60 Weird But Genius Things On Amazon With A Cult Following


When it comes to the weirdest products on Amazon, you'd be surprised by just how many of them have straight up fan clubs. Take a look through some of the reviews sections and you'll see what I mean. You'll spot long, six-paragraph testimonials about shoe deodorizers or literal odes to lunch boxes and foot files. Lots of these products with serious cult followings fall into the category of what I call "weird but genius." These items may be ordinary in concept — things like pillows, baking mats, broom organizers — but there's something about them that stands out and makes them bizarrely effective.

Sometimes of these fascinating finds are uniquely built to work better than their generic counterparts. A hair brush, for example, with extra short bristles so you can't grab too much hair and pinch yourself. Or a sweater shaver that removes lint so you don't have to use those gross sticky rollers. Other times it's an innovative formula that simply does the job better than most. A shampoo that gives you extra voluminous hair or a facial toner that really gets your skin glowing.

All of the items on this list I've put together have something special that's prompted thousands of Amazon customers to sing their praises. Check out these weird but genius products on Amazon with true cult followings.