62 Extremely Useful & Extremely Cheap Gifts On Amazon


It's gift-giving time and you're knee-deep in Internet shopping sites searching for gift ideas. You come across a few great items, but — being the budget-savvy shopper that you are — remember that you should probably glance at your checking account before hitting the 'order' button. You realize (sigh) that your gift-giving budget is a little tighter than you'd hoped. Not to worry — we've rounded up a whole bunch of cheap gifts on Amazon that'll keep you well within your budget.

For this list, we wanted to specifically highlight useful gifts. After all, a lot of products can be had on the cheap, but many of those products end up in the junk drawer, the giveaway pile, or — horror of horrors — the trash. And since we know you don't want to be the giver of any of those items, we've made sure that every last one of these products is the kind of thing that can be used every day or that will come in handy in a pinch.

So take a deep breath. You're about to find a great gift... and you won't even have to feel nervous the next time you check your bank account.

1. A Himalayan Salt Cooking Block That Gives Food An Extra Kick Of Flavor

A super unique way to infuse food with extra flavor, this Himalayan salt block can be placed directly on a grill or stovetop for simmering or searing. After using it to cook, it doubles as a temperature-retaining serving platter that keeps food piping hot or nice and chilled. Directly after cooking, use it to keep meat or other hot foods warm or stick it in the fridge for a couple hours and use it to serve chilled food like shrimp or crudité.

2. These Charcoal Deodorizer Bags That Purify The Air

Charcoal is a totally natural, non-toxic way to purify the air and absorb odors without the use of fragrance. It's more effective than baking soda at neutralizing odors and effective for up to years. These activated bamboo charcoal air freshener bags are just the right size for small spaces like closets, cars, refrigerators, bathrooms, and gym bags. Each set comes with five.

3. An Airplane Foot Rest That Makes Long Flights More Comfortable

For frequent travelers, there's this brilliant airplane footrest. Hanging directly from the tray table, the footrest elevates your feet to prevent swelling and alleviate pressure on your lower legs and back. The hammock part of the footrest is made with soft memory foam and the strap can be adjusted for maximum comfort.

4. This Solar Phone Charger That Doubles As A Flashlight And Mini Fan

Take this solar charger along on camping trips or keep it in your emergency supplies kit. It provides up to six full smartphone charges and three full tablet charges and since it's outfitted with three ports, it can charge three devices simultaneously. The pocket-sized power bank — which can also be USB-charged — features a built-in LED flashlight and a tiny fan (!) to keep you cool on hot days.

5. This Digital Highlighter That Transfers Text Directly To Your Computer

For anyone writing reports, research papers, or summaries, there's this ingenious digital highlighter. Just scan the Bluetooth highlighter across any printed text and it will instantly and automatically transfer that text onto a computer, tablet, or smartphone screen. The highlighter also has a read-aloud option, which makes the text audible as you're scanning. The highlighter is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices.

6. A Makeshift Desk That ATtaches To Your Steering Wheel

Jot down post-meeting notes or put the finishing touches on your presentation before heading into an off-site meeting. With this car laptop desk. The lightweight but sturdy desk hooks directly onto your steering wheel, so you can set up your computer and scroll, click, and type. There's also a built-in pen holder, and — if you're eating lunch — a cupholder.

7. An Electric Lighter That's Totally Windproof

Easily ignite campfires on even the breeziest of nights with the help of this windproof lighter. Instead of using a flame and butane, the USB-rechargeable lighter creates an electric arc at just the touch of a button. Choose from basic gunmetal gray or opt for iridescent rainbow or luxe black and gold.

8. A Rotating Oven To Quickly Bake Pizzas And Other Snacks

Instead of going to the trouble of heating up the oven for a take-and-bake personal pizza or a few frozen snacks like taquitos, egg rolls, or chicken strips, use this countertop rotating oven. The oven cooks food evenly thanks to its continual rotation and top and bottom heating plates, and the two heat settings let you adjust the temperature for a chewier or crispier crust.

