62 Most Popular New Inventions On Amazon That Are Legit Brilliant


It's an occupational hazard of the job I do for you, dear readers: While I'm reviewing products on the daily, going through items like these 63 popular new inventions on Amazon, I usually find a ton of stuff that I personally can't live without. Seriously, at least half of what I write about is so awesome that if I don't have it already, I can't press "Add to Cart" fast enough, totally a victim of my own hype.

The fact that I know the delivery guys all too well is definitely not a good thing for my bank account. It's a great thing for you, though, because my family and I test many of these items. Everyone I'm related to, from ex-husband to my dog, has gotten stuff from my column. There's this multi-tool that I gave my sons for Christmas, this reusable food storage bag that I bought multiples of in a quest to move toward zero waste in the New Year. Some weeks I write purely as a public service, funding my Amazon habit so I can give you my opinion on all manner of foot massagers, acne-healing lights, and electric water flossers.

It's okay, you can thank me later. Right now, you have to read about this genius device that will cool down your soda in Just. One. Minute. Oooooooh. Where's my debit card?


The Innovative Gadget That Ices Down Your Drink In 60 Seconds Flat

It's science that makes this genius device work: The Chill-O-Matic applies centrifugal force to the liquid inside your container, forcing it to the outside and putting every drop in contact with the ice (through the container wall, of course) to cool it down 240 times faster than just setting it in the fridge. Suitable for any 12-ounce canned beverage, it won't cause fizzing or foaming. This gadget works on battery power, so it's great for tailgating, and needs only a couple of cups of ice to cool down a whole 12-pack of drinks.


This Clamp Means You Can Use Your Smartphone As A Second Gaming Screen

This gadget isn't a smartphone, and it's not a controller: It's a unique bracket that unites the two, meaning you can use your mobile device as a second screen for PS4 gaming. Perfect for use with the PlayStation app or for referencing codes and guides or streaming YouTube while you're pillaging Tilted Towers or slinging your way through the Spiderverse, it enables both landscape and portrait mode display. The clip won't interfere with the functionality of the DualShock controller — and won't obscure any buttons, ports, or other controller features.


A Compact And Versatile Device That Will Satisfy Even The Most Power-Hungry

Are you the kind of person who wants to ensure that your tech is fully juiced wherever you are? Do you want to make sure you're able to book in for a mani even in the event that a zombie apocalypse takes down the electric grid? You need this solar power bank that's ultra-portable: It's about the size of a paperback book and weighs just over 7 ounces. Waterproof and dust-proof, it clips on to a backpack or briefcase, and it's encased in shock-proof rubber for added durability.


This Screen Means Your Whole Posse Can Actually Watch Your Phone...Comfortably

Put an end to the days of forcing your buddies to crowd around your smartphone to watch the latest hysterical YouTube video or Netflix hit: Treat them to a viewing experience that's enjoyable with this screen magnifier. Lightweight and portable, this device is convenient for carrying to get-togethers in your purse or backpack, while its durable design means it will hold up to frequent transport and use. Programming size will be increased up to four times for dramatically easier viewing.


The Most Important Investment You Can Make In Improving How You Sleep

For anyone struggling with insomnia or anxiety at night, this weighted blanket can be a real game-changer. Crafted from 100 percent cotton, its unique seven-layer system is filled primarily with glass beads to weigh in at a total of 15 pounds in the case of this 60-inch by 80-inch model. The result is a comforting experience that releases endorphins and actually provides the sensation of being hugged, promoting deep and restful sleep with its evenly-distributed weight that gently conforms to your body. Available in a variety of sizes and weights, these blankets are wonderful for anyone suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, migraine, and many other conditions — in addition to poor sleep quality.


This Multi-Tool Packs 37 Functions Into Its Wallet-Sized Frame

Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, this multi-tool is lightweight yet durable, and incorporates a remarkable 37 functions into its wallet-sized design. Featuring a bottle opener, screwdrivers, wrenches, a fruit peeler, a can opener, a knife, and many more useful tools and gadgets — and it also comes with a carabiner, key ring, sleeve cover and a cardholder. Nearly impossible to bend or break, and completely corrosion-resistant, this device is perfect for gift-giving on any occasion.


