62 Things Skyrocketing In Popularity On Amazon That Are Sick As Hell

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While it's definitely not everything in life, popularity has its perks. When you have a wide network of friends and family, you can use it to find a job, score discount concert tickets, or even swing a cheap deal on a new car. But thanks to the internet, people aren't the only ones with wide networks. Take the ridiculously clever Amazon products with a cult following, for example.

If a product isn't popular, it's for one of two reasons: either no one knows about it, or it's a hunk of junk. If no one knows about it, you can easily tell by looking at the reviews — there probably won't be any for you to read. But if it's not worth the buy, the reviews are likely filled with past-shoppers tearing the item to shreds. Luckily, not only does Amazon make it easy to return purchases you no longer want, but their customer review section is also so large, it's almost impossible to wind up with a bunk product.

But if you're worried about accidentally wasting your hard-earned money, fear not — I've come up with this list that's chock-full of awesome products currently skyrocketing in popularity. From high-waisted yoga pants with a built-in pocket, to eco-friendly silicone container lids, you truly can't go wrong with any of these great products that Amazon users are obsessed with.

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