9. These Light Covers That Dim The Glow From Electronic Devices

The bright LED lights on modems, stereos, digital clocks, and other devices can keep you awake at night, but these electronic light dimming sheets can help. The adhesive covers attach directly to any LED light, significantly dimming it and getting rid of any distraction. Each set comes with 100 assorted covers in various shapes and sizes.

10. An Egg Cooker That's A "Morning Game Changer"

Reviewers say this highly-rated egg cooker is a "morning game changer" that "makes life easier" and is "such a time saver." With minimal effort, you can hard boil, soft boil, poach, scramble, and make individual omelets just by setting a timer. And since it shuts off automatically, you never have to worry about overcooking (in case you're picky about your yolks). Choose from red, yellow, aqua, white, and black.

11. These Lenses That Let You Take Better Photos On Your Phone

Take professional-level photographs — without hauling around a camera and gear — with the help of these phone camera lenses. The set comes with two lenses that attach directly to your phone's existing camera: a wide-angle lens to capture 45 percent more of the picture and a 15x macro lens to take closeups of flowers, jewelry, and other intricate textures. Made from optical-grade glass, the lenses are resistant to flare and ghosting.

12. These Facial Blotting Papers That Are Better For The Environment

More environmentally-friendly than plastic blotting sheets, these facial blotting papers made from natural linen are infused with bamboo charcoal to absorb excess oil without the use of powder. This set comes with two purse-sized packs of 100 sheets, so you can take them anywhere.

13. A Water Bottle That Collapses To Half Its Size

Once you're done sipping from this collapsible water bottle, it folds down to half its size — just 5 inches high — so it takes up minimal space in your bag. Made from BPA-free silicone, the accordion-style bottle features a wide-mouth opening, leakproof lid, and a carabiner. Choose from four colors: black, orange, baby blue, and apple green.

14. A Light Therapy Lamp To Counteract Jet Lag And Seasonal Mood Changes

We humans can be remarkably sensitive to changes in sunlight, but this therapy lamp can help anyone deal with wintertime mood shifts, seasonal time changes, and the effects of jet lag. The compact tabletop lamp features 33 UV-free LED lights that emulate natural sunlight to boost feelings of wellbeing and help regulate circadian rhythm. Choose from three settings for comfortable and effective illumination.

15. This Notebook That's Really Several Tiny Whiteboards

Instead of going through paper notebooks like they're going out of style, opt for this reusable whiteboard notebook. The spiral, memo-sized notebook features four mini whiteboards overlaid with clear sheets — these clear sheets temporarily preserve whatever is written on the board, but you can also write directly on them to add extra notes.

16. This Cooling Band That'll Keep You Comfortable On Hot Summer Days

Keep from overheating on hikes, jogs, bike rides, beach trips, or at outdoor sports games with this cooling band. The unique, thin material retains cool temperatures for far longer than a standard towel or bandana — just soak in cold water, wring out, then wrap around your head or neck. Reviewers say it's "ingenious" and a "FABULOUS solution for hot weather work or travel."

17. This Moroccan Clay That Smooths And Purifies The Skin

Combine this 100 percent pure and organic Moroccan Ghassoul powder with a bit of water to create a face mask that absorbs impurities and detoxifies the skin while preventing blemishes and promoting a smoother texture. Made from the mineral-rich clay found in Morocco's Atlas Mountains, the powder can also be used to combat dandruff and condition hair.

18. A Clothes Steamer That's Small Enough To Take In Your Carryon Luggage

Ideal for anyone who's always heading out for a business trip or out-of-town wedding, this travel steamer powerfully smooths out wrinkles and is small enough to pack in a carryon. The compact steamer heats up within two minutes and is safe to use on all kinds of fabric. And it's not just for travel — use it in place of an iron to de-wrinkle your clothes at home too.

19. These Scrubbing Gloves So You Don't Have To Use A Sponge

Skip the sponge or dish brush and use these scrubbing gloves to wash up after dinner instead. Made from bacteria- and heat-resistant silicone, the gloves are outfitted with thousands of bristles that work off grease and stuck-on food. Use them for scrubbing showers, sinks, counters, and cars too.