A Pen-Style Tool That Removes Hair At The Root

This may look like a pen, but its actually for removing facial hair. Depending on your personal grooming preferences, you can use this to maintain your brows, upper lip, ears, nose, and hairline. The conical tip provides 360-degrees of painless depilation that's completely scratch-free. Featuring an 18-karat gold-plated head, this device's easy-to-use design is also completely hypoallergenic, and its small size and battery-powered operation make it ideal for use while traveling.


The Copper Cooker That Delivers Home-Cooked Meals Fast

With a deep well that can accommodate foods of all types —and that's lined in premium copper-infused ceramic — this countertop cooker is the perfect solution to make weeknight meals simple and easy. Just load in the ingredients, flip halfway through if instructed to do so, et voilà — dinner is served! The PFOA-free non-stick surface means clean-up is easy, too, and the unit's small footprint makes it ideal for small spaces like galley kitchens, dorms, and even RVs.


A Coffee Mug For When You're Just Too Tired To Stir

Whether you're doing the whole Bulletproof coffee thing or just can't face operating your own spoon until you've already downed your morning cup of Joe, this mug has your back with its integrated stirring mechanism. Available in three color options, it operates with a simple press of the switch on the handle to stir up the contents — just press the button again once stirring is completed. Additionally, the FDA-approved, BPA-free mug's stainless steel design keeps hot beverages warm for up to four hours.


The Posture Trainer That Makes Any Chair Ergonomic

Fresh out of the Shark Tank, this simple device corrects posture in just five seconds, providing relief from the back pain that originates from slumping over the computer during the day or slouching around while relaxing. Worn for just 15 minutes per day, it can correct years of bad habits, while guiding core muscles to provide support even when it's not on. Every chair is ergonomic when you're wearing the BetterBack, and it's lightweight and portable, so it can sit anywhere you do.


This Unique Fidget Device Is Classroom-Approved

Crafted with bike chain links, this fidget device is designed to reduce the symptoms of ADHD — as well as dissipate anxiety and stress, while also helping increase focus and concentration. A favorite for its discreet, quiet movement, it features interlocking rings connected by the bike chain links as well as latex-free silicone bands that provide a point of textural differentiation and act as "a treadmill for the fingers." Durable and pocket-sized, this fidget device is perfect for travel, too.


The Extra-Long Spatulas That Make Everything Good To The Last Drop

Designed to fit into just about any bottle, can, or container with a narrow opening, these spatulas are intended to help wring the last drop from every single home improvement, workshop, and automobile maintenance product. Featuring semi-flexible silicone heads, these spreaders bend and fold in order to fit into tight container openings and scrape out product, yet they're firm enough to help flatten down a material like caulk and remove any extra. The set includes one tool with a 12-inch handle, and one with a handle that's 6 inches in length.


These Hangers Make It Possible To Redecorate Without Damaging The Wall

Ideal for apartment dwellers and college students in the dorms, or anyone who likes the idea of decorating without leaving unsightly holes behind, these hangers work using adhesive and magnets to affix artwork without damaging paint, harming the walls, or leaving residue behind. Suitable for use on practically any surface — including brick and glass — and they're both removable and reusable. Also, unlike with nails, if the artwork happens to be crooked when you get it on the wall, there's nothing to worry about: Simply make whatever adjustments are needed, no harm done.


The Parchment Rounds That Make Flawless Baking Simple And Easy

Lining pans with parchment paper is one pro trick long ago co-opted by smart home bakers to get a clean release on cakes, fudge, bars, and all kinds of delicious treats. These parchment sheets take it one step further: They're pre-cut for use in standard 10-inch round cake pans, and even come with the convenient little tabs cut out and ready for use as self-handles. Also available in 8- and 9-inch versions, they're oven-safe to 450 degrees, and eliminate the need to deal with that slippery parchment roll that spools itself all over the kitchen.


A Professional-Strength Stain And Odor Remover For Parents Of Fur Babies

Pet parents, this spray will get you out of many a tricky (and smelly) corner. Formulated with natural enzymatic bacteria, it eliminates stains from inside out, eating up the particles that cause the stains and generate the offensive odors until they disappear. Essentially, if your pet has emitted it, this professional-strength, chlorine-free spray will gently eliminate it: and it not only works on carpet, but it's also effective on hardwood, tile, and as a laundry pre-treat, too.


