62 Can't-Go-Wrong Gifts That Even Fussy People Will Like

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Fussy people tend to take a lot of heat for being very particular — and they aren't always the easiest when it comes to buying presents for. But these foolproof gifts that even picky people will like take into consideration that everyone can get on board with an innovative product that makes life easier and more fun.

The key to scoring insanely clever gifts that your fussiest friend, relative, or partner will love is to think of a product that's slightly outside the box. Remember, lots of choosy people, bless their hearts, already have everything they want or need in terms of household items, beauty products, and tech devices.

It probably won't be possible to upgrade their iPhone unless you're willing to spend a ton, and they probably already have a beauty brand to which they've pledged their undying loyalty. But do they have a lipstick-sized charger that they can toss in a bag to take care of low battery issues on-the-go? Do they know about the latest party game the Internet is obsessed with, or that Bluetooth-enabled shower heads are a thing?

Now we're getting somewhere.

Don't let your fussy gift recipient make holiday shopping a nightmare — it just requires a bit of imagination. And this list, below, has everything you could ever dream of.

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