20. These Cleansing Wipes For Phone, Tablet, And Laptop Screens

Give the gift of a crystal clear phone, tablet, or laptop screen with these screen cleaning wipes. The streak-free, pre-moistened wipes safely remove fingerprints, smudges, germs, and dust from screens with just a few swipes. And they're versatile — use them to clean prescription and sunglass lenses too. Each pack comes with 210 wipes.

21. These Car Washing Mitts That'll Make Your Car Sparkle

Make your car look like it's fresh off the lot with these microfiber car wash mitts. The mitts fit right over your hands and are outfitted with hundreds of microfiber loops that retain water and trap dirt and grime. Each set comes with two machine-washable mitts; use one for washing and one for drying.

22. This Nail Polish Bottle Holder Ring So You Can Do Your Nails Anywhere

This wearable nail polish bottle holder is made from sturdy but stretchy silicone to securely hold polish bottles of all sizes. It features two open-ended rings on the bottom — slip them on your fingers to paint your nails in the car, on your bed, or anywhere else. And when it's time to switch hands, just lift to remove without smudging your work. Choose from dozens of candy-colored options like ruby sparkle, bonbon pink, and creamsicle swirl.

23. These Packing Cubes That Maximize Suitcase Space

Over-packers and organizational fiends will love these packing cubes. Not only do they organize your suitcase by letting you separate your pants, sweaters, T-shirts, socks, and underwear, they also compress your clothes when you zip them shut — giving you a ton more space so you can take along that bulky sweatshirt you just can't do without. Each set comes with four cubes in different sizes.

24. These Stretchy Lids That Keep Your Food Fresh

Instead of taking up precious cupboard space with food storage containers, just use these silicone stretch lids to keep food fresh. They stretch directly over bowls, plates, and jars and snap closed to create an airtight seal. They're dishwasher- and freezer-safe and each set comes with seven lids in all sizes — big enough for mixing bowls and small enough for condiments.

25. This Scrubbing Mat That Massages And Exfoliates Feet

Run your feet across this shower foot scrubber to deeply clean and massage your feet while you suds up in the morning. The thousands of flexible bristles are resistant to mold and bacterial growth and the longer bristles at the front of the mat reach right between your toes. It's available in blue, pink, and clear.

26. An Electric Kettle So You Can Heat Up Water Without A Stove

Heat up water for tea, cocoa, oatmeal, or ramen with this electric kettle. Made from heat-resistant glass and stainless steel, the 7-cup kettle features a cool-touch handle and a built-in filter in the pour spout. A blue LED light indicator lets you know when the water's done boiling — it takes about six minutes — and an auto-shutoff function kicks in immediately after for safety.

27. These Whiskey Stones That Perfectly Chill Your Drink

Chill your scotch, bourbon, or Tennessee whiskey to the perfect drinking temperature with these unique whiskey stones. Just keep the stones in the freezer for two to three hours, then drop in your glass of whiskey to chill for a few minutes before removing. The stones won't influence the flavor of the whiskey and — unlike ice — they won't water it down either. Each set comes with nine whiskey stones, a pair of tongs, and a wooden gift box.

28. These Heavy-Duty Gloves That Protect Hands While You Chop And Slice

Keep hands safe while slicing, chopping, and grating by slipping on these cut resistant gloves before getting to work in the kitchen. Four times stronger than leather, the highly-rated gloves offer optimal dexterity while protecting you from cuts and nicks. They're available in four sizes, so you can get an exact fit.

29. This Really Weird Inflatable Travel Pillow With Super High Ratings

Yes, this travel pillow looks totally zany, but it's actually a brilliant way to put your head down for a nap without using a desk or tray table. The inflatable pillow features strategically placed cutouts; slip your arms through big ones then place your head in one of the round cutouts (the pillow can be flipped upside down depending on how far forward you want to lean).