These Tablets Keep Your Steel Mugs And Tumblers Looking And Tasting Great

I don't know about you, but I have about half a dozen oversized stainless steel tumblers in my kitchen, and I use them for everything, from water to coffee and soda. Did you ever think of what the inside of these cups might look like? With these tablets, you won't have to worry about it — biodegradable, chlorine-free, and eco-friendly, they remove stubborn stains and odors to restore your drinkware to like-new condition. Suitable for plastics, too, they're ideal for use while camping or on the road, as well as for a periodic deep clean at home.


A Drain Snake That's A Proven Clog-Buster

Engineered with thousands of micro-hooks to snag clogs, holding them tight to free blockages with ease, this drain snake works on most sinks without the need to remove the stopper — which is always a hassle. A full foot and a half in length, this patented device is equipped to reach even the clogs that are buried deep in the drain, and its flexible steel core means that it's durable enough to reverse blockages over months or years of use.


The Silicone Food Storage Bag That Can Help In Your Quest To Go Zero Waste

Zero waste seems like an unattainable goal, but we can all do our part to move in that direction, and these silicone food storage bags are a great next step. Designed to replace the disposable food storage bags you know and love — for example, the ones you might pack your sandwich in for lunch — they're made from 100 percent food-grade silicone with an air-tight seal to keep foods fresh. Three sizes and four designs are available, too.


A Drone That's Next To Impossible To Lose

Isn't the thought of losing your brand-new drone just because you're a beginner and don't know how to fly it awful? If that's a worry, get this drone, because it's equipped with a camera — as well as all kinds of fancy bells and whistles, including a one-key return system that will bring it right back to you upon your command. It's also more fool-proof for those just starting out, with an altitude hold function that means it's easier to keep in the air, and a steering system that makes it possible to maneuver into barrel rolls and flips from the get-go.


A Wireless Meat Thermometer That Ensures Your Grilling, Smoking, And Roasting Will Always Be On Point

Don't be the grill master left hovering around on the patio while everyone else is enjoying a cocktail — get this meat thermometer that will enable you to wander up to 300 feet away while monitoring what's on the grill to ensure that it cooks perfectly. With probes made from food-grade stainless steel, it's also suitable for use in the oven and smokers.


The Portable Espresso Maker That Serious Coffee Lovers Will Swoon Over

If you have a serious coffee lover on your hands, or in your mirror, this espresso maker is a do-not-pass-go, do-not-collect-$200 type of item. This patented system requires only the power you provide with your hands to extract delicious, coffeehouse-quality espresso — simply add boiling water, then pump to create more pressure than even home espresso machines can deliver. Weighing in at less than a pound and only a little over 6 inches in length, it's a great traveling companion that will ensure a great cup of coffee is always right in the palm of your hand.


These Fascinating Glasses Will Prevent Neck Strain From Watching TV, Reading, Or Surfing The Web Lying Down

Why prop your head up on your pillows to read or watch TV in bed and risk neck strain — when you could wear these glasses and lay flat on your back like a true couch potato? The reflecting prisms — and they're suitable even for wear over prescription glasses. Reviewers give them 4.5-stars.


A Cell Phone Holder That Features Integrated Lighting

Ideal for anyone who shoots cooking, unboxing, makeup, or other tabletop-oriented videos, this cell phone holder includes an integrated light that's designed in a ring shape and has three color and 10 brightness settings to ensure just the right look. Both the phone holder and the light are on gooseneck arms so they'll bend to any shape, and they're on a 360-degree rotating clamp for the ultimate in versatility and hands-free use. The phone holder will accommodate any standard-size smartphone with or without a case, holding the device firmly without scratching.


The Pen That Truly Is Mightier Than The Sword

That old saying encouraging the use of words over fists takes on a whole new meaning when you're writing with this pen. Made from heavy-duty, aircraft-grade aluminum, it's probably the most rugged, durable writing utensil you'll find, but it's so much more, too: For example, the hardened tip also serves as a glass breaker should you find yourself trapped inside your car in need of a quick escape, or it can be used as an emergency defense weapon. The opposite end is a flashlight to illuminate the dark, while the barrel of the device holds an integrated bottle opener, too.


