generating enough steam to get wrinkles out of clothing and even heavier fabrics like drapes and upholstery. This lightweight steamer travels anywhere and has a 90-foot power cord.


46. A Spice Rack That You Don't Have To Mount Anywhere

YouCopia Spice Rack, $40, Amazon

This awesome spice rack, which comes in either white or black, easily organizes up to 60 spices. It will accommodate both round and square-shaped bottles and involves absolutely no nails, hammers, or mounting tools of any kind. Just place in on the counter or up in a cabinet and you're good to go, with all of your spices perfectly organized. As a bonus, the package includes 48 pre-printed spice labels and another 48 blank labels to cater to your specific spice cabinet.


47. A Cast Iron Skillet That’s So Stick-free You Can Fry Eggs In It

Lodge L8SK3 Pre-Seasoned Skillets, $30, Amazon

These simple skillets have almost 9,000 reviews on Amazon filled with people raving about their astonishing ability to sauté, sear, bake, and stir-fry all kinds of food items without them sticking to the pan. The pre-seasoned heirloom skillets pride themselves being capable of cooking delicate items like eggs and cornbread without leaving part of your meal stuck to the sides. The ultra-durable skillets distribute heat with eerie consistency and are so well-built they will literally last a lifetime.


48. A Pack Of Universal Sponges That Can Clean Anything

STK Magic Cleaning Sponges, $8 (20 Pack), Amazon

These thick sponges are able to clean almost anything, from leather to steel, just using water. This means you won’t need to use any abrasive chemicals to clean your walls and other surfaces. And with this 20 pack, you’ll have enough sponges to last you for ages. They’re also completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and cost significantly less than their name-brand competitors.


49. An Acne Treatment That Uses Tea Tree Oil To Fight Blemishes And Remove Scars

TreeActiv Acne Spot Treatment, $23, Amazon

Not only will this acne treatment by TreeActiv zap your zits, but it promises to keep your skin soft and supple. With more than 1,000 reviews, it’s clear this clay-based formula succeeds. Infused with bacteria-fighting tea tree and oil-clearing pink grapefruit oils, this treatment smells just as good as it feels on your skin.


50. A Miracle Balm That Treats All Types Of Skin Conditions — From Cracked Heels To Ringworm

Puriya Wonder Balm, $33, Amazon

Whether you’ve got a bacterial infection like athlete’s foot or simply have severely dry or itchy skin, this antimicrobial, antiseptic balm fights skin conditions caused by fungus, bacteria, and yeast. Also great for things like ringworm or cracked heels, it prevents any further irritation and also calms itching and inflammation. Made with therapeutic-grade essential oils like tea tree and eucalyptus, this ointment is essential to keep on-hand in any household. It’s all-natural and free of synthetic and other questionable chemicals, so you can safely use it on any type of skin.


51. A Smoothing Cream That Helps With Razor Burn

Tend Skin Smoothing Cream, $22, Amazon

If your skin tends to flare up into a rash of angry bumps and ingrown hairs every time you shave or wax, this fantastically effective smoothing cream may be just the thing. The formula — which is safe to use on your legs, underarms, bikini line, and everywhere in between — works to calm bumps and clean out hair follicles to prevent ingrown hairs. One Amazon reviewer said: "I absolutely love this product. I use it right after and between my Brazilian wax to avoid any ingrown hairs. It literally takes care of them overnight, even used on a pimple on my face and disappeared the next day."


52. This Ultra Soothing And Intensive Cream That Delivers Calming Relief To Sore Areas

Penetrex Pain Relief Cream, $19, Amazon

For relief from neck, back, hip, wrist, or discomfort virtually anywhere on the body, you'll want to grab this pain relief cream from Penetrex. Unlike other pain relief creams that just mask pain with warming and cooling sensations, this cream actually helps deal with inflammation which is often the root cause of discomfort. Formulated with arnica, vitamin B6, and other healing ingredients, this paraben-free cream doesn't glide on greasy, but instead has a subtle feel that's quickly absorbed into skin. More than 21,000 reviewers rave about this product, referring to it as "magic in a jar" and others declaring "this stuff really does work!"