30. A Wallet-Sized Multitool That Performs 18 Functions

About the size of a credit card, this wallet multitool performs an astonishing 18 functions. Here are just a few things it can do: open bottles, boxes, and letters, repair eyeglasses, take measurements, act as a screwdriver, and — the list goes on. For anyone who likes to be the go-to person in a pinch, this is a perfect gift.

31. A Compact Blender With A To-Go Cup Attachment

One of the most beloved blenders out there, the Magic Bullet blender chops, mixes, whips, and grinds, so you can effortlessly make shakes, sauces, dips, and soups with ease. It takes up minimal counter space and comes with three cup attachments, including a to-go cup with a flip-top lid, so you can blend and be on your way out the door in no time.

32. This Fast And Easy Way To Make A Breakfast Sandwich

For the savory breakfast lover in your life, there's this breakfast sandwich maker. Just stack all your favorite ingredients on the layered plates — bread, cheese, and pre-cooked meat — then crack an egg and press down. In five minutes, you'll have a melty sandwich ready for the eating. The cooking plates are nonstick, removable, and dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

33. These Wine "Condoms" That Keep Wine Fresh After You've Opened The Bottle

After a romantic night of wine drinking, turn down the lights and unwrap one of these, well, wine condoms. The latex "condom" is actually a clever way to keep wine fresh — just stretch it over the bottle opening to create an airtight seal that'll preserve the flavor, body, and aroma of your vino. Gift this to your wine-loving friend with the best sense of humor.

34. A Frother For Scrambled Eggs, Lattes, And Bulletproof Coffee

A frother is a surprisingly useful thing to have in the kitchen and you'll probably use every day. Use it to create foam for at-home lattes and cappuccinos or to whip up fluffy scrambled eggs or to blend your morning cup of Bulletproof coffee. This frother is battery-powered and features a stainless steel whisk and easy one-touch operation.

35. A Water-Resistant Picnic Blanket With A Built-In Handle

Take this outdoor blanket to the park, beach, concerts, and outdoor movie screenings. Measuring in at 5-by-5 feet, it's big enough for four people to sit on comfortably and dual layers of water resistance mean you don't have to worry about wet grass. When you're done using it, roll it up, secure it with velcro, and carry it to your car by the built-in handle.

36. These Reusable Grocery Bags With Playful Patterns

These reusable grocery bags with fun designs like cacti, flamingos, and polka dots might actually make grocery shopping a little more fun. The extra-large bags can hold up to 50 pounds each and are roomy enough to replace two to three conventional-sized bags. Made from waterproof, rip-stop nylon, the bags fold up into a small pouch, so you can keep them in the car backseat pocket.

37. A Pet Hair Vacuum That Your Favorite Animal Lover Will Use Every Day

For the person in your life who has particularly furry friends, there's this pet hair vacuum. It features a multi-layer filtration system and two specialized nozzles: one to attract pet hair from carpet and upholstery and one to pick up dry messes like spilled pet food and kitty litter. The vacuum has over six thousand reviews and an impressive 4.4-star rating, so you know you're getting a good gadget.

38. A Wall Outlet Cover With A Built-In Mini Shelf

Create just a bit more storage space with this clever outlet shelf. It replaces your existing wall outlet cover and features a mini built-in shelf that's just the right size for electric toothbrushes, small Bluetooth speakers, smart home assistants, a phone, or keys. The shelf can be placed either above or below the outlet and there's even a cutout so you can thread a charging cable through.

39. A Rotating Spice Rack With 20 Jars Of Pre-Filled Spices

Perhaps the best part of this spice rack is the fact that it comes with 20 pre-filled jars of spices like marjoram, rosemary, coriander, and garlic salt. Even better? You get five years' worth of refills. The rotating rack is made from stainless steel and has an extra slim profile, so it won't take up too much counter space.

40. A Purse Organizer That Makes It So Much Easier To Find Everything

Turn a purse that's pure chaos into a tidy, well-organized bag with the help of this purse organizer. Made from sturdy felt, the organizer features large compartments, a variety of smaller open and zippered pockets, and a key fob so you can actually find what you need when you need it. The organizer is available in 12 color options and six sizes for small handbags and big totes alike.