These Gloves Light The Way For Cyclists, Late-Night Dog Walkers, And Anyone Out After Dark

There's no need to hold onto your flashlight with these gloves that feature not one, but four lights built right in. Each index finger and thumb is mounted with a bright LED light, and the flexible, lightweight material stretches to fit most hands. The gloves leave your fingertips free to use tools or your touchscreen with ease, so they're great for anyone who enjoys the outdoors, does DIY, or works on cars.


A Notebook That Syncs Scribbles And Drawings With The Cloud

How many times have you wished there was a quick and easy way to get the doodle of your latest incredible invention loaded onto your laptop? With this smart notebook, it's simple: Draw on the notebook's acid-free, fine-grain paper with the included Pilot FriXon pen, then press the button to sync it with the free Rocketbook app. The app sends your notes directly to your choice of platforms including Google Docs, Dropbox, iCloud, and more — then, once you've filled the notebook's 80 pages, simply pop it in the microwave to erase it and reuse it. Yep, the microwave.


This Hot Pot Is A Versatile Appliance For Small Kitchens And Dorms

With enough space to produce up to 4 cups of rice, soup, noodles, and more, this cooker with a tiny footprint is robust enough to make enough chow for a small group. Its size makes it the ideal appliance for small spaces and dorm rooms, as well as lunch at your desk or in your RV. Simple to use, it features indicator lights to prevent overcooking, and a control dial to make heat adjustments — plus, it's available in three colors.


The Device That Brings All Those Great Photos From Your Smartphone To Life

So many great photos end up never being seen again once they're taken — they're trapped forever on our smartphones. This picture printer aims to change all of that: It's designed to print credit-card-sized photos from most standard devices. A breeze to use, it's accessible even for kids, and since it folds flat, it's perfect for travel, with no batteries or cords needed. This device also allows for adjustments, including fixing red eyes and adding in fun filters.


Yes, This Odd But Hilarious Family Game Features Dental Retractors

Yes, I said dental retractors. In this bizarre game, one teammate tries to say a hard-to-pronounce phrase on a card — while wearing said retractor — and the other tries to guess the phrase. If you've never practiced saying "Porcupine pooper scooper" while getting your teeth whitened, this will present a challenge that the company says one reviewer called, "So funny, I could pee my pants." Comes with 10 dental-grade mouthpieces, including six in medium (suitable for most adults) and four in small (great for kids and smaller adults).


The Multi-Use Carabiner That Holds Up To 50 Pounds

Did you know that putting your purse on the floor is financial bad luck? This clip will keep you safe from that bad karma, and it's also one of the coolest products on Amazon. Invented for use indoors or outdoors, it can hold up to 50 pounds of gear — yep, that's about what I have in my tote on the daily — from anywhere you care to suspend it, ranging from the edge of a café table or the back of a stroller to a tree branch or a notch in a rock.


This Coffee Is Enriched With Biotin And Collagen To Get The Day Started Right

Infused with biotin for healthier-looking hair, nail, and skin, this coffee is a tasty way to climb on board the collagen bandwagon, currently pulling out of the station in beauty circles nationwide. After all, one of the most well-known benefits of this versatile powder is its ability to produce glowing skin, replenishing the body's natural supply of collagen. It's also fabulous for joint and gut health, meaning this Keurig-compatible Arabica coffee blend not only tastes great, but is a great way to start the day.


The Unique Plunger That Effectively Relieves Clogs In Just One Step

Engineered from high-quality, extra-durable materials that form into a conical shape that mimics that of a mushroom, the unique contours of this plunger effectively push out toilet clogs in a single step — while also working as a squeegee to help keep the bowl clean. Suitable for use on the vast majority of home toilets, it's easy to use and operates with just one hand without splashing water all over the bathroom. This device ships with its own specially-designed caddy to store it neatly with the head out of sight when it's not in use.


A Sharpener That Reconditions All Types Of Knife Blades For Years Of Use

Featuring a pair of tungsten-carbide spring-operated arms, this knife sharpener offers superior performance and durability over electric sharpeners, and will help extend the useful life of those expensive kitchen knives. Capable of sharpening, honing, and polishing knives — it's equipped to work on almost every knife in the home chef's set, including standard, beveled, and serrated blades. "You won't be disappointed..." writes one five-star reviewer.