53. An Oral Rinse That Prevents Morning Breath Without Alcohol

TheraBreath Oral Rinse (pack of 2), $15, Amazon

Not a fan of funky morning breath? This alcohol-free oral rinse neutralizes sulfur-producing bacteria to keep your breath fresh up to 24 hours. The vegan formula includes no artificial flavors or colors and has a mild mint flavor that even neutralizes the scent of garlic or cigarettes. Created not to sting or burn, the mouthwash is non-acidic to prevent tooth sensitivity or enamel erosion. With all these benefits, it’s no shock this rinse has almost 3,000 reviews on Amazon.


54. A Silky Pillow Case That Stops Your Hair From Matting

Sweet Dreams Satin Pillow Case, $10, Amazon

This satin pillow case will transform your sleep experience from a regular old everyday thing, into a luxurious, spa-like treat. The 300 thread-count polyester fabric keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter while also reducing bed head, tangles, and breakouts. As a bonus, it also minimizes those temporary creases your face gets in the morning after tossing and turning into the pillow. With a discreet zipper to prevent it from bunching up, the pillowcase is available in three sizes and a whopping 27 colors.


55. A Washable Terry Insole That Lets Your Go Sockless In Warmer Weather

Pedag Washable Terry Insoles, $8, Amazon

These terry insoles are designed to let wear your shoes sans socks without worrying about unwanted odor. These easy-to-remove and wash soles feature grooved and perforated design that promotes air circulation to keep your feet fresh and comfortable.


56. An Amazing Odor-Free Dishcloth That Won’t Make Your Hands Smell Gross

The Crown Choice NO ODOR Dish Cloth, $15, Amazon

That’s why Amazon users are going so wild over this no-odor dishcloth that uses quick-drying technology to put an end to gross, bacteria-induced aromas and ensure they’re not absorbed into the fibers. This dishcloth is made from high-tech polyester with triple stitched reinforced edges so it will last long and won’t start unraveling on you. On top of that, the soft texture ensures that they are scratch-proof and won’t ruin your table or scratch your pots and pans.


57. An Ultra-Versatile Resistance Band That Reviewers Are Raving About

DYNAPRO Exercise Resistance Bands, $16, Amazon

When it comes to these resistance bands, the value is int the details. Unlike a lot of other bands that only offer a basic level of resistance, these bands can be adjusted in length and have comfortable handles. Plus, for only 16 bucks, this is a great deal for a light weight piece of equipment that is versatile enough to replace your dumb bells.


58. An Epilator That Removes Hair Without Water

Philips Satinelle HP6401 Epilator, $28, Amazon

Say goodbye to all of your dull, crappy razor blades and painful waxing appointments. This compact hair removal epilator removes hairs from the root, delivering longer lasting results than a razor — and costing far less than a salon wax. With two speeds settings to account for different thickness of hair in different spots, you can use it on your face and body, as well as delicate areas. Safe to use on totally dry skin, reviewers say it's not much more painful than waxing, won't nick the skin, and has a washable head for easy clean-up.


59. A Four-in-One Pocket Screwdriver That Can Fix Anything

Bostitch Office Stanley 4-In-1 Pocket Screwdriver, $8 (Pack of 2), Amazon

This pack of two screwdrivers will serve a multitude of purposes. Use it to fix and assemble everything from broken eyeglasses to electronic devices and toys. Each tool is the size of a pen, can fit easily in your pocket, and has magnetic parts where you can conveniently stash and store screws.


60. A Mini Flashlight That Can Create A 600-Foot Beam

J5 Tactical V1-Pro Flashlight, $15, Amazon

This 300-lumen flashlight is less than 4 inches long but can a beam a light over two football fields away. The miniature flashlight, which comes in five patterns, runs off a single AA battery and can be used with a high beam, low beam, or in strobe mode. You can even adjust the focus of the light beam for an intense focus or wider illumination.

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