41. This Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat With Textures For Different Types Of Bristles

This makeup brush cleaner suctions to the bottom of your sink, giving you a textured surface to thoroughly cleanse bristles. The seven different patterns across the mat are designed to most effectively clean different types of brushes, like foundation, blending, eyeshadow, powder, and lip brushes. The mat is non-toxic and safe for all kinds of bristles.

42. These Makeup Removing Sticks That Let You Correct Small Mistakes

When applying makeup, everyone's bound to color outside the lines from time to time, but these makeup eraser sticks quickly and easily correct any mistakes. Just rotate and click to release a bit of oil-free makeup remover from the cotton-tipped head, then dab on to remove any stray pigment. They're hypoallergenic and infused with skin-soothing aloe, cucumber, and green tea.

43. These Makeup Brush Guards That Protect The Shape Of Bristles

Use these genius makeup brush guards to keep your bristles from getting bent out of shape after washing or when packing them into a stuffed-to-the-brim toiletry bag. The mesh, sleeve-like guards slide right over your bristles where they allow brushes to drip dry without losing their shape. Each set comes with six guards in different sizes.

44. These Baking Mats That Give You More Consistent Results

These silicone baking mats fit right onto cookie sheets or inside pans where they evenly distribute heat for more consistent results. They're heat-safe up to 450 degrees, nonstick, and easy to wipe clean. Each set comes with three mats in different sizes. Use them for cookies, candy, and roasted veggies.

45. This Automatic Curling Iron For Those Of Us Who Aren't Gifted Hairstylists

A no-brainer way to style your hair, this automatic curling iron features a 1-inch rotating ceramic barrel — place a section of hair inside the chamber, then press the button and the barrel will wrap up your hair to curl. Set the timer for your hair type and the amount of curl you want and the buzzer will go off when it's time to release.

46. These Skin-Softening Bath Bombs That Smell So Good

Give the gift of 12 nights of pampering with this gift set of fizzy bath bombs that add a pop of bright color to your bath. The handcrafted, California-made bath bombs are infused with scented botanicals like lemongrass green tea and mango papaya, along with moisturizers to soften skin.

47. This Single-Serving Bowl That Makes Pasta In The Microwave

Cook pasta for one in the microwave with this microwave noodle bowl. It features a cool-to-the-touch handle and a snap-on vented lid for splatter-free cooking. The BPA-free, dishwasher-safe bowl can also be used to heat up soups and stews. Perfect for offices, dorm rooms, and anyone who doesn't like going to the trouble of using the stove.

48. This Laundry Guard That Keeps Stray Socks From Falling Behind The Dryer

This laundry guard is a brilliant way to keep socks, dryer balls, and boxes of fabric softener from dropping behind your washer/dryer. Compatible with front load washers and dryers, it attaches securely with strong neodymium magnets and the modular, hinged design means it can be adapted to fit around a single machine or a set of two.

49. This Ingenious Way To Zip Up Your Dress Without Help

Thanks to this clever zipper puller, you don't need an extra set of hands to zip up your dress. Just clip it to the zipper then use the long strap to pull it all the way up and zip closed. Compatible with both smaller and larger zippers, you can also use it zip up tall boots.

50. This Retractable Lip Balm Holder You Can Attach To Your Backpack Or Ski Jacket

When you're skiing or hiking, it's not exactly convenient to pause and dig through your coat pockets or backpack for your lip balm. That's why this retractable lip balm holder is such a great idea. It clips onto the outside of your coat or backpack and keeps your balm within easy reach. Pull on the cord when you're ready to use it, then let it retract when you're done swiping on.

51. A Shopping Cart Cup Holder So You Can Stay Caffeinated While You Shop

If you need to keep your supply of caffeine nearby while making your way down the aisles of the supermarket, you'll love this shopping cart cup holder. It hooks directly onto the side of the cart to hold your coffee cup, so you can take sips while you're checking the tomatoes.

52. A Laundry Folding Board For A Neater Stack Of T-Shirts

Use this laundry folding board to fold T-shirts, sweaters, and pants and you'll end up with a stack that looks good enough to put on a mall display. The hinged board guides you as fold in each piece of clothing, transforming it into a perfectly compact and uniform square which — bonus — will give you more space in your dresser drawers.

53. This Shirt-Buttoning Tool That's Helpful For Anyone With Limited Dexterity

Anyone with limited dexterity or arthritis can tell you what a drag it is to try to button up a shirt, but this ergonomic button hook makes it easy. It's outfitted with a loop — slip it through the button hole and place it over the button, then pull through. The other side of the hook also features a zipper hook, so you can easily zip-up jacket and cardigans.

54. These Applicators That Apply Face Masks More Effectively

Applying face masks can be a messy affair, but you can use these face mask applicators to keep all that goop off your hands. They're made from skin-friendly silicone and feature soft edges that easily scoop up the clay and apply a thin, even layer to your face. Each set comes with two applicators.

55. An Internet Password Book So You Don't Have To Reset Every Time You Log In

It turns out modern life requires us to memorize approximately one zillion passwords for all the websites we visit. If your memory is fuzzy (mine is), this password logbook is a great way to keep track of everything. The tabbed, alphabetized pages have entries for site addresses, usernames, passwords, and notes, as well as entries for like phone and Internet service providers.

56. A "Miracle" Microwave Pasta Cooker That Gives You Al Dente Noodles Every Time

With over 2,700 impressively high ratings, this microwave pasta cooker will give you results that are equal to — or better than —stovetop cooking. With measurement markings that show you just the right amount of water to use, the cooker's unique reservoir design circulates heat, giving you al dente noodles that don't stick together. One reviewer calls it "a little miracle" and another writes, "I don't want to get all gushy over a pasta maker, but man...I really love this gizmo!"

57. A Microwave Omelet Maker For An At-Home Brunch

Yet another way to streamline your cooking routine, this microwave omelet maker makes perfectly fluffy two to four-egg omelets in a matter of minutes. Just crack an egg (or two) into each side, add your favorite ingredients (ham and cheddar, anyone?), microwave, then stack the two sides together. The omelet maker is dishwasher-safe for quick cleanup.

58. These Eating Utensils That Are Great For Anyone With Limited Hand Use

Hand tremors, arthritis, and Parkinson's can make it challenging to grip eating utensils, but the wide, textured handles on this adaptive silverware can be extremely helpful. The utensils are made from stainless steel and silicone and each set comes with a fork, knife, tablespoon, and teaspoon.

59. This Digital Luggage Scale That Helps You Avoid Overweight Bag Fees

Jet-setters will never pay overweight bag fees again thanks to this portable luggage scale. Just strap it around the handle of the suitcase, then lift — the weight will instantly appear on the digital display with .2-pound accuracy. The scale can weigh bags up to 110 pounds and since it's super lightweight, it won't add any unnecessary heft to your luggage.

60. A Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug That Keeps Drinks Hot Or Cold For Hours

This travel mug from Yeti is made from vacuum-insulated stainless steel which effectively maintains the temperature of both hot and cold drinks for hours on end. The mug is condensation-resistant and features a crystal clear sipping lid. Choose from five colors like olive green, Tahoe blue, and the utilitarian stainless steel pictured here.

61. This Blender That Doubles As A To-Go Sports Bottle

Make a smoothie and then head out the door with this combination blender and sports bottle. The 400-watt blender is powerful enough to crush ice and the 20-ounce bottle is outfitted with a flip-top lid for easy sipping. The bottle is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe and available in four colors: blue, green, pink, and red.

62. This Mini Crock Pot That Heats Up Your Lunch Wherever You Are

Your school days may be long behind you, but you can still opt for a hot lunch thanks to this food warmer that plugs directly into an outlet to heat up food. The handle on top makes for easy portability and the interior container is dishwasher-safe. Use it for soups, stews, and other hearty meals. Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Bustle's editorial and sales departments.