The Base Coat That Makes Polish Changes A Breeze

Even the hardest-to-budge polishes are no match for this base coat, designed to make it easy to change colors on at home without damaging delicate nails. Ideal for complex nail art, it's also a boon for messy manicurists or beginners, since it can even be painted where polish shouldn't go — like onto the cuticles — to keep polish only where it's supposed to be. It's also totally free of formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients.


A Remote That Controls It All And Eliminates Clutter

This control center simplifies your complex streaming-based entertainment center. No more digging in your couch cushions for 16 different remotes every 5 minutes: This game-changer automatically detects up to four devices, plus it guides you through setup on-screen. One reviewer writes: "I received my new Caavo Control Center yesterday and within 30 minutes I had my entire entertainment ecosystem completely connected and working beautifully (including the download of the latest software update)!"


The Wine Glass That Takes One for the Road Seriously

With a spill-proof drink-through lid, this portable wine glass, referred to affectionately by its fans as a "grown-up sippy cup," has been seen in the pages of a wide variety of top publications — and featured on Shark Tank. The durable 17.5-ounce container holds half a bottle of wine, and is made from ultra-durable opaque glass to hold up while traveling while preserving the taste of your Shiraz. The cup is ensconced in a stylish silicone sleeve that increases the container's durability, while also providing a slip-proof grip.


This Cutting Board Has Trays That Speed And Organize Food Prep

Crafted from naturally antibacterial, splinter-free acacia wood, this cutting board has a hidden secret: Two hidden containers that pull out for storage and transport of foods as they're being prepped. Use one container for chopped foods ready to be carried over to the skillet or casserole, and the other for stems and seeds bound for the trash or compost: These BPA-free, inline trays save considerable time during food prep. The board itself is extra-large to accommodate all manner of fruits, vegetables, and proteins, and the trays are dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe.


A Gadget That Will Keep Your Stovetop So Much Cleaner

Whether it's bacon you're frying or a more sophisticated scallop sauté, this guard will keep oils and food from spattering all over your stovetop while preventing burns. Made from BPA-free silicone that's heat-resistant to 450 degrees, its open top lets steam escape so it doesn't interfere with searing or cooking temperatures, and it's also great for preventing spill-over. This patented device is suitable for pans larger than 9.5 inches in circumference, it's dishwasher-safe, and it rolls up very small for easy storage.


A Cleaning Set That Makes It Easier To Eliminate Messes? Yes, Please

Prevent back strain while cleaning efficiently with this cleaning set that's designed for one-handed ergonomic use. The broom features a telescoping handle and electrostatic bristles, and works almost like a squeegee, designed to pull dirt, dust, and debris toward the dustpan in just one pass rather than scattering it around. The dustpan, meanwhile, flexes when stepped on, forming a seal with the floor so that nothing is missed — no annoying line of leftover mess unto infinity to chase after! Both pieces hang conveniently on the wall when not in use with the included hanger.


The Hand Warmer That's Both Toasty And Eco-Friendly

Don't use those disposable hand warmers when spending time in the cold — make the choice for this rechargeable warmer that's USB-powered instead. With three temperature settings, this device is also great for use indoors by that person you know with the perpetually cold hands, and it's ideal for anyone suffering from hand pain due to arthritis or other chronic conditions. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, this portable, compact device also has a USB-C slot, so you can charge your electronics as you're using it.


These Bracelets Are The Jewelry You Want To Be Wearing In The Case Of An Emergency

Far more than just another piece of jewelry, these wristbands are actually four-in-one survival tools for the wrist. They're crafted from ultra-strong, tightly-woven nylon paracord that has so many uses in the great outdoors for making shelters, setting traps, and much more. The buckle, meanwhile, contains three tools: A flint fire starter, a whistle that will draw attention whether you're looking to get away from an urban pursuer or lead rescuers to your location, and a compass that could help you find your way out of a tricky situation. Give one of these genius wristbands to a friend, and keep one for yourself.


The Kitchen Shears That Make Chopping Herbs And Soft Veggies So Fast

Cooking with herbs adds so much flavor to dishes, but it also adds time. Grab a pair of these kitchen shears and speed up even the most complex food prep by cutting through the mincing and chopping chores as if powering through a kindergarten assignment — because they make trimming even the pickiest herbs or garnishing like child's play. Clean-up is simple, too, thanks to the included cleaning comb that's built right into the blade cover.


A Fidget Cube That Keeps Wandering Or Anxious Minds Focused And Calm

There's nothing like a puzzle to keep the mind occupied — and this cube, made from durable ABS plastic, will draw the mind into a calm, focused space where it is primed to problem-solve and brainstorm. Pocket-sized and ergonomically-designed, its smooth surfaces and curved edges flip and fold effortlessly and without noise, enabling the user to release stress and relax. Suitable for all ages, it makes a great desk accessory, and it's ideal for classroom use as well.


The Mattress Pad That Will Make You Warm And Cozy All Over

Designed to cradle you in toasty warm comfort throughout the night, this mattress pad delivers soothing and consistent heat that's evenly distributed from underneath the sheets. With 10 heat settings, it allows you to dial in exactly the right amount of warmth, and the automatic shut-off feature switches off the heat after 10 hours, should you forget. This pad is even machine-washable and dryer-safe for easy cleaning.


An Air Filter That Reduces Allergens And Limits Odors In Your Home

Engineered to remove 99 percent of indoor air pollutants, this air filter will dramatically improve the quality of life for anyone suffering from allergies and asthma. A four-stage, heavy-duty filtering process removes dust, pollen, mold, smoke, and pet dander, while the unit's HEPA filter — including activated carbon and an ion booster — catches ultra-fine molecules and stops unwanted odors. The small size of this unit means it's great for travel, while it covers up to 50 square feet.


A Hair Styling Tool That Makes Curls All By Itself

If you're like me and feel like you need a third hand when styling your hair, this curling iron is the one for you. Featuring a curl dial with prongs and ridges that catch and curl your hair at the push of a button without it getting stuck or tangled, it won't kink or dent your hair. The ceramic ionic technology incorporated in this device gives hair a smooth and shiny finish and reduces frizz and flyaways, leaving only natural-looking curls with body, bounce, and volume.


The Attractive Solar Lantern That Provides Up To 12 Hours Of Light

Made from heavy-duty materials that are even completely recyclable, this reusable lantern features a solar-powered light that, once charged for 12 hours, is capable of giving off up to 12 hours of steady light. The high-tech fabric in which it is encased comes in an origami-style folded flat pack that inflates by itself then disperses the light for a pleasant glow. Not only is it ideal for camping and survival kits, but this lantern is also perfect for outdoor entertaining and pool lighting.


The Straightener That Leaves Hair Lustrous And Silky

With heat settings that adjust to accommodate all textures and thicknesses of hair, this straightener brush is incredibly versatile — while delivering a consistently shiny and smooth finish to all hair types. Featuring an ionic generator to eliminate frizz and static, and even distribution of highly-dense teeth to straighten hair quickly, the brush also delivers a massaging effect to stimulate circulation in the scalp and improve scalp and hair health.


A Fun And Functional Introduction To 3-D Printing — In A Pen

Engineered to help kids of all ages turn their ideas into reality, this 3-D pen is the first on the market to include voice prompt controls. Children as young as five will delight in the fun designs they can produce, making their own toys, décor, and wearables with the included filament. The device includes an automatic feed to help prevent hand fatigue, plus two buttons to control the filament in addition to the voice controls — and a sleep function helps ensure safe use.


This Personal Filtration System Makes Just About Any Water Drinkable

A great item to add to your camping or emergency kit — because you never know when you might be glad you have it — this personal water filter might just save your life sometime. Not only does its micro-filtration membrane remove 99.9999 percent of truly perilous waterborne diseases including potential killers like E. coli, giardia, cryptosporidia, and salmonella, but it also catches the micro-plastics that can wreak havoc on the digestive system. One device can deliver up to 1,000 gallons of clean water.


The New Way To Attack Acne: With Light

The last thing anyone wants to do when a pimple pops up is shine a light on it — unless it's this light, which is engineered to target unwanted breakouts. The blue light kills the bacteria that causes acne, and the red light reduces the inflammation that makes it noticeable. You'll feel like Dr. Pimple Popper herself, using the same kind of technology wielded by dermatologists to produce clearer skin without the risk of spreading infection or scarring.


The Gadget That Makes This Newly Popular Technique Accessible

A time-honored method of cooking that's recently come into vogue, sous vide is the vacuum-sealing of food that's then immersed under warm water to be cooked for a long period of time — and the result is food that's incredibly moist and fork-tender. With this circulator, you can bring what was once a restaurant-only method of cooking to your kitchen. This easy-to-use appliance fits almost any pot and cooks precisely and quietly.


This Wireless Charger Acts As A Smartphone Stand, Too

No more hunting down charger cables when your smartphone battery is on three percent — because this wireless charger obviates the need for the disappearing cables that, at least in my house, seem to go the way of the left socks. It's suitable for all Qi-enabled smartphones, and also acts as a stand, making it possible to watch movies or surf the web with a device while it's charging in both landscape and portrait mode.


A Mirror That Lights Your Makeup Routine And Serenades You While You Put On Your Face, Too

Listen to music while putting on your face with this makeup mirror that's both convenient and incredibly fun. Alternately, improve your cat-eye technique with your favorite beauty blogger, or make a phone call through the speakers: Regardless, it frees up your hands while emulating natural daylight and providing 10 times the magnification so you can get your look down.


The Massager That Pampers Feet In Heated Comfort

This massager features an oversized, ultra-plush fleece pocket that secretes eight 3-D massaging nodes to provide relaxing deep shiatsu massage, while also delivering heat for added comfort. With your feet rejuvenated, unzip the pocket and relax your shoulders, back, legs — or anywhere else on your body — and enjoy the full-body treatment.


An Easy-To-Use Stool That Streamlines The Process Of Elimination

Designed to align your body in the optimum position for proper elimination, this stool helps your stool vacate your body quicker, easier, and more completely. Its patented design folds away for easy storage when not in use, and features a textured non-skid top surface and legs that won't slide around on the floor, either. Plus, it's available in three colors to coordinate with your bathroom décor.


The Tiny Speaker That Comes With Its Own Pint-Sized Carrying Case And Larger-Than-Life Sound

The actual audio driver in this device is reminiscent of a large marshmallow, but don't let its size fool you: This speaker churns out clear, room-filling sound with crisp high-end and full-bodied bass. Great for travel and use outdoors, the speaker will stream any music source through its embedded Bluetooth connection, and comes packaged in a high-quality EVA case that protects its electronics and long-life lithium battery.


A Hand-Crank Flashlight That's Also An Ultra-Functional Multi-Tool

If MacGyver were going to buy a hand-crank flashlight, he'd definitely pick this one that features seven additional functions in a neat multi-tool package. While you can hand-crank it to power the LED flashlight in the event of an emergency — the light even has three settings, including a flashing emergency light — it's also a car safety hammer and a seat belt cutter in the event there's an emergency. It also comes with a magnet and a USB charger with cables.


A Lazy Susan-Style Organizer That Gets Any Countertop Organized In A Snap

Equipped with a rotating carousel, this organizer caddy is made from heavy-duty acrylic and is at home in any room, whether it's put to use straightening up makeup, office supplies, spices, crafting items, or nuts, bolts, and all the small detritus you find out in the garage. With a swivel base that rotates through a full 360-degrees, the carousel section features four adjustable shelves and 15 divided slots — while the tray has 17 divided slots in a range of sizes.


The Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Straw That Folds Up To Pocket-Size For Easy Portability

Do your part to help save our oceans from the influx of plastic waste with this stainless steel straw that's perfect even on the go. Featuring a BPA-free inner tube that's made from food-grade silicone, it folds down into its own accompanying carrying case that will fit into your jeans pocket or can be carried on your keychain, so it's ideal for travel.


A Facial Roller That Does Everything From Refreshing The Skin To Easing Migraine Pain

Initially designed to stimulate circulation to boost radiance as part of a facial treatment, this tool has many further-reaching therapeutic effects including easing migraine pain, alleviating muscle soreness after a workout, and relieving the effects of sunburn. Both the stainless steel and the gel-filled roller can be refrigerated or frozen, depending on the degree of coldness desired for therapeutic effect, then used with the handle to soothe so many common issues without the mess and fuss of ice packs.


The Big-Name Egg Cooker That Turns Out 10 Hard-Boiled Beauties At A Time

Aunt Gladys' famous deviled eggs will get to the picnic so much quicker with this egg cooker from trusted kitchen brand Cuisinart. Not only is it super easy to use and safe enough for kids to operate, but it actually produces a wide variety of eggs in just minutes: You can enjoy up to 10 hard- or soft-boiled eggs, four poached eggs, or a three-egg omelet at a